Tatanka: “Portugal has the gift of sending people like Conan, Salvador or Maro, who are spraying themselves if that is Eurovision”

In the Posto Emissor podcast, Tatanka expressed the “pride” that Portugal has in sending artists who “believe in what they do” to Eurovision, highlighting names such as Conan Osiris, Salvador Sobral or Maro, who, like their Black Mamba, represented the country in recent editions of the event.

“We continue to always send very pure songs, very much for the music, never for the show-off, as seen in other countries. Portugal has the gift of sending very authentic things, like Conan, Salvador, Maro… says the artist who, with Black Mamba, has just released the single ‘Love Is Dope’, precursor to the album “Last Night In Amsterdam”, to be released in the last quarter of 2022.

Listen from 31m 23s.



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