Sinovac-News: Doubts about the Chinese corona vaccine

Sinovac vaccine

Turkey has issued emergency approval to the Chinese pharmaceutical company’s agent.

(Photo: AP)

Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Peking, Bangkok The needle of the vaccination syringe stuck in the upper arm of Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo for nine seconds. For this moment, which initiated the start of the coronavirus vaccination campaign in the Southeast Asian island nation on Wednesday, Indonesian TV channels even interrupted their current programs.

“It doesn’t hurt at all,” said the President with a smile. An employee demonstratively held up the packaging with the logo of the Chinese vaccine manufacturer Sinovac, which is one of Indonesia’s main suppliers. The main message was written behind Widodo on a banner in capital letters: “Safe and halal” is the promise.

A similar picture emerged in Turkey on the same day. The Turkish Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca was the first citizen of the country to be vaccinated with the CoronaVac vaccine developed in China. Broadcast live on Turkish television. This was preceded by a 14-day security test by the Turkish authorities. “I always said there was a light at the end of the tunnel,” Koca said after the vaccination.

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Samsung S 21: Samsung tries the smartphone balancing act

Galaxy S21 Plus

The Ultra and the Plus still have an aluminum back, while that of its cheaper siblings is made of plastic.

(Photo: AP)

San Francisco 2020 was a modest year for the smartphone industry. When the corona pandemic paralyzed the global economy in the first half of the year, global sales collapsed by 20 percent, according to market researcher Gartner. Even the Christmas business will probably no longer be able to save the result.

But what follows from this? On the one hand, many people have less income to put in expensive smartphones. For others, however, the money piles up in the account because cinema and restaurant visits are not possible during curfew.

What they all have in common is that the world lives in socially distant times and the smartphone plays an even greater role than it already does. Games, movies – all of the entertainment is online.

Samsung is now trying to address the various consumer groups all at once. With its new 5G-capable Galaxy smartphones, the group wants to master this balancing act:

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  • The flagship of the series, the Samsung S21, is available this year from 849 euros – 50 euros cheaper than the S20 a year ago. The slightly larger S21 Plus is available from 1049 euros.
  • All are equipped with the latest Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, which promises significantly faster performance.
  • The Galaxy S21 Ultra is also 200 euros cheaper than its predecessor at the beginning of 2020. Nevertheless, the premium phone is only slightly cheaper than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the most expensive Apple device, at 1249 euros.
  • The Ultra is Samsung’s first phone to support the stylus pen known from tablets.
Samsung Galaxy S21

The Ultra is Samsung’s first phone to support the stylus pen known from tablets.

(Photo: dpa)

Lower prices require compromises

The Ultra and Plus still have an aluminum back, while that of its cheaper siblings is made of plastic – the lower price tag requires some painful compromises. The screen resolution is also lower, and there is no longer the option of expanding the internal memory with an SD card.

As with Apple’s iPhone, headphones and a charging cable are no longer included and must be purchased as accessories.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The various smartphones in the Galaxy S21 (right), S21 + (middle) and S21 Ultra (left) models vary in price and features.

(Photo: dpa)

When it comes to the overall strategy, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer is also following Apple: The Silicon Valley group kept the price of its premium phones well above 1000 euros, but with the iPhone Mini offered a smaller, slimmed-down model for less than 800 euros.

The cheap model did not go down well with Apple customers: According to the analysis firm CIRP, only six percent of iPhone purchases in the past few months were attributable to the new budget device, hardly more than to the more than a year old flagship 11. Its successor, the iPhone 12, made up 20 percent of iPhone sales.

Apple’s customers are obviously not feeling the crisis in their wallets. But Samsung, twice the size of Apple with a global market share of 22 percent, must also target more economical customer segments in order to keep aspiring Chinese providers like Xiaomi at a distance. While Google has given up the price on the luxury segment with its Pixel phones, Samsung is fighting on both fronts.

