Taiana inaugurated a new surveillance radar in Rio Grande

In the attack, the last Exocet missile was launched from a Super Etendard, two Air Force Skyhawk aircraft were shot down and two managed to hit the aircraft carrier with bombs, the planes of then Ensign Gerardo Isaac (brother of the current head of the force) and of the then First Lieutenant Ernesto Ureta. In official reports, Ensign Isaac reports that the Invincible had been hit by the Exocet; and that the ship gave off black smoke. He also relates that he dropped the three bombs in a longitudinal shot at the aircraft carrier and that it passed to the right of the control tower (island in naval jargon).

First Lieutenant Ureta described attacking the carrier 30° from the stern and passing through the rear. The British government and Navy always denied that the ship had been damaged by attacks by the Argentine military. Brigadier Isaac highlighted “the possibility of being here, settling down and staying, was a debt we owed to the country and to our sovereignty. It is a unique opportunity because today is also the 40th anniversary of the most important joint operation that the Air Force had since its baptism of fire.” There he recalled that the mission to attack the aircraft carrier HMS “Invincible” departed from the Rio Grande base.

At the ceremony Taiana said: “We are close to the territory that we have occupied by a foreign power and today we are doing this act here as an exercise of sovereignty, as an exercise of determination to comply with what our National Constitution establishes to recover the Malvinas Islands. using political and diplomatic means. This objective is inalienable”.

Taiana in Cabo Domingo de Río Grande, where the radar is already located, expanded: “This process of greater electronic control began in the north of the country, the next radars will be inaugurated in Mercedes, Corrientes, and in Tostado, Santa Fe. , but it was also very important that we recover a greater presence in the south, in the province of Tierra del Fuego”.

It is the fourth time that the Minister of Defense visits Fuegian soil with specific objectives, a series of initiatives aimed at strengthening the capabilities of the military factor and signaling a strategic presence in the South Atlantic and a sovereign projection towards Antarctica. The long-range electronic control and aerial surveillance umbrella is part of the operations that the brand new Joint Maritime Command, created by resolution of the Ministry of Defense, has been carrying out since January 1. Four maritime patrol boats acquired from France, the last one with the name of ARA “Rear Admiral Cordero”, soon to arrive in the country, fulfill the mission of maritime control in the South Atlantic deterring illegal fishing.

The new radar installed in Rio Grande is part of the National Aerospace Surveillance and Control System (SINVICA), which began in 2004 and forms a radar policy to provide coverage and surveillance to the entire national territory.

The RPA-170M is a state-of-the-art medium-range 3D air defense mobile tactical radar. It is a system designed and manufactured entirely in San Carlos de Bariloche, by the company INVAP SE It is a transportable system designed for rapid deployment (mobilization and start-up in less than 30 minutes) with minimal staffing and also has a excellent performance in a wide range of operational scenarios, even in the most adverse conditions.



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