Talpa boss Römer does not see ‘humble’ Derksen returning: ‘I think he means it now’ | TV

According to a spokesperson for Talpa Network, both Derksen and Wilfred Genee and René van der Gijp would apologize in the broadcast on Thursday evening. But instead, Derksen said he wanted to quit the program. “I don’t think he can be persuaded,” said Römer. “He has made it clear where we stand and what his decision is. He has said it before and then returned, but I think he means it now.”

Römer does not want to and cannot say whether this is also the end of the program Today Inside stands for. Genee and Van der Gijp also proposed to stop on Thursday evening if Derksen pulled the plug. “That is being discussed this morning, I am not going to anticipate those matters.” The Talpa boss denies that it VI-three on Thursday would have been forced by Talpa to make their apologies: “We have agreed on this in mutual consultation. These men will not be forced.”


Römer especially found the reactions at the table to Derksen’s candle story “astonishing”. “I saw there that in our best-scoring program one of our most famous presenters was confessing live a crime from fifty years ago. But I found even more baffling how it was reacted and dismissed as a mere anecdote. You look and think: what is happening here? How is this possible?”


Talpa hoped that the three would provide text and explanation on Wednesday evening, „but that did not work out well. That broadcast did not go as we had hoped. The core of the story did not emerge. Namely that no counterbalance was offered to Johan’s story and that large groups in Dutch society feel insulted as a result. That is no longer possible at this time. Not even in this program.”

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Römer believes that Derksen and his team have crossed a border. “There is a clear line between expressing an opinion and confessing on TV to a crime you have ever committed. Regardless of the reactions at the table.” Talpa did not consider immediately canceling Derksen and the program, because „we wanted to act carefully in this case. We want to make the subject negotiable, we want to offer a stage to counter voices. And on Thursday, the men said they agreed.”

Derksen would apologize in the broadcast on Thursday evening. But instead, he said he wanted to quit the program. “That’s where we are now,” says Römer. “I’m not going to speculate, due diligence is important in this matter.” The Talpa boss saw on television on Thursday evening “a Johan Derksen who very humbly said for himself that he made a mistake”.

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