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15/07/21 The Salzburg Festival begins on Saturday, July 17th and can take place without capacity restrictions. A further 70,000 tickets have gone on sale since June 7th. The preventive measures are sometimes stricter than required by law.

“We are very pleased to be able to continue the anniversary celebrations of the Salzburg Festival this year without major restrictions. Last year we were able to prove that safe festivals can be held even in times of pandemic and are very confident that this will also be successful this year. The current prevention concept is regularly adapted to developments together with our expert advisory board. We have a whole repertoire of measures with which we can react to unfavorable developments, ”says the commercial director Lukas Crepaz, who is responsible for the prevention concept.

The Salzburg Festival can take place in 2021 without capacity restrictions. “Building on the successful prevention concept from last year, the concept was adapted to the current legal and epidemiological framework,” the festival reports. In concrete terms: due to the audience’s expected vaccination rate (over sixty percent of viewers were already vaccinated at Whitsun) and the nationwide availability of tests, “significant improvements can be made compared to last year”. Nevertheless, the prevention concept of the Salzburg Festival is still stricter than the legal regulations in some aspects.

The admission tickets are personalized so that the authorities can quickly contact tracing in the event of infection. The buyer’s surname and first name will be printed on the card. Should it be necessary in connection with COVID-19, the telephone number and, if available, e-mail address must be given to contact the authorities. For visitor groups of up to four people, the name of the buyer is sufficient if the group enters the venue at the same time and the buyer is part of the group. Proof of identity must be presented upon admission.

Re-personalization can be done online free of charge. Tickets purchased online can be viewed and personalized as e-tickets under the “My Festival” button on the Festival’s website, printed out at home (“print @ home” function) or saved on the mobile phone.

In addition, the Festival ask you to allow enough time for access control. “If it is impossible to attend the performance due to official measures in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, the ticket price will be refunded on presentation of appropriate evidence.”

Some things sound “like in the past”: “Summer festival events can take place with a break. There will be restaurants in the venues of the Salzburg Festival.“Whether events have a break “can be found online on the page of the respective production”. A new feature is a pre-order service: “In the festival halls – Large House, Felsenreitschule, House for Mozart – the breaks can be pre-ordered online.”

Entry to the venues is only possible for tested, vaccinated or recovered (3G) visitors. To speed up the entry controls, visitors are asked to use the Green Pass if possible. “Of course, the following proofs are also permitted,” emphasize the festival in its broadcast: “Those who have been tested, children from the age of six, require a valid, negative COVID-19 test certificate. The test must not be older than 48 hours in the case of an antigen test and not older than 72 hours in the case of a PCR test. An officially recorded antigen test for personal use that is not older than 24 hours also entitles access. “For vaccinated people:” If the first vaccination was at least 22 days ago, the test does not apply. Instead of the test certificate, you have to show your green passport or vaccination card. ”Recovered people whose infection started no more than six months ago can prove this by submitting a doctor’s confirmation or the official separation notice. “Even a neutralizing antibody test that was done no more than three months ago entitles entry.” The festival refers to the offer of free public test roads in the city and state of Salzburg.

There is currently no mask requirement in all venues with 3G admission control. Wearing a simple mouth and nose protection on all routes in the event locations is nevertheless “expressly recommended”. High-risk patients and non-vaccinated people are “recommended to wear an FFP2 mask for their own protection”. General hygiene rules should continue to be observed, and the – now fallen – prescribed minimum distance should also be observed.

The festival staff also continues to adhere to strict rules: “Hall service and cloakroom staff wear anti-viral and anti-bacterial gloves and masks made from sustainable cotton for maximum protection and hygiene. Gloves and masks are reusable and washable, which saves over three kilos of plastic per employee. ”All artists and employees are divided into the groups red – orange – yellow with the help of a color code. (PSF)

Images: SF/Anne Zeuner

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