Vieira in the hot seat? “We must ask the leaders” – Fil Info – Europa League

“We are disappointed, for sure, we would have liked to win the match, it’s still a difficult match against a very good team, superior to us, we fought to the end unfortunately, we took this third goal, j ‘ve seen an acceptable state of mind tonight, it’s up to us to continue like this, traveling to Reims, said Patrick Vieira after Nice’s defeat against Leverkusen (2-3) and elimination in the Europa League. We have to be more aggressive, state of mind and concentration at this time. We are lacking in success, we will continue to fight and if we fight like this evening, we will reverse the trend. I am proud of the players who were on the field, they did the maximum, we tend to forget that they do not have a lot of experience at this level, I am convinced that they will be better in the future. . You have to work, on video, in the field. We have to accept these mistakes. If we don’t accept, that’s going to be a problem. ” And to