Tarek Soliman Leela Kora: Kaizer Chiefs random guard

Tariq Suleiman, the former goalkeeper coach of Al-Ahly and the current Misr Club for Clearing, said that Nigerian goalkeeper Daniel Akbeyi, goalkeeper of the South African team Cairz Chiefs, has many mistakes, away from some attempts to exaggerate him and praise his level in the past matches.

Tariq Suleiman added in statements to “Yalla Koura”: “Daniel Akbiye is a less than good goalkeeper, who is very random and makes big mistakes in positioning and dealing with crosses, and I see that he is committing disasters, contrary to what is being promoted in some media.”

He explained, “Ikbei also has errors in positioning and often takes random decisions and his movements while dealing with the ball are not good at all, so I do not see him as a strong point in the ranks of the Kaizer Chiefs.”

On the role required of Al-Ahly goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy in the African final, he replied: “He must be fully focused during the match and guide his teammates well on the field and take the right place to deal with any ball.. and I think that El-Shenawy will not be tested greatly in The match because Kaizer Chiefs will play defensively, while Al-Ahly will attack from the first minute.”


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