Hold those responsible to account (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

The Kara Tepe camp on Lesvos (11/19/2020)

The organization Medico international drew attention to the conditions in the Kara Tepe refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos on Wednesday:

The conditions in the new Kara Tepe refugee camp on Lesbos are still disastrous four months after the fire in Moria. Last night, another storm caused catastrophic conditions in the camp, parts of the camp were flooded, tents were soaked and had collapsed at times, toilets were overturned and unusable. In view of the imminent cold snap in the eastern Aegean Sea, the Frankfurt aid and human rights organization Medico international warns of a massive threat to the 7,300 refugees in the camp.

“What is happening in the Moria successor camp at Kara Tepe is not a natural disaster, but a deliberate crime. The intolerable situation has been a topic of international public opinion for months, but nothing has changed. The thin tents are repeatedly under water, the shower facilities are completely inadequate, the food is bad, there is no heating, and people hardly receive any medical care, ”says Ramona Lenz, Refugee for Refugees and Migration at Medico international. (…) “Everyone who is responsible for the misery in Moria and the successor camp must be called to account.”

Three members of the Bundestag of the party Die Linke wrote on Tuesday afternoon with a letter against the deletion of a jW-Post on Facebook protested. It says:

Dear Sir or Madam,

With astonishment and outrage we learned that Facebook had a report from the daily newspaper young world about police violence against a demonstration in Berlin. It is about the article “Attack on LL-Demo – Brutal police operation against leftists at Luxemburg-Liebknecht-Gedenken” from January 10th, 2021 (see January 11th edition, jW)

We were present as parliamentary observers at the demonstration in question on January 10, 2021 and were able to see with our own eyes how the police proceeded with unjustifiable harshness against the demonstrators. There were numerous injuries on the part of the demonstrators. The young world, which was represented by correspondents on site, reported on these incidents. But this report and a photo showing the violent crackdown on a protester were removed from Facebook because it allegedly did not meet “community standards”.

We do not understand where this report is said to have violated Facebook community standards. After all, violence was not encouraged or glorified here – rather, violence was documented and criticized by the police. We wonder why Facebook has to cover up the police action by censoring a critical report in a daily newspaper about it. We therefore ask for information on how and with what exact reason this scandalous deletion of the young worldArticle came through Facebook.

With best regards,

Ulla Jelpke, Sevim Dagdelen, Alexander Neu


Challenges mastered (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

Cheer up the young world. Some action posters from the current year

love jW-Readers,

In 2020 it was a great effort to maintain a Marxist-oriented daily newspaper against the increasingly unrestrained conditions of capitalist exploitation and the associated legal developments. The existence of the young world To celebrate, there would have been two big occasions this year: 25 years of Verlag 8 May and 25 years of the LPG Junge Welt eG cooperative. That means: a quarter of a century of criticism of imperialism, and for us that includes the fight against the delegitimization of the GDR, the emphasis on the achievements of the working class and the care of the legacy of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Liebknecht and Luxemburg.

Necessary: ​​collective work

An essential element of our 25 years of development lies in the collective work of our colleagues in the editorial office and publishing house; it was and is vital. But it is precisely the approach in the collective that is being extremely tested by the corona pandemic. For example, because not all colleagues work in the publishing and editorial offices and consultations can only take place with restrictions. Ultimately, it is everyday corona itself that demands an enormous amount of strength from all of us. After all, it gets stuck in some corners. And occasionally it is noticed in the newspaper. On the whole, however, we mastered the challenges well and were able to do it again young world to develop further. In contrast to most newspaper publishers, we didn’t have short-time working, and we didn’t have to reduce the size of the paper. Consequence: The already small team of editorial and publishing houses had plenty to do.

There were some losses in the work on site, especially in that of the action office. The book fairs didn’t happen, events like that TOPress festival or the TFF festival in Rudolstadt have been canceled. Experience shows that we could have distributed many newspapers there and gained new readers. The successful work with our supporters and reader initiatives also had to be restricted, for example on May 1st, instead of 100,000 copies, only a few hundred could be distributed.

In some cases, we managed to adapt the work itself and the advertising measures to the new circumstances. With the quick changeover of the trial subscription campaign in spring, we succeeded in reaching many new readers who for the first time with the young world came in contact and discovered them for themselves. Pleasing – if a trial subscription is successful at the beginning of the year, the results will bear fruit throughout the year.

