How not to die after a shark bite

How can you help someone whose leg has been torn off by a shark? An Australian study published Thursday unveils a new first aid technique to stop bleeding and reduce fatalities. Find the midpoint between the hip and the genitals, make a fist and push as hard as you can: according to Nicholas Taylor, Dean […]

Researchers turn off Corona with electric shocks

Scientists from the University of Kassel want to fight the corona virus with electric shocks. According to a study that they published in the journal Nature, it could considerably weaken a weak electrical voltage. Simulations showed that the spike protein required for the virus is susceptible to electrical fields. These can be easily generated, says […]

Borders fall during chases

“A deepening of international police cooperation, essential for security”. This is how the Ministry of Internal Security justifies the joint decision of Luxembourg and France to end the 10 km limit in the event of the prosecution of suspects of serious offenses. As a reminder, the Luxembourg and French police can prosecute a person for […]

Sleepover turns into massacre – The Basics

The pajama party turns into a massacreThe essential Father devastated after the murder of his daughter at a slumber party: “I couldn’t protect her”7sur7 See full coverage on Google News .

Does the elder have cavities? The others will have it too

If the firstborn already has cavities, there is an increased risk of cavities in younger siblings. To confirm this hypothesis, researchers analyzed the results of a dental examination in which 13,596 children in the canton of Basel-City underwent a screening test for cavities. They were able to establish a clear bond between the siblings. In […]

Rikers Island Prison, a “House of Horror”

“Cancer”, “rat hole”, “house of horror”: former inmates of the sinister New York prison of Rikers Island still tremble when they evoke the gigantic prison complex where the American Harvey Weinstein stayed and Frenchman Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and where nine prisoners died this year. Conditions of detention on Rikers Island, hidden on the East River between […]

Moderna better protects against serious Covid

Moderna’s vaccine offers better long-term protection against the serious effects of Covid-19, compared to that of Pfizer, a study published by the main US health agency in the United States concluded on Friday. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) analyzed a sample of nearly 3,700 adults hospitalized for Covid-19 associated with […]

Tiktok wants to promote mental health

Tiktok would like to look more closely at the well-being of its user community on its platform, especially with regard to the mental health of the users. An announcement by the company states: “Our community is incredibly important to us and we are always looking for new ways to promote its well-being.” The background to […]

She confides on her abortion: “I was not mature”

“We all have our wounds, our flaws, our fears, our stories”, explains Tatiana Silva, to present her book “Everything begins with oneself” to be published on September 29th. “It is up to us to choose to free ourselves from the burdens that prevent us from living more serenely. The quest for this other reality is […]

Luxembourg will pay half of the bill

While looming, in October, the next Franco-Luxembourg intergovernmental commission for the strengthening of cross-border cooperation, François Bausch, Minister of Mobility and Public Works, met in Paris on Wednesday with his French counterpart, Jean -Baptiste Djebbari, Minister for Transport. The two governments have agreed to release an additional envelope – of 110 million euros according to […]