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On Wednesday, 800 federal police officers moved out to investigate the German slaughterhouse swamp. As always, such actions happen “in the early hours of the morning.” One focus was Weißenfels in Saxony-Anhalt, where the Tönnies group maintains its second largest slaughterhouse. 20,000 pigs are processed here every day. To the chagrin of many residents, this happens in the middle of a residential area. These residents also saw the misery of migrant workers, who sometimes slept in cars during the Corona lockdown.

The state is finally taking action and drying up the slaughterhouse swamp! For a long time he was provocatively inactive. But against whom exactly is the state violence directed? Here, troops commanded by the Federal Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, were set in motion. And he apparently only knows one direction: “The mother of all problems is migration.” Perhaps it has always been naive to believe that a constitutional state is neutral. That a constitutional state simply enforces law and order, regardless of the reputation and origin of the perpetrators. That the executive sets its priorities in such a way that particularly serious and frequently committed crimes are prosecuted. The CDU interior ministers Horst Seehofer and Herbert Reul (North Rhine-Westphalia) obviously deploy their forces politically and in a calculated manner in terms of media impact. If the state has to act in the Tönnies case because the public pressure is increasing, then if so in a way that can be cannibalized right-wing demagogically: against foreigners.

Elmar Wigand is the spokesman for “Action against Labor Injustice - Initiative for Democracy in Business and Business”.

Elmar Wigand is the spokesman for “Action against Labor Injustice – Initiative for Democracy in Business and Business”.

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Yesterday’s raid against human traffickers in the slaughterhouse swamp was directed against an aspect that the critical public has so far paid little attention to: illegal immigration from Eastern Europe. Apparently there is a smuggler’s underground that is providing people from Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova with forged papers. Apparently, the wear and tear on “human resources” from corporations like Tönnies and their bone mills is so great that supplies have long since had to be recruited outside the EU’s eastern borders. This is an astonishing finding, because in the slipped regions of the EU countries Romania and Bulgaria there should be enough misery that drives people to the dismantling assembly lines. Perhaps word got around there long ago as to what the situation of these barracked and segregated modern slaves really is. On the other hand, the Romanians are slowly beginning to no longer just tolerate their situation, but to become cheeky. They have rights, pride, and they post factory videos on social media.

It is significant that the federal police are now working at a point in the exploitation chain that is as far down as possible and as far away as possible from the CDU party donor Clemens Tönnies and his network. It would be high time to get down to business with the pig baron Tönnies. In fact, the alleged work contracts, which accounted for an estimated 80 percent of the employment relationships at Tönnies, were sham work contracts, i.e. illegal temporary employment. He is directly responsible for that. In addition, there is organized rental usury, which should already be well documented via the corona quarantine against residential complexes of migrant workers.

Why is there no action taken here? Because it concerns a) German perpetrators, clients and profiteers – for example East Westphalian homeowners who have made a profit from the last scrap real estate, and b) well-networked wealthy to super-rich who are clients of the CDU. In order to balance the sense of justice of a critical public, it must finally be ascertained from top to bottom. If the authorities worked reasonably hard, Clemens Tönnies would probably go to jail. And be it – like the Chicago mafia boss Al Capone back then – because of something as banal as tax evasion.


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