Tax peace, is it all over? Extensions and deadlines of 2022

2021 may have been the last year of the fiscal peace. Scrapping of the folders and further settlement and write-off operations do not seem to be on the horizon of this 2022. The problem lies in the aversion of the executive, in particular of the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, to tax amnesties, seen as a way to legitimize the evasion.

Throughout the end of last year, however, a series of extensions followed one another mainly driven by the will of the parties, League in the lead. From September to October, in November up to the end of the year, the dates for the payment of the tax bills and other debts with the public administrationand they continued to be postponed.

In the financial maneuver, however, there was no room for further extensions, and the December 31, 2021 even the scrapping ter has come to an end. Postponed several times also due to the pandemic, this measure allowed the state to collect part of the debt due, without the addition of penalties, arrears or fines.

Although there is no longer any further possibility of scrapping at the moment, there are still several deadlines, in particular in January, linked to the installments established by the previous measures. Incorrectly unpaid from IRAP to the installments for the new payment notifications of the folders.

Fiscal peace, government decisions

The whole month of December was occupied by the discussion on budget law, the law that determines how much money the state can spend for the following year and in which areas. The parliamentary discussion, especially in the senate, was long and complex despite the agreements reached between the parties in the council of ministers.

This led not only to the imposition of vote of confidence, in order to reach the approval of the law in time before the expected deadlines, but also a whole series of rules that were introduced in extremis in the last hours before the trust put an end to any discussion and further possible modification.

Among these rules there was also the last extension for the payment of tax bills relating to the third scrapping of the folders, scrapping ter. This rule, first approved in 2019, has had a very long life due to the pandemic. In fact, during the pandemic period the taxman did not collect many taxes, so as not to further weigh on the citizens already harassed by the closures and the crisis that Covid had created.

In September 2021 however, this period of fiscal truce is over, and collections have started again. The parties immediately reported that taxpayers were in difficulty, since they had found themselves having to pay the bills and the arrears of almost two years.

For this reason, the government has granted a series of extensions, from September to October, then to November, then again in mid-December and finally until the end of the year. However, Draghi’s intentions were immediately clear: it is okay to help taxpayers in difficulty, but not beyond 2021. No extension for the year 2022, and no fiscal peace.

Fiscal peace, is a scrapping quater possible?

If it were up to the prime minister, therefore, we would hardly see a new fiscal peace during 2022. At least not as regards the scrapping of the files and the balance and excerpt. In the event of a serious worsening of the pandemic, however, it is possible to predict a new fiscal truce similar to the one that ended in late summer 2021.

Other measures, however, see the government in firm opposition. Draghi does not particularly appreciate tax amnesties. These measures, which in fact include the scrapping of the bills and the settlement and write-off operations, can encourage tax evasion, an already enormous problem for the Italian tax authorities and which certainly does not need incentives.

But not everyone agrees with the government’s position. For the parties, in fact, a similar measure has a serious impact on the electorate, which immediately perceives the effect of an amnesty of other possible indirect measures. The first examples of these positions on the part of the parties came from the main shareholder of the Draghi government, the 5 Star Movement. The deputy grillina Francesca Flati has in fact already stated in the past that the scrapping quater is necessary for the restart.

It must also be remembered that this government is far from sure to remain steadfast until the end of the legislature. From January 24, 2022 in fact, elections will be held for the President of the Republic, who will have to replace Sergio Mattarella, now at the end of his mandate.

One of the main candidates for the race to the Quirinale is Mario Draghi. Should the prime minister be elected as the first office of the state, he should be the leader of the executive. At this point the options would be either to form a new government to bring the term to an end, or to go to early elections immediately. In both cases, a new government would take office, which could implement one new fiscal peace.

Tax peace, which installments can still be paid

However, all is not lost for those who have to pay their outstanding debts with the public administration. Even if there will no longer be the possibility of scrapping future folders, the government has nevertheless decided for a soft approach to collection, extending the times in this critical period for Italy, which is in the middle of the fourth wave of Covid 19.

In fact, it will be possible to have more time to pay the tax bills that the Revenue Agency will deliver to the debtors in the month of January 2022. Payment notices must normally be paid within 30 days if you do not want to incur in arrears and penalties.

However, only for the beginning of this year, taxpayers will have more time to pay the arrears. Up to six months, or better 180 days from the issue of the payment notice. In this period of time, neither interest nor penalties will be applied.

This rule applies to the first quarter of 2022, therefore for the bills issued in January, February and March. This provision is in fact an extension of the one contained in the tax decree, which similarly lengthened the times but only for the bills issued until the end of December 2021.

Tax peace, the January deadlines

In addition to the end of the fiscal peace, January brings a series of deadlines for taxpayers to be fulfilled starting from 10 January. In addition to the ordinary deadlines, in fact, a particular deadline relating to IRAP has been added

The regional tax on productive activities, partially abolished by the tax reform contained in the financial maneuver, is at the center of a small case. In fact, during the lockdown due to the pandemic, the second Conte government had suspended the payments of various taxes, including precisely IRAP. Many companies had benefited from it, given the time of serious difficulty and the impossibility of making profits first due to the closures, and then due to the crisis.

By September, however, the state realized that some companies that took advantage of this exemption were actually not suitable for receiving it. It was therefore necessary to resort to a balance through an industrious repentance of companies that have mistakenly avoided paying the tax.

This deadline has also been postponed several times. From September it passed to November, and then with the tax decree to January 31, 2022. However, this should be the last available date to correct the mistake made and not incur penalties. The government should not provide further extensions. In addition to this extraordinary deadline, the ordinary deadlines for January 2022 are:

  • January 17, Tax Day. Monday 17 January will be a real Tax Day, with numerous simultaneous deadlines. It will be necessary to make the monthly VAT payments, the payments for the split payment, those of the IRPEF by the withholding agents and the municipal and regional surcharges on the salaries of employees in December, as well as the monthly payment of the Tobin Tax.
  • 20 th January: payment of stamp duty on electronic invoices for the fourth quarter of 2021.
  • January 31: sending to the Health Card system of the data to be included in the tax return relating to the expenses of the second half of 2021.

Fiscal peace and state of emergency, what changes

At the end of the approval of the financial maneuver, the government was forced to extend the state of emergency until March 2022. This state allows civil protection to act notwithstanding ordinary laws, and to spend certain funds in derogation from the budget law to deal with emergencies or disasters.

In this case the emergency is obviously the Covid 19, which with the Omicron variant and the fourth wave has returned to scare even in our country. In Italy, peaks of infections of 200,000 per day have been reached, never seen since the beginning of the pandemic.

It could have been expected that the extension of this state, combined with the increase in infections, would lead to an extension of the fiscal peace, but unfortunately this did not happen. The government has respected its intentions and has neither extended the scrapping ter nor announced a new scrapping of the files.

The only hope that remains from the point of view of fiscal peace is that of a new suspension of collections. However, a similar scenario could occur if the pandemic worsens and reaches the severity levels of 2020. For now, however, the health system is holding up well, with the Italian regions remaining in the yellow zone, with very few new restrictions.

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Born and raised in the province of Bergamo, I studied atUniversity of Milan where I graduated in history, with a thesis on the history of Journalism. In life I write about economics and finance, sometimes even about video games. I am passionate about Italian and international politics, history and football. I write as if Charlie Skinner read to me!


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