Talia Eisset shows off her charms in a black chikini

The model and former participant of Acapulco Shore, Talia Eissetshowed off tremendous flow and fiery style in his latest photos on social networks, sharing a little of what his musical hit Flow Fly will be in collaboration with ‘El Pinche Mara’, where he wears a tiny black swimsuit.

Splurging on style in what appears to be a military hangar, Eisset She showed off her physical attractiveness in an elegant two-piece black swimsuit and covered with a ‘bear’ fur coat with which her pink hair contrasted remarkably.

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“How would you do this Reel with the best flow in costumes, stage and dances? I see them and I will be sharing them”, commented Talia.

Eisset showed all his joy at this new achievement in his career, recalling that in addition to being a model and influencer he has a very successful musical career as a DJ.

“I am in the happiest and Chingon moment of my life! Amazing things are coming,” she posted.


Eisset also works as a DJ and alternates this activity with his career as a model, highlighting among his musical tastes the electronic genres.

As a DJ, he has participated in events such as the Electric Daisy Carnival, in addition to taking his talent to various countries such as the United States and Puerto Rico.

At 27 years old, Talia continues to gain followers since her participation in the famous reality show, as she currently exceeds two million followers on her Instagram account, where she leaves some daring postcards, pampering her fans.

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