One experience that was confirmed this year is that the left is rearranging itself in times of crisis, war and increasing irrationalism. Some leave the common path, at the same time new readers and fellow campaigners find their way to young world. The vast majority of readers are grateful that jW Keeps a clear course even in these stormy times.

Special publications

Next to the daily newspaper young world and the culture magazine Melody & rhythm Selected books, brochures, calendars, CDs and DVDs will be published by Verlag 8 May. In spring, just in time for the canceled Leipzig Book Fair, Carlos Gomes’ book »Lenin Lives. His monuments in Germany «. Usually we present a new book in the jW-Shop gallery. Due to the pandemic, it became our first online book presentation at short notice. Further digital formats were created: the exhibition tours with Andreas Wessel, jW-Author and curator of jW-Art edition (see young world-Youtube channel). When the Frankfurt Book Fair was also canceled, we were able to have exciting book presentations on four evenings in a row under the title »jW-Lesewoche «, in which our latest book edition was also presented: the first complete publication of Lea Grundig’s» Eleven-part picture cycle for the Communist Party’s manifesto «.

The experience we have gained with online events is currently helping us to plan the upcoming International Rosa Luxemburg Conference on January 9, 2021. It can only be followed in the livestream at jungewelt.de/rlk. Preparations are in full swing. Arrangements with the speakers, which are switched on live, are just as much a part of this as the technical preparations with the film team.

Passes Course

Even though we have mastered this year well, it remains a great challenge to publish a daily newspaper every day and to present the “total work of art” young world keep going. In addition to a clear course and collective work by the editorial team and the publishing house under difficult conditions, it is above all the readers of this newspaper and the members of the cooperative who keep the jW to back up. Without their support, the publication of this newspaper would not be possible.

In this difficult year, we have once again proven that there is strong demand for the printed daily newspaper. Nevertheless, the print media landscape and the associated infrastructure continue to fall apart. In our eyes, the printed daily newspaper is an important cultural asset that we are committed to preserving – while at the same time further developing the online offering. We can only do this as a solidarity project. With every new reader and every new subscription, the effectiveness and relevance of the young world. In times of increasing irrationality and in the struggle against the prevailing conditions, it is the daily antidote.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, dear readers, for your support and ask you not to let up in our struggle for a better future and a better newspaper.

Andreas Hüllinghorst and Jonas Pohle, publishing directors


05.12.2020: Kiosk campaign (Junge Welt newspaper)

So far we could young world get over this stressful economic and corona crisis year. Fortunately, we have only touched the infection situation in the publishing house and editorial office so far (!), But the exhausting overall situation is not without effect on us and our solidarity. We are fighting and doing really well: our newspaper is well received, and we were able to easily increase the number of paid subscriptions even this year. Although some readers have canceled our friendship and subscription because we are now “mainstream”, for example because we have now also put on “Merkel muzzles” for Marx, Engels and Lenin. However, the number of people who have come to know and appreciate us in these difficult times is significantly higher. Every subscription still counts, which is why we ask you to download the print or online version of the young world to subscribe or to give away a full or special offer to friends and acquaintances.

Fortunately, despite Corona, we were also able to keep our individual sales at the kiosk stable during the first wave of infections. Unfortunately, that’s a bit different at the moment, we’re about 200 copies below the previous annual sales average. That’s why we want that jW-Increase sales at the kiosk a little and ask for your support: Buy one or the other copy of the young world at the kiosk and give it away to friends and acquaintances who might be interested in such a newspaper! This works with every issue of young world, but today’s is particularly well suited for such an action for three reasons: First, it suits her jW– Annual calendars 2021 at. Second, it starts our multi-part series of articles on the subject of renting and living (you can recommend your friends to buy the following issues at the kiosk themselves so that they can continue reading the series). Thirdly, this issue contains two subscription offers that you can recommend using: On the one hand, there is the option of taking out a full subscription for all those who have long known that the young world is indispensable and therefore belongs to a subscription. And on the other hand, the special subscription coupon on this page, which your friend can use to sign up jW-Abo can be ordered for three months at the reduced price of 62 euros to get to know them better. Because the campaign subscription ends automatically, it is particularly suitable as a gift.

So get today’s issue of young world at the kiosk, support us and at the same time make your or your friend, your favorite retailer and yourself happy before Christmas.

