Horoscope: why did your ex leave you according to his zodiac sign | Chronicle

Loving without being loved is a tragedy, but without a doubt, that in a reciprocated love relationship, one of the two loses interest and turns their hearts from one side to the other is much worse. And that’s how life is: passion and feelings in a relationship are complex and vary from time to time, […]

Horoscope: this is how you will die, according to your zodiac sign | Chronicle

Many people wonder what their last day on Earth will be like. The death It is undoubtedly something that causes more than one fear and anguish just thinking about it. Others, however, perhaps already have more assimilated this inevitable end of the cycle and only worry about how to live fully until the great moment […]

This is what the stars have in store for you in July

We just left the longest day of the year behind us (yuck) and summer has officially begun (yay): July is in the starting blocks. What are we going to do now that there are already a lot of vaccines in the arms, the clubs are open again, and we seem to be heading for a […]

Horoscope: what are the 4 most false signs of the zodiac? | Chronicle

The zodiac he is seldom wrong. In this opportunity, we will tell you what are the four most false or hypocritical zodiac signs according to astrology. They can be identified by their attitudes. These four signs usually smile from the front but betray from behind. They love to be aware of everything that happens to […]