“Of the $ 20 I put in, they only gave me $ 13”: Youtuber Uncle Frank shared his experience buying Bitcoins

(VIDEO) The Salvadoran youtuber shared his experience when converting dollars to Bitcoins and vice versa, where he had to pay up to 10.5% commission plus a very high extra fixed charge to make use of the cryptocurrency.

The popular Salvadoran youtuber, Tío Frank, went to the beaches of El Zonte and El Tunco, in La Libertad, to see first-hand how transactions with Bitcoins work, the cryptocurrency that El Salvador recently adopted as legal tender .

In the images shared by the same youtuber, it is possible to observe how he and a companion arrive at one of the ATMs that have been installed in El Zonte, and which works to withdraw or deposit money directly into the virtual wallet.

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The first steps that Uncle Frank takes in his experience are to install the Bitcoin Beach Wallet application and register through a personal account, from there, a user of the place tells him how he can do to introduce money, something that is equivalent to to buy fractions of Bitcoin.

To do the test, the youtuber scans a QR code, then the account status appears on the screen, that is, how much money you have in your virtual wallet both in dollars and BTC (short for Bitcoin).

At this moment, the young man introduces a $ 20 bill that, once registered by the cashier, shows him on the screen how much it is equivalent in BTC, at the same time that he indicates that there is a fixed charge of $ 5 for converting that physical money into cryptocurrencies.

The ATM shows the fixed charge for each transaction when converting physical money to Bitcoins. Illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMpxrgLLb9E

Likewise, while the youtuber waits for the cashier to issue the receipt that proves his purchase, Uncle Frank clarifies that, despite the high value of Bitcoin in the market, it is possible to buy it in fractions, as in his case he acquired 0.0003399 BTC with $ 20.00

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However, and to the surprise of the young man, when obtaining his receipt, the real charge he received for the transaction and the conversion of dollars to BTC can be observed, in which it appears that, in addition to the $ 5.00, 10.5% has been discounted. commission for the procedure.

By making accounts and checking his virtual wallet, Uncle Frank checks that the actual amount he has obtained in BTC is equivalent to $ 13.56, that is, $ 6.44 less than the value he paid for Bitcoins.

Uncle Frank shows on a receipt that he was charged $ 6.44 in commission for buying $ 20 worth of BTC. Illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMpxrgLLb9E

However, both the youtuber and the person who explains how the ATM works mention that the high cost of the transaction could be due to the fact that the ATM is private and that, probably, it is the owner who charges an extra commission for converting dollars to BTC.

Likewise, Uncle Frank’s companion affirms that he prefers to use traditional ATMs, because they are more practical to use and “without much flow”.

In the same video, the youtuber decides to check the cost of transactions at the Athena ATMs, located in El Zonte, where, as you can see, the commission charge is lower, but the procedure is more cumbersome.

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For example, to be able to convert BTC to dollars, the user must scan a QR code, then they must wait five minutes to receive a code on the phone, then that code must be entered at the ATM, which will give them a ticket; Then, you must enter the phone number, to receive a second code that will be used to continue with the operation and, finally, you must enter another code that appears on the receipt before received and with this withdraw the money requested at the beginning of the operation.

Some of the users who commented on the video posted by Uncle Frank, stated that the commission charges are too high and that they will only generate losses in the population. Others added that if Tío Frank and his friend, who are “bugs”, find it difficult to understand the procedure, it will be more difficult with the majority of the Salvadoran population, especially merchants and entrepreneurs.

After several minutes, the youtuber was able to withdraw $ 10 from an ATM that converts BTC to dollars. Illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMpxrgLLb9E


Youtuber Alex Dragomir loses his life after saying goodbye on video

The popular youtuber Alex Dragomir He was always happy to share his love and fanaticism for football with his thousands of fans on the Internet, and he also informed us about his medical condition as he was diagnosed with heart problems.

After several weeks of fighting the 17 year old british youtuber shared that he was battling this heart condition so he would have to undergo a operation from open heart which he unfortunately failed to overcome.

“My heart is weak, unfortunately this is not going to get better”, were some of the words he said in his last video, “There is always hope but this is not going to improve basically I am waiting for what I transplant into a heart the doctors are waiting for a donor give it to me ”.

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The young man had been recovering inside his home and had already been attending his medical appointments to get checked but his health began to deteriorate when his body began to swell.

It was then that the complications began because it was very difficult for him to breathe, so the doctors informed him that he needed a heart transplant urgently.

“My mental health disappeared, I was very sad”, were one of the last words that he manages to convey in his last video.

This past Thursday the young man used his Twitter account to inform his followers that he was very close to entering the operating room to try to save his life and was well aware that things could go wrong for which he thanked the support of all his audience during those difficult times.

“I am going to enter a procedure to try to save my life. If it doesn’t work out then it was a wonderful time my folks thank you so much for all you have done for me but please pray that I get out of this and pray that I gain weight and improve my fitness after this so that you can see the progress and do not say that nothing can be done about it ”.

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Unfortunately the same day his sister used his social network to announce his death.

“Hello, as you all know or should know, my brother lost his life today he had a very difficult operation that lasted seven hours but his heart did not resist it, he was too weak to survive. Heaven won another angel. He was my rock and everything rests in peace ”.

Of course, messages of support from Internet users began to arrive immediately, even one of his idols, the Manchester United superstar, Marcos Rashford, dedicated a message of admiration to the young man who was reading the footballer’s book.

“I hope that Book I have brought you and it has given you a little joy in the end you were an absolute superstar you fought until the end. I will always be grateful for your support. ” were his words.


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Strong revelations from an imprisoned youtuber about the pastor who was killed while committing a robbery | Chronicle

A youtuber who introduces himself as “Anonymous from prison” made revelations on his channel of that popular video site about Alejandro Guerrero, the fugitive evangelical pastor who was beaten to death by victims of an assault that he committed with an accomplice in a country house located on the outskirts of La Plata.

In a video, who claims to have been deprived of liberty for 23 consecutive years, relates that Guerrero, on his first admission to prison, was received in one of the pavilions of the Olmos prison by another prisoner, who hit him and yelled at him: “¡¡¡ You were my friend and you fell in love with my mother. Where you eat, you don’t shit! “.

The youtuber, who has 14 my subscribers, added that he came across in a jail with whom he died as a result of cufflinks on the outskirts of La Plata shortly after he became an evangelical pastor. “You are the degenerate who slept with your friend’s mother, “he said.. And Guerrero replied: “I have already changed, brother. And I live in Christ.”

Later, The YouTube user in the video called him a “false pastor” and argued: “Another prisoner told me that Guerrero had his companions subjected to the things of God.”

He smoked marijuana all day and made fun of Christians, but nobody did anything to him because he was a friend of the penitentiaries, and those who attacked him were transferred to more distant prisons “, finally revealed” Anonymous from prison “.

During his last admission to prison, Guerrero, 37, was serving a sentence for crimes against property in the Penitentiary Unit No. 32 of Florencio Varela. He had been arrested in February 2016 for “qualified robbery and possession of a weapon of war.” Last April 4 he was benefited with temporary departures and never returned. He took a selfie with a female cellmate, who vowed revenge. But he lost his life in an assault.

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