Young World Action Office


Fight and resist together (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

Distribution campaign of the young world on May 1, 2019 in Berlin

To many, it may seem that there are no longer any differences between classes in today’s times. For us, however, the following still applies: The basic contradiction between labor and capital is an essential characteristic of capitalism. The rulers try with all means to disguise this, especially with journalistic ones. “Class struggle from above cannot do without the media,” wrote Arnold Schölzel at this point some time ago, in order to conclude aptly: “Neither does the one from below. That’s why there are young world. «As long as corporations make good profits and distribute billions of dollars to their shareholders, as recently the automobile company Daimler, and at the same time fob off their employees with short-time work or even cut jobs, as long as the decisive boundary runs between owners and wage earners – as long as there is at least a daily newspaper that directs their attention precisely and reports from the workers’ point of view. That does young world indispensable for active left unionists. Who else reports extensively on union struggles, who deals with the situation of trainees, as did this newspaper, for example, with a supplement last Wednesday?

But when the pieces of cake to be distributed (and sometimes even the remaining breadcrumbs) get smaller and smaller, elbows become much more pointed, egoism displaces collectivities, and the decline in solidarity progresses. Because this is the only way capitalism works in the long run: Those who could fight together must be played off against each other, competition among them must be stoked. When the strong fight for advantages at the expense of the weak, it is called social Darwinism. But the principle of “survival of the fittest” is not a natural law among humans. In reality these are side effects of the class struggle from above and harbingers of a fascist situation. Strong, solidarity unions help to prevent such situations. But also a clear anti-capitalist stance. Because in addition to the daily fight against redistribution from the bottom up, it is necessary to stand up for social alternatives. The daily newspaper young world stands equally for union struggle and social change.

It is therefore no coincidence that the current motif of our »Indispensable« campaign comes from a group of young trade unionists from southern Germany who visited the young world inserted. They have valued this newspaper for a long time, as it covers many topics that concern them as union youth and that are often neglected in other media. With its reporting and analysis, the jW indispensable for their union work, so they support this newspaper. If as many as possible follow their example, it will definitely strengthen our fighting conditions.

jW-Action Office


When things go downhill (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

Realize that things have to be different: Participants in the FFF demo on September 25th in Berlin

“The free press is a free press because it is financed by the market economy,” said Philipp Welte, Member of the Board of “National Media Brands” at Hubert Burda Media and Vice President of the Association of German Newspaper Publishers, at an online conference of the association on Tuesday of this week. That makes sense in late capitalism, where profit must be made with everything. What were the times when citizens were particularly committed to freedom of the press and finally mixed gunpowder to revolutionize the hated oppressors from the nobility and clergy. But in this way the bourgeoisie themselves became oppressors of the producing people.

Even the ones in the press. What was a necessary means of enlightenment in the revolutionary phase of the bourgeoisie quickly became a commodity and served to assert corporate interests. Not only because of that, but also because of that, the new oppressors had to be criticized: “The first freedom of the press is not to be a trade,” wrote Karl Marx in 1842 in the Rheinische Zeitung. Because: Free press only functions as information – as a trade, it is the business of printing houses, advertising agencies and similar profit-oriented companies.

No other national daily newspaper is as independent from corporations as this young world. For a number of years now, the economic situation has been so clear that 95.6 percent of the publishing house 8. Mai counts the readers of the newspaper and culture magazine, organized as a cooperative in LPG Junge Welt eG Melody & rhythm heard (see below). Income from subscription fees flows directly into the financing of day-to-day business.

And it is well known young world a Marxist-oriented newspaper and also adheres to Marx’s words in terms of content. No other supraregional newspaper in Germany reveals the plight of crisis-ridden capital on a daily basis, profoundly and concisely on 16 pages, so that the readers can orientate themselves for the day – also in order not to fall into traps such as national solutions to basic economic problems and marches with rights for democracy in Corona times, both contradictions in themselves.

A good two dozen of our readers will spend 15 weeks from now on with their opinions on the indispensability of the young world Take turns in the paper – people who are active as trade unionists, in the peace movement, as feminists, anti-fascists … This sheet has become an indispensable food for you, and you, dear reader, want to encourage you to do the same jW to read by subscription in order to be informed daily. Action & communication


What the Birk Meinhardt case reveals about our climate of opinion

A former reporter for the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” sees himself as a victim of sentimental journalism. He believes in freedom, but not in the West. A lesson on East Germans’ journalistic homelessness. .