Samsung is the secret winner of the trade dispute

After all, Samsung is likely to continue to be the secret winner of the US-Chinese trade dispute. Since Google is no longer allowed to license its Android operating system to Huawei, the Chinese have been struggling to develop their own operating system and ecosystem of apps.

Huawei expects to equip 200 million devices with its Harmony OS this year, but for many customers in the West the system is not an option without Youtube, Maps and other Google apps.

With the new Galaxy generation, Samsung is positioning itself broadly for a year that finally promises improvement after the lousy 2020: The market researcher Trendforce expects smartphone production to increase by nine percent to 1.36 billion devices this year.

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In bed and without a blouse, Karol G drove her followers crazy

For several years Karol G is synonymous with undisputed success and this is mainly due to the fact that she has a magnificent voice and brilliant talent. Due to this, the interpreter of “Tusa”, leads the main music charts around the world. Thus being one of the most listened to Latin singers in the entire planet.

A clear example of this is the song that he released in the final part of 2020 and is called “Bichota”. It has more than 451 million views on YouTube. This shows that it is one of the most listened to songs of the moment. Also the current partner of the famous singer, Anuel It is convened by the most important artists of the urban genre. One of the collaborations he made recently was on the musical theme “Miedito o qu?” of Ovy On The Drums.



Confinement may require limiting or turning off YouTube and Netflix

The new decree that regulates the extension of the state of emergency provides for a series of measures for communications companies to prioritize essential services. In extreme cases, online entertainment platforms that consume a lot of data, such as YouTube and Netflix, can shut down.

“Should this prove necessary”, electronic communications companies may have to limit or even suspend, during the next period of state of emergency and confinement, features of non-linear audiovisual services, which include online video and video game platforms.

The hypothesis is foreseen in the decree of the Council of Ministers, consulted by the JN, which, proceeding to the execution of the state of emergency until January 30, regulates the provision of communications services. Thus, the Government defined that companies offering public communications networks or publicly available electronic communications services “must give priority to the continuity of the provision of critical services”, which include, for example, calls, SMS and television (linear and DTT).

“To preserve the integrity and security of electronic communications networks, the services provided through them and to prevent the effects of network congestion”, the companies concerned should, if necessary, “limit or inhibit certain functionalities, namely non-linear audiovisual services, such as the video club, video platforms and restart TV, and access to online video game services and point-to-point connections “. in extreme situations, operators will be able to condition or even shut down services like HBO, Netflix and YouTube – a few months ago, platforms reduced the quality of transmission, to avoid congestion of services at a time of greater demand.

Emergency services are a priority

The Government also details that companies in the sector must give priority to customers “considered priority”, such as the Ministry of Health and entities providing health care in the SNS network, the Integrated System of Emergency and Security Networks of Portugal (SIRESP) , the Ministry of Internal Administration, the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection (ANEPC) and several other State services.

The same scenario was found in the decree-law dated March 23, which gave a legal framework to an equally strict confinement, also defining the priorities of communications operators.


Personal interests of judges tarnish the image of courts in Angola, according to opposition


January 14, 2021 at 12:15 pm

UNITA considers that transparency in the jurisdictional function is the basic rule for the true institutionalization of representative and participatory democracy for the effective defense of the rights, freedoms and guarantees of Angolan citizens.

“If our jurisdictional institutions do not work, citizens’ rights will not be defended or guaranteed and likewise true democracy will not be able to reign as a political system and an acceptable political regime in the middle of the 21st century,” said MP Mihaela Webba who read the political declaration of the UNITA Parliamentary Group in the plenary that will approve the proposed law that repeals the organic law of the Constitutional Court.

According to her, today there is a degradation of the image of the higher courts, particularly the Supreme and Constitutional, due to the particular interests of the judges.

