An eternal embrace of a 1500-year-old Chinese couple

An eternal embrace of a 1500-year-old Chinese couple Thursday – 17 Muharram 1443 AH – 26 August 2021 AD Issue No. [ 15612] The remains of the couple buried 1500 years ago – … and an artistic conception of the way they were buried Cairo: Hazem Badr An American study documented a unique event, which […]

what is free software and why can it be better than installing Windows

Linux is a free and open operating system that consumes fewer resources than Microsoft Windows, the most used OS in the world. However, it still follows the idea that it is something for programmers, experts, and very advanced users. Something that, with the passage of time and the different versions that exist, was changing. The […]

the exotic custom of “Los Dandis del Congo”

Be well dressed with Elegant suits Y fancy shoes In one of the poorest countries in the world it may seem crazy. However, who said it is impossible? In Africa There are those who prioritize their image and appearance over other aspects of life. You just have to travel to Brazzaville, capital of the Republic […]

what are the requirements to live and work in the northern country

Emigrate and be able to live in United States is the dream of a large number of people and a clear proof of this is that it is the country with greater number of immigrants around the world. Most go looking for one better life quality allowing stability of its economy that also generates interesting […]

what kind of personalities can’t stop looking at the phone and why

It is such a widespread behavior that it has its own term: “phubbing”, whose translation would be something like “ningufoneo”. Apparently, look at the phone while others talk It is something like a bad period. However, according to a new study, conditions linked to mental health and certain personality traits play a fundamental role in […]

a dead whale appeared on the beach and the neighbors went inside to take selfies

A young whale, of a variety known as “jorobada“, showed up dead on beaches near Comodoro Rivadavia, in Chubut. The unusual thing is that several residents of the place – mostly teenagers – used the jaws and back of the animal to take selfies. The provincial government issues a statement to warn about the “biological […]

another side effect that may appear six months after infection

Sarcopenia is defined as decreased muscle function and physical performance. The primary cause is age, especially in older adults, and the secondary cause is caused by certain diseases or prolonged rest. Recent studies link sarcopenia as a new post-covid effect. According to a post by Journal of the American Medical Association, 35% of patients who […]

Do you accumulate books and do not read them? There is a word for that

In a pile of the night table as if they were guarding our dream, accumulated in a reserved shelf of the library waiting for their turn or camouflaged among others, the books we didn’t read They accompany us between expectation, anxiety or security and define, also from the lack of concreteness, the imprint of a […]