Together, not alone (daily newspaper young world)

When in 1995 parts of the workforce young world one thing was clear: without the help of the readers, the project could not exist for long. We started the greatest subscription campaigns with distinctive jW-Handwriting such as “Unbreakable”, “Dogmatic, but with a light hand” and the “Drecksblatt campaign”. Our current campaign “The best of the links” is one of them. As a result, the number of people who are convinced of the need for a Marxist daily newspaper is constantly growing. Anyone who understands this not only subscribes, but often also sooner or later becomes a member of our cooperative. She, who will also celebrate her 25th anniversary in October, owns the daily newspaper. The young world is socialized to a certain extent. For these reasons, we simply say thank you to all of our readers!

Thanks no less deserve our business partners. You have a significant part in the fact that we can say: The young world is the only national daily newspaper that has increased its circulation in the past 25 years. We look forward to working well with dozens of organizations. And finally, because they are very closely connected to us: Thanks to our many, many supporters everywhere in German-speaking countries who help us on so many occasions.

Solidarity is very important nowadays. The federal government controls the epidemic and systemic crisis by isolating, competing and de-solidarizing the working population. The companies start up their goods production again despite the existing risk of infection. How many people are unemployed? What waivers of pay allow union leaderships? Which growth mechanisms remain, which democratic rights remain restricted? One thing is certain: the rulers are doing everything to make labor cheaper and profits to grow. The government is pumping hundreds of billions of euros into the economy. And the war against Russia continues to be prepared, for which 138 fighter jets have been ordered. They also use nature primarily as an object of exploitation. Many people in the country feel the dangers arising from this and turn their interest in the young world to. Our website is visited more than twice as often as two months ago. That is why we are starting to draw our online readership’s attention to the fact that solidarity is the sign of the times and ask for one jW-Onlineabo under the slogan “The best among the links”!

Publisher & editing


We do our miracles ourselves! (Daily newspaper young world)

Courage: jW from April 13, 1995. The workforce takes over

You could get these headlines in the young world read exactly 25 years ago on Easter Saturday. Just a week after the western owners of the young world announced their final end, after a proposal for the continuation of the young world was rejected by the workforce on its own, but after many readers also asked the editors to definitely continue in any way, two so-called four-sided were made on Maundy Thursday and Easter Saturday young world-Mood expenditure produced: Subscribers should be encouraged – especially those colleagues who, despite all opposition, were wildly determined to continue the daily newspaper. Just a week before, many newspapers, TV and radio stations had prematurely ended young world announced, many of them hastily announced that the newspaper would pass it on: »young world celebrates resurrection shortly before Easter, «reported the news agency ADN.

But at that time, besides the will to fight, the jW-Activists had no idea: there was no publishing house of its own, negotiations on the title and subscription rights were tough and far from complete, there were difficulties with the supply, the bank, and sales, but the courage provided facts. However, in addition to the cheers in the Easter edition, there were also thoughtful words: »Unfortunately the biblical story does not help us, because the hope that our subscriber numbers would increase as miraculously as the bread in Canaan will not save us. That’s why for everyone who hasn’t heard the good news yet: Subscribe – and your favorite newspaper will survive! «

Nothing has changed in this banal insight to this day. Although the publishing house 8. Mai GmbH was founded on April 25 (we will report on this in two weeks), the founding meeting of the LPG Junge Welt eG cooperative followed on October 7. But to this day it is young world relying on the support of its readers: above all via print and online subscriptions (e-mail subscriptions were available from young world even then) ongoing work is financed. The cooperative, owner of the jW-Publishers, but is also essential for survival: It provides the publisher with loans for investments when needed and helps to survive all kinds of times of crisis. This model has it young world Managed to remain independent of banks, corporations, churches, parties and other institutions for 25 years. And this construction is one of the reasons why it is possible for the editorial staff to conduct critical journalism every day even under the prevailing capitalist conditions. Incidentally, that means nothing other than that we don’t just make our miracles ourselves: our mistakes are not dictated to us by any party or corporate board – we also make them ourselves. Which is why we still rely on critical readers who understand our journalistic work as suggestions and not as teaching statements.

Publishing house, editorial office and young world cooperative