30 years ago – or almost – that Quentin Tarantino came to completely transform the way of making films, from how to write it, to how to edit it, influencing entire generations of directors who have “honored” it. [término sutil para decir “tratado de imitar”] to nausea, seeking to replicate his camera angles, the sharpness of his dialogues or the dizzying speed of his montage, which changed the viewers even in the way and time to maintain interest on the screen, among other things.

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However, The creator of ‘Pulp Fiction‘, who takes very seriously the fact that he was described as a genius at the time when he released that film at Cannes ’94, has been saying that after his tenth film he would retire from business.

In fact, it is something that he repeats frequently and this threat that hangs like the sword of Damocles on those who have poured so much adoration, is one of the characteristics that make up the presumed legend of Tarantino, as well as his obsession with Hong Kong’s B cinema and the Spaghetti Westerns, whose themes he revisits with fervor, his smug arrogance to treat those he deems inferior –and he doesn’t mind doing it in public-, his bad temper and his loyalty to Harvey Weinstein (from whom he was forced to distance himself when he was arrested, but has not publicly condemned), as well as his impossible attitude and even bordering on abuse – if you don’t believe it, ask him Uma Thurman, which it almost cost him his life make a scene in ‘Kill Bill vol.2‘as the lord wanted.

It seems that this time, the threat ceases to be so to become reality, and the fans (because they are not ‘fans’, they are really devout as if they were a saint) are going to have a really bad time if this happens, since they stubbornly refuse to imagine the seventh art without what springs from the stylized sensibilities of this director.

Well then: they should prepare to get angry or cry, since this week, on the HBO show ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’, the filmmaker has already made it clear that it is very likely that there is no tape number 10 (the much feared last film), confirming the rumors that had begun to emerge in different media about this.

At the beginning of June, when Tarantino launched what is his first novel, the adaptation of his film ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, the director told the American press that he did not want to see his film career decline, nor did he want to end up making bad films like other great directors throughout history – although this time it was surprising that he did not say names, as he used to explosively before.

During the program Bill Maher, held the same idea and He added that when taking stock of his almost 30-year career, he feels that he has already given everything and that there is no other movie left to tell. Does not rule out keep writing scripts and more novels – something he says he liked to do-, but that he no longer wants to make more movies.

Taking advantage of the fact that he had it there, the controversial Maher asked him if his last film would really be a remake with a new cast of what was his first feature, ‘Reserve dogs’, to which Tarantino laughed, and then replied, that at some point he considered it, but that he would not do it anymore, because in fact he already did and does not feel any need to revisit or make sequels or prequels of something that he already told (This may also be an allusion to the persistent rumor that has followed him that his plans would also include a sequel to ‘Pulp Fiction’ –this has been said for over 20 years – or a prequel to that universe centered on the Vega brothers).

You are too young to quit and you are at the top of your careerMaher insisted, to which he replied: “That is why I want to leave it, because I know the history of cinema and from now on directors do not improve”Tarantino stressed. “I don’t have a reason that I want to say out loud that I’m going to win any argument in the court of public opinion or in the supreme court or anything like that. At the same time, working for 30 years making the films that I have made is not as much as other people, but that is a long career. It is a very long race. And I have given everything I have ”.

The director is sure of not being able to maintain the level of filmography to your liking And, although rumors about the theme of his final production continue to grow, it is likely that he himself is not sure yet.

At the insistence of his interviewer, Tarantino conceded that there may be a tenth film to his credit.. “[Podría haber] A tenth. I have no idea what it could be. Maybe a little later. If you think about the idea that all movies tell a story, and each of my movies is like a train car, connected to each other, this [‘Érase una vez en… Hollywood’] It would be the great highlight of it all. And I imagine the tenth film would be a bit more like an epilogue”.

He has been announcing his retirement for so long – at least since ‘Inglorious Bastards’– that it is difficult to believe him, however it must be recognized that, even with all his defects and his character, Tarantino is arguably the most popular and revolutionary film director of recent times, and if he truly complies and retires, it will be a great loss not only for his fans, but for cinematic art in general, though Tarantino is so fickle (as he is talented) and with him you never know.


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