Tartano, raid against drug dealing in the woods: two pushers arrested

Tartano, raid against drug dealing in the woods: two pushers arrested

The operation of the carabinieri against drug dealing in Val Tartano Tartano, 1 April 2023 – Two more pushers from the woods in the carabinieri network. As part of the constant activity to combat drug dealing in the wooded areas of Lower Valtellina, the soldiers of the Operational and Radiomobile Unit of the Carabinieri Company of Sondrio carried out the arrest of a suspect in the crime against two young homeless foreigners. Despite the recent arrests by carabinieri for drug dealing in Val Tartano, the illegal drug trade in that area has never stopped, also due to the continuous demand from drug addicts in the area. However, residents continue undaunted to monitor the illegal activity, reporting to the carabinieri the comings and goings of buyers who stop to negotiate the purchase of doses. Therefore, at dawn on Thursday 30 March, the investigators of the Operations Unit and Radiomobile of the Sondrio Company, together with those of the CC Stations of Morbegno and Ardenno, carried out an intervention, surprising two young people of North African origin found in possession of a few grams of hashish, a precision electronic scale and the sum of over 1,300 euros in small denomination banknotes. Against the two foreigners, the military collected serious indications of guilt for the crime of drug dealing, proceeding against them with the arrest of a suspect in the crime and therefore the two young men were locked up in Sondrio prison.

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