New hotbeds of infection cloud China’s recovery

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – The nervousness of the authorities, who have detected more than a thousand new cases in the country, is palpable in Wuhan, the city where the pandemic began almost a year ago.

Par Macarena Vidal Liy (The country)

Zhao, a 33-year-old executive, dressed in a crisp jacket and cropped hair, wears his mask well as he walks through Han Street, one of Wuhan’s most popular shopping areas. He tries to choose where to dine among a dozen restaurants. Before speaking, he readjusts his mask. “I’m a little scared, that’s why I’m wearing the mask again and trying to disinfect my hands regularly”, he admits, pulling on his mask again to make sure it doesn’t fall.

The young executive refers to the Covid epidemics that have appeared in recent weeks in China, bringing the number of infections to more than a thousand in the country. This figure, which had not officially been reached since the spring of 2020, triggered the alert of the Chinese authorities, they who have continued to proclaim since last summer the success of the country in the fight against the coronavirus.

The proximity of two key dates contributes

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+++ Corona-News +++: English virus variant possibly more deadly than previous – More than 20 countries classified as high-risk areas

Trade unions demand minimum short-time work allowance +++ State ministers of economics demand more help for companies +++ Majority sees the federal government’s crisis policy critically +++ The news blog. .

Spain reports a peak with more than 44,000 new cases – the Netherlands imposes night curfew

The 27 EU countries want on one common corona vaccination certificate work – but do not discuss possible benefits for vaccinated people until later. “We think that we should be able to agree on common elements that will be included in the certificate for medical purposes,” said EU Council leader Charles Michel after video discussions with the EU heads of state and government. At a later point in time, one can see whether and how the certificate can be used for other purposes. At the present time, however, it is unrealistic to fully assess the consequences.

Before the EU video summit, holiday countries like Malta, Greece and Spain in particular had one for one Uniform vaccination certificate and related advantages such as free travel for vaccinated people advertised. Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected this discussion as premature.

EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said on Thursday evening that we had to differentiate: The documentation of the vaccination was one medical need, and with the yellow vaccination certificate from the World Health Organization, there is a worldwide standard. The second question is what the certificate can be used for. This has to be weighed carefully, as some things are still unclear.

So it is not clear whether vaccinated persons continue to transmit the virus and how long the vaccination protection lasts, said von der Leyen. A political question is how to protect the rights of those who have not yet been vaccinated or who have a legitimate reason not to be vaccinated. People’s personal data must also be protected. When the time is ripe, a detailed debate will have to be held and consensus found among the EU countries.


Portugal closes schools and universities due to virus mutation – mobility in Germany decreased in January

Because of the ongoing exceptional situation in schools, the Education Minister of the Länder agreed on a common framework for exams and school year repetitions in the current school year. In a switching conference on Thursday, they agreed that also the qualifications acquired in this Corona school year “are equivalent to those of earlier and later years and be mutually recognized ”.

The joint decision also confirms that the Abitur exams should take place. The federal states should also ensure that qualifications can be obtained in lower secondary education, such as secondary school or secondary school qualifications.

Countries can also give students the option of To repeat the school year without this being counted towards the length of stay – “especially in the upper secondary school”, as it is called.


+++ Corona-News +++: BDI warns against national solo attempts at border closings – Mobility in Germany decreased in January

Spahn calls for EU-wide coordinated tests for cross-border commuters +++ RKI reports 20,398 newly infected +++ Majority of Germans support lockdown extension +++ The news blog. .

Portugal in the list of countries with quarantine on arrival in Switzerland

Switzerland will impose from February a mandatory quarantine on travelers returning from Portugal, which will join the list along with ten more countries and five regions of neighboring countries, was announced on Wednesday.

According to the updated list released on Wednesday by the Federal Department of Public Health, ten more countries were added, including Portugal, and five regions of neighboring countries.

Among the countries are still Spain, Cyprus, Lebanon or Monaco, with the mandatory ten-day quarantine.

This determination has been suspended for travelers from Croatia, Denmark, Georgia, Luxembourg and Serbia.

The neighboring regions of Provence-Alpes-Côte d`Azur, Emilia-Romagna and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy, Thuringia in eastern Germany and Salzburg in Austria were added to the list.

Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to 10,000 Swiss francs [cerca de 9200 euros], and a negative covid-19 test does not automatically end quarantine.

The decision to add a country or region to the list depends on the incidence of covid-19 in the last 14 days, specifically the number of new infections per 100 thousand inhabitants.

If the incidence of a country exceeds at least 60 in relation to Switzerland, the country becomes part of the list.

The covid-19 pandemic caused at least 2,058,226 deaths resulting from more than 96.1 million cases of infection worldwide, according to a report by the French agency AFP.