“In addition, there is a conniving silence on the part of the justice bodies regarding the Executive’s abuse of the use of simplified contracting and direct award of public works valued at many billions of dollars in clear violation of the Law, to the detriment of the Angolan State , for the benefit of duly identified groups, putting future generations at risk “, he said.

The leader of the CASA-CE parliamentary group, Alexandre Sebastião André, lamented that the year 2021 had started agitated by hunger, demonstrations, garbage accumulations and denouncements of scandals of some rulers involved in illicit businesses.

“Angolans need to live well, but due to the lack of solidarity of many government officials who plundered the public purse, today poverty has increased significantly in the country,” he said.

The president of the PRS, Benedito Daniel, defended that “the judges must be impartial and nobody can be above the Law as it happens in Angola”.

“In Angola it is very difficult for citizens to have access to justice due to court fees. For this reason, we ask for a review of court fees”, he stressed.

FNLA President Lucas Ngonda said that since the creation of the Constitutional Court, his actions have always been criticized by citizens and he hopes that with the repeal of the Organic Law, things will have a different pace.

“We cannot continue to have militant party judges. We want judges who defend the interests of Angolans and society,” he concluded.

In defense, the leader of the MPLA Parliamentary Group, Américo Cuononoca, began by lamenting the crisis that the Covid-19 pandemic caused in the Angolan economy and the death of people.

“Only those who live in other countries do not know the damage caused by the disease in Angola. The Government has been playing a leading role in reducing the impact of the disease,” he said.

He said that the proposal to repeal the Organic Law is the initiative of the President of the Republic who wants to improve the country’s judicial system.


YouTube suspends Trump channel, removes video for “risk of violence”

LThe Google-owned YouTube site on Tuesday suspended Donald Trump’s channel for “at least seven days” and deleted a video for violating its anti-incitement policy.

Last week, Facebook suspended Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts following a violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol by a crowd of his supporters, which temporarily disrupted Democrat Joe Biden’s certification of election victory.

Twitter went further by deleting the Republican billionaire’s account, depriving him of his favorite platform. Other social networks like Snapchat and Twitch have also suspended President Trump’s account.


YouTube suspends Trump: no new videos for at least a week | NOW

US President Donald Trump cannot post new videos on his YouTube channel for at least a week for breaking the rules of the platform. YouTube announced this on Wednesday Twitter.

“The channel has now received a first warning and can therefore not upload new videos for at least seven days,” YouTube writes. The company can extend the suspension after a week.

YouTube took a recently posted video offline calling for violence, according to the service. It is not known what video it is and what exactly Trump said.

In addition to a video of Trump, two videos were also pulled from the White House YouTube channel for breaking house rules, writes The Verge. Furthermore, comments under Trump’s videos are being disabled for the time being because of “concerns about violence.”

YouTube has now issued a first warning. Another warning will result in a two-week suspension and a third warning will normally end an account.

YouTube previously removed a video in which Trump talked about the storming of the Capitol. In it, he again cited unfounded claims about electoral fraud and called for resistance.

Other tech companies intervened earlier in response to statements by the president. Facebook and Instagram suspended Trump’s accounts indefinitely, but at least until after the inauguration of new president Joe Biden on Jan. 20. Twitter permanently suspended Trump’s account.


The underwear is seen: Dua Lipa and the dress that took all the attention

Dua Lipa Throughout her career, she has shown that she is one of the most important singers in the world and this is because she owns a highly captivating voice and brilliant talent. This great combination that it has makes it synonymous with undisputed success.

Currently, the beautiful brunette is living in a great present as she continues to break her with her latest studio album “Future Nostalgia”, which was released last year, and which has songs like “Break My Heart” and “Don’t Start Now” that are occupying the main music charts in the world.



Social networks now need new rules

The US President’s Twitter account

US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been blocked from the network.

(Photo: Reuters)

San Francisco @Realdonaldtrump had ruled the internet for years. The US president used his Twitter account to fire ministers, bully company bosses and fuel the lowest instincts of his fans.

It took a violent mob and five deaths in the US Parliament to make many realize that Trump’s troll armies are highly real. But also to let the elected president’s internet power collapse like a jenga tower.

First, Facebook and Twitter blocked Trump’s accounts temporarily. Then Apple threatened the right-wing Twitter alternative “Parler” with being kicked out of the App Store if they didn’t finally moderate the calls for violence from Trump fans. Eventually, Google kicked Parler out of the App Store without warning.

But the biggest clap of thunder was Twitter’s permanent banishment from Trump – he had once built his political brand on the platform as a real estate entrepreneur. President Donald Trump might never have happened without his @realdonaldtrump account.

You can hold back with the applause for Twitter. The decision to apply your own rules against “glorifying violence” right now is not very consistent. After all, Trump had previously driven the attack on the US Parliament on Twitter, among other things.

In addition, Facebook and Twitter know very well which party will occupy ministries and committee chairs in the future, pass new privacy laws and cite CEOs before Congress: the Democrats.

Twitter did the youth work for QAnon

Nevertheless, Trump’s expulsion is absolutely correct. The fact that platforms from the App Store to Twitter, from Reddit to Discord are moving with them, even gives hope that the “Make America Great Again”, MAGA and QAnon mob for short, will not find a new home so quickly, where it will continue to proliferate and more people with it infect his right-wing conspiracy mania. It is true that the most radical of them will use Internet forums that don’t need an app or Telegram, the messenger app that is popular among German crazy people.

But the further you chase QAnon and his company into the holes of the Internet, the fewer people will succumb to their conspiracy cult. Until recently, the YouTube algorithm or Twitter trends presented this content to ordinary people. In doing so, they dragged them into a spiral of confused theories that put into their head that they were hunting child murderers in the US Capitol instead of elected politicians.

The platforms did the youth work of these death cults and gave them their share of the advertising income. The future Trump Internet between the website “8kun” and the messenger service Telegram, on the other hand, could be similar to the Darknet – if you are looking for it, you will find it too. But most of them don’t look for it. Except for security agencies, which should have been watching the parallel world of the Trump Army long before the attack on the Capitol like a domestic terror network.

It is historically unique that the world’s largest Internet companies in a concerted action snatch his megaphone from the most powerful man in the world. The discussion of where the power of big tech ends is important.

But it’s one for another day. Trump has unleashed libertines, robbers and murderers on his political opponents and tried to remove the separation of powers with physical violence. He has forfeited his right to speak to millions with the help of Twitter.

Social networks need more consistent rules

Twitter and Facebook must now begin to apply their rules consistently and worldwide. The freedom of expression with which they have so far justified their lax dealings with Trump can certainly be the guiding principle.

A violent mob like Trump’s troll army has no opinion, it drives away other opinions and tries to silence them. Outside the US, this is even more true: When genocides were organized on social media in Myanmar or Sri Lanka, Twitter and Facebook reacted at first with disinterest and then much too late.

A social network that wants to promote healthy debate around the world should be proud of not offering a home to those who are violent. To do this, Twitter and Facebook must now consistently apply their rules – against everyone and everywhere in the world.

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Silence we play! “Alba”, “Carto”, “Super Meat Boy” and our expectations for 2021

Silence we play! this is the weekly video game show from Release. With Erwan Cario and its chroniclers, Patrick Hellio, Corentin Benoit-Gonin and Marius Chapuis.

This week, we start by defending biodiversity in the new production by studio Ustwo, more aimed at children, Alba : a Wildlife Adventure. We continue with the clever and very elegant puzzle game Carto, where we have to arrange a map to progress in the adventure, before continuing with the return of Super Meat Boy in a two button format that is far from appealing to everyone. We end this first show of 2021 with a little review of what awaits us in terms of games during the year to come.

Jérémie Kletzkine, in his board games column, tells us about Guitar.

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