Take a look behind the scenes at Alan Wake 2

Take a look behind the scenes at Alan Wake 2

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Remedy has a video series called behind the scenes in which he delves into the upcoming Alan Wake 2 and talks about it from the developer’s perspective. Now the third episode has been published, titled Alan Wake in the Dark Place.

In it we learn more about the nightmare that Alan Wake has lived in for 13 years, and also talks about how Remedy plans to give him some much-needed character development. Six interesting minutes await you in the following video.


Alan Wake 2

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Remedy: “Alan Wake 2 has been the most difficult game to develop”

NEWS. Author: Jonas Mäki

After four years, the game is ready for release, but it hasn’t been an easy ride.

The Alan Wake 2 trailer takes the writer through a twisted and dark New York

The trailer for Alan Wake 2 takes the writer through a twisted and dark New York

NEWS. Author: Eirik Hyldbakk Furu

We finally have in-game images that show what it will be like to get back into the shoes of the tormented protagonist.

Alan Wake 2 se retrasa una semana para estrenarlo en Halloween

Alan Wake 2 is delayed a week to release it on Halloween

NEWS. Author: Eirik Hyldbakk Furu

Remedy wants to avoid a conflict with those who expect Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Quantum Break y Control empezaron siendo conceptos de Alan Wake 2.

Quantum Break and Control started out as concepts from Alan Wake 2.

NEWS. Author: Ben Lyons

Microsoft turned down the sequel, leading to the creation of the exclusive for Xbox consoles.

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Remedy: The digital release of Alan Wake 2 only gives us

Remedy: Alan Wake 2 digital release only gives us “more time to polish”

NEWS. Author: Jonas Mäki

The Finnish developer says that, in this way, they will have “weeks” of extra time to polish the title.

Stephen King permitió a Remedy utilizar una cita de forma altruista

Stephen King allowed Remedy to altruistically use a quote

NEWS. Author: Jonas Mäki

At least, she only charged the Finnish studio a dollar to introduce her to Alan Wake.

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