Tatyana Tarasova: “Fan ID harms football, it’s disgusting. Bad decisions are made. Mediocre – Football

Honored coach of the USSR in figure skating Tatyana Tarasova spoke about the introduction of Fan ID.

“I agree that Fan ID harms football, reduces match attendance. Actually, it’s kind of bullshit.

Evil decisions are made, everything changes. Why is this necessary? It’s stupidly simple.

The previous procedure worked quite well. I do not agree with the Fan ID system, in my opinion, it is not needed.

Can I introduce Fan ID in figure skating? I can imagine absolutely everything, ”said Tarasova

“My wife and friends don’t have a Fan ID, but I’ll look at one at home with a beer.” Fan stories about receiving and boycotting the new card

The first match with Fan ID brought together 3000 people – even in the cold there were more people. Report from Yekaterinburg

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