Tamara Falcó falls in love with the most beautiful minimalist and elegant manicure for brides of 2023

Tamara Falcó falls in love with the most beautiful minimalist and elegant manicure for brides of 2023

Tamara Falcó has not changed her nail color for weeks and has opted for an almost nude pink color with which she gives maximum prominence to her luxurious engagement ring. There is no doubt that she will be the manicure that she will wear at her next wedding.

Tamara Falcó (41 years old) is quite basic when it comes to manicures. She usually opts for simple and classic tones such as valentino red, burgundy or light tones, which are the most popular this year. Isabel Preysler’s daughter is very active on social media and, as an OPI ambassador, she has shared which nail polish has become her favorite of the moment and we have no doubt that it will be the one to wear on July 8 at her wedding with Íñigo Onieva.

Tamara Falcó’s minimalist manicure is an absolute crush and the most versatile of all. The Marchioness of Griñón She has quite short nails painted in pale pink. so clear that it is almost imperceptible. It is an elegant nail color and, in her case, it gives maximum prominence to her incredible and luxurious engagement ring (which has caused so much talk in recent weeks).

Esmalte OPI Tamara Falcó
INSTAGRAM @tamara_falco

Tamara Falcó’s clear nails are the top trend among brides in 2023

In a classic way, nails in very light tones, nude, transparent and the French manicure has been the favorite of brides, since it is synonymous with purity, femininity and elegance. So why are Tamara Falcó’s nails more trending this 2023? Basically because until now they have been worn with a medium length and an almond-shaped shape that slimmed down the fingers, now they are worn shorter and flush with a very discreet, flirtatious and comfortable shape.

Nail polish OPI Tamara Falcó
INSTAGRAM @tamara_falco

The best thing about this type of manicure and this nail color is that it looks great with any type of wedding dress and its style. Plus, they go beyond the wedding day and look great with any look. In addition, these types of nails in very light tones are much more durable because the growth is not noticeable at all, so the Marquise de Griñón will be able to have her perfect hands not only at her wedding but also throughout her honeymoon without the growth of the nail is noticeable nothing at all.

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OPI’s favorite pink nail polishes by Tamara Falcó

The nails in pale pink will also be very popular among the guests and in any event in reality. They are elegant, very versatile and you never get bored of them. Perfect for women of all styles and ages, the trending touch this 2023 is to wear them shorter and more comfortable.

  • He tono Passion It is a very natural pink. It belongs to the Nail Lacquer OPI collection, it is a more intense pink but it can be layered.
Esmalte OPI tono Passion
  • He tono Sweet Heart, also from the Nail Lacquer OPI collection, is Tamara’s favorite because it is much lighter and softer. It would be ideal for women who do not like to wear painted nails, like Queen Letizia.
Esmalte OPI tono Sweet Heart

Even if you have short nails and light colors, it is key to have the perfectly done manicure. Tamara always wears the perfect cuticles. That is to say, not a trace of those little skins that surround the nail. In addition, she has the desired shape with a perfect filing. No beaks or nails different from each other.



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