Talleres and Belgrano, a passion: particular stories of the Cordovan classic

Cordoba superclassic. The new edition of the Belgrano and Talleres intersection had all the ingredients of a real party at Kempes. It was enjoyed to the fullest with collective and individual displays of love.

Lucas Knight

Sunday, January 22, 2023 hs

The Mario Alberto Kempes stadium was another witness last night of the match between Workshops and Belgrano. The great and historic Cordovan classic that lived its 400th party with the addition of having, once again, both fans present.

It is that beyond what happened on the field of play, the fans and their passion were the protagonists. They are the ones who celebrate the most as well as the ones who suffer the most. And this classic, at least from the partialities, was premiere. Premieres in both fans.

fan stories

Juan Carlos He is 61 years old, he arrived with his son at the World Cup stadium. Age would reveal that he has several classics “on top”, but the reality is different.

“It’s the first time I’ve come to see belgrano Live. I always saw it from my house,” said the man. “My son recently made me a partner and this is the first time I’m going to see him”he added excitedly.

Juan followed the championship that the Pirate won in the First National from his home and, beyond the result of this Saturday, he bet that it would be “a party”.

In the front grandstand, someone else will experience a classic for the first time. Although with a difference of 60 years. gala mansilla He will celebrate his first year of life next Saturday. All his family is from workshops. In the arms of her father, Julián, the little girl arrived with her albiazul jacket to the Ardiles audience.

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“We all come together always. She was seven days old and we made her a partner ”, explained the man “I did it a week. They hated me for not waiting any longer, but my first commandment is ‘You will love Talleres above all things’”Julian confessed.

Did you go to see Talleres against Belgrano? Find yourself in the photos of La Voz

Did you go to see Belgrano against Talleres? Find yourself in the photos of La Voz

The “premiere” was also in folklore. Why John Nicholas Vilta first took his “giant t-shirt” to a classic

Fans with particular stories who went to see the classic between Talleres and Belgrano.  (The voice)
Fans with particular stories who went to see the classic between Talleres and Belgrano. (The voice)

Juan is known to pirate fanatics. His house is usually the meeting point before Belgrano’s matches at the Gigante de Alberdi. “This is his first game against Talleres, I hope it’s cabal.”

Vilta’s story was reflected by World D before the Pirate achieved promotion. “When I took her to sign on the property, no one could believe it. They thought it was a normal shirt and I arrived with this giant one “he mentioned between laughs.

andres moreno it also brought its “premiere”. He is a fan of the “T” and the Argentine national team. For this reason, for the first time he brought the World Cup to a stadium.

Fans with particular stories who went to see the classic between Talleres and Belgrano.  (The voice)
Fans with particular stories who went to see the classic between Talleres and Belgrano. (The voice)

“I bought it before the World Cup. I complied with the cabals and always celebrated in the Patio Olmos”, affirmed the man, who posed with the Cup on the outskirts of Kempes. “This trophy has mystique and since the team’s first match in Qatar, no one but me touched it.. I have no doubt that Guido (Herrera) is going to become ‘Dibu’ Martínez today”, he mentioned before entering.

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World Cup fever did not go unnoticed at the Kempes either. Is that Rodrigo Bruschinia fan of “B”, also arrived on the mythical stage with a “relic” from Qatar.

The young man proudly wore the flag that has 60 flags embroidered on it. One for each country that he toured and that added his latest experiences in the Middle East, with the World Cup consecration of the albiceleste.

“He was born by chance. She is about 20 years old and one day a friend of my mom traveled to China and we asked him to take her. She took photos with the flag and the idea stuck. Then another friend went to Europe, took her with him, and there she visited many countries. My dad came up with the idea of ​​embroidering each of the little flags”, explained Rodrigo.

“Belgrano is in the world. The flag was cabal in the World Cup and I hope it will be for this classic”, added the Pirata fan.

They were stories. Stories of some of the fans who gave color to the classic number 400 of the wide and rich history of Belgrano and Talleres. Fans mobilized by passion. That endless, eternal and almost inexplicable passion that was renewed in each of the Mario Alberto Kempes stands.

On Saturday it was the turn of the “T” to celebrate. However, the “party” came from every inch of the stage, provided by the main protagonists: the fans.

The TV summary of the 3-0 of Talleres on Belgrano

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