In Portugal, 9465 people died from 581,605 confirmed cases of infection, according to the most recent bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected in late December 2019 in Wuhan, a city in central China.


Does the Wuhan lab belong to Glaxo?


The theory that the Wuhan laboratory where the new coronavirus supposedly originated belongs to the Glaxo company, which would be part of a chain of connections ranging from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer to the investment fund manager BlackRock through Microsoft and Bill Gates. , was shared at least 1,500 times in Spanish since last November 29 on social networks. The aforementioned Wuhan Institute of Virology has no relationship with Glaxo, but is owned by the Chinese government. Also, although Glaxo and Pfizer have formed a business alliance, they are still competitors.

“The world is a handkerchief !! The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan actually belongs to GLAXO which by chance owns PFIZER, which manages the finances of BLACK ROCK which by chance manages the finances of the Open Society of SOROS who by chance is in charge of the interests of the French AXA whose German company WINTERTHUR built the Chinese laboratory accidentally bought by the German ALLIANZ and which by chance has as a large shareholder VANGUARD, a BLACK ROCK shareholder who controls the CENTRAL BANKS and manages 1/3 of the WORLD INVESTMENT CAPITAL which by chance is a large shareholder of MICROSOFT and GATES that is a shareholder of PFIZER and currently the first sponsor of WHO !!! Coincidences of life … Follow the money / Follow the money “says the text that users share on Facebook (1, 2).

Screenshot of a Facebook post, made on December 4, 2020

The same text also circulates in Twitter and the first record that was found of him is in this Facebook post in Italian, of November 12, attributed to a certain “Giuseppe Renda”.

A first search for this name in Google found a Pfizer employee in Italy, according to his profile of LinkedIn. AFP Factual contacted Renda without obtaining a response as of the publication date of this article.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology

An investigation into the ownership of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) did not find any relationship with the Glaxo company. According to this note in the journal Nature from 2017, the creation of the WIV laboratory P4, at the center of controversy since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, was approved in 2003 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS, for its acronym in English) and was built with the help of the French International Center for Research in Infectology (CIRI). The WIV P4 opened in 2015.

Numerous theories state that the virus was created on WIV P4, or that “he escaped” of the. Donald Trump himself said in April “Have evidence” that the pandemic originated in said Institute, but did not present them.

AFP Factual has already verified claims related to the virus being created in a laboratory or manufactured with human intervention.

Both in the records of the inauguration and in the Pages (1) of corporate information on the WIV website do not include any mention of the participation of any foreign company. The Institute depends on the CAS, which, in turn, depends on the Chinese government.

A search on the website of Open Society Foundations, founded by George Soros, shows that there are no mentions of the French insurer AXA linked to monetary arrangements, only one in which it is mentioned as an example of lawsuits by companies to protect their intellectual property. Also, Soros’s philanthropic organization does not appear on AXA’s organizational charts.

Winterthur Group, meanwhile, was a Swiss (not German) insurer that was acquired by AXA in 2006. A Google search does not return results on an alleged construction of a laboratory in China by the defunct company.

On the other hand, Allianz, points out on its website that in China it has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. There is no mention of Wuhan or a company laboratory based in that country.

On the corporate information page of the multinational Glaxo in China also makes no mention of his involvement in either the WIV or any other center in Wuhan. Glaxo has two joint ventures in the Asian country, and is present in the cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin.

Glaxo y Pfizer

According CNN Money, Pfizer is majority controlled by The Vanguard Group, owning 7.67% of its shares. The GlaxoSmithKline company does not appear on the list of Pfizer shareholders, although the Capital Research & Management fund does. However, it barely owns 0.67% of Glaxo, with which the correlation made by viral publications is not correct.

In december In 2018, the companies were merged in a joint-venture, creating in 2019 the company Gsk Consumer Healthcare with the participation of both, a specific alliance for the commercialization of pharmaceutical products such as Voltaren, Panadol and Advil. This, however, was not a purchase operation by one company over the other and both continue to be competitors in the pharmaceutical sector.

BlackRock, Pfizer, Soros and other relationships

BlackRock is the world’s leading mutual fund manager and as such owns stakes in tens of thousands of companies (including Pfizer), and has thousands of investors, including tycoon George Soros, among its multitude of wallets.

Pfizer also received money from Strategic Investment Fund of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation invested in the pharmaceutical company to expand access of Sayana, its injectable contraceptive, to developing countries. It also reported in September 2020 that it would collaborate with several of the companies working on the development of a vaccine against covid-19. However, neither the foundation nor the Gates are among Pfizer’s major shareholders.

The Gates Foundation is also among the top contributors to WHO, accounting for 11.65% of the money the agency receives. However, it is not the “Main sponsor”, since the money contributed by the government of Germany represents 12.18% of the income.

In conclusion, there is no evidence that the Wuhan WIV is owned by the Glaxo company, nor is it true that it is the owner of Pfizer. Likewise, there are no records of the association of the Winterthur and Axa insurers with the WIV. On the other hand, the fund manager BlackRock, which owns part of the Pfizer shares, has the participation as an investor of George Soros, as well as many other world fortunes. In addition, Bill and Melinda Gates have invested in Pfizer for the development of specific projects but are not major shareholders. Lastly, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding the WHO but they are not the primary funders.

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NRW postpones vaccinations – Dutch premier for curfews

The Covid-19 vaccine from BioNTech and Pfizer appears According to a study, too to be effective against the more contagious British variant. For the study, blood samples from 16 vaccinated participants from previous clinical trials were exposed to a synthetic virus. This was designed so that it had the same ten characteristic mutations that caused the Variant B.1.1.7 is marked. The antibodies in the blood of the subjects who received the vaccine neutralized this pseudovirus as effectively as the version of coronavirus for which the product was originally developed. That makes it likely that the vaccine will also protect against the British variant, according to the study published on Wednesday.

Pfizer and Biontech had published initial results in early January that showed that the vaccine presumably protects against a key mutationwhich has been detected in the more contagious virus variants from Great Britain and South Africa. Biontech boss Ugur Sahin said in December that from a scientific point of view it was very likely that the vaccine would protect against the new variant.

Biontech announced that it would shortly publish a more detailed analysis of the likely effects of its vaccine on the South African variant. Scientists believe that the new variants are more contagious, but it is believed that they do not make the disease more severe. Other vaccine manufacturers such as AstraZeneca, Moderna and CureVac are also investigating whether their funds protect against the rapidly spreading coronavirus variants.


Almost every second thinks measures are appropriate

Because of the Delayed delivery of the corona vaccine from Biontech, North Rhine-Westphalia postpones the start of vaccinations for people over 80, who live at home. The 53 vaccination centers in the state will only start operating on February 8th – a week later than previously planned, as a spokesman for the NRW Ministry of Health said on Wednesday at the request of the German Press Agency.

Besides the country imposed an immediate vaccination ban on hospitals supplied with Biontech vaccine. The reason for this is also the delivery problems, according to an email from the Ministry of Health, which is available to the German Press Agency. A ministry spokesman confirmed the authenticity of the letter on Wednesday. Several media had previously reported.


Germany fears mutations and prolongs confinement until mid-February

Chancellor Angela Merkel and the governors of Germany’s 16 states on Tuesday decided to extend the current confinement until mid-February and fear that the recent covid-19 mutations will increase the number of cases.

The infection rate in that country has stabilized in recent days, which may mean that the restrictions in place are being effective in reducing contagions.

The entity responsible for disease prevention and control in Germany today registered 11,369 new cases of the new coronavirus and 989 deaths, which increases the total number of deaths to 47,622, reports the agency AP.

However, the increase in new infections in Britain and Ireland, which will be related to a more contagious variant of the virus, has left the German authorities concerned that this mutation could spread quickly if measures were not prolonged or even tightened.

Merkel and the governors have already scheduled a new meeting next week.

“All of our efforts to stem the spread of the virus are facing a serious threat,” said the German Chancellor, speaking to journalists in Berlin, referring to the new mutation of the covid-19.

In addition to prolonging the closure of restaurants, shops and schools until February 14, the authorities also agreed to require the population to use the FFP2 or KN95 masks, considered more effective, in public transport and in stores.

The authorities also intend to require employers to allow teleworking to employees, whenever possible, to avoid contagion in the workplace.

Saxony State Governor Michael Krretschmer, a region that until recently had the highest infection rates in the country, stressed that it is important to further reduce the number of new cases.

“Currently we see in Great Britain what happens when there is a mutation, the numbers explode”, he underlined, in statements to the news channel ‘ntv’.

Health professionals have demanded an extension or even a tightening of containment measures, since many hospitals are still on the edge, with overcrowded intensive care units in some parts of the country.

“Current measures to limit social contacts appear to be having an effect,” said Susanne Johna, head of the association of doctors Marburger Bund, in a statement to the DPA news agency.

Susanne Johna stressed that these measures must be maintained to further reduce the number of infections.

“We urgently need more relief,” he warned.

The covid-19 pandemic caused at least 2,041,289 deaths resulting from more than 95.4 million cases of infection worldwide, according to a report by the French agency AFP.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected in late December 2019 in Wuhan, a city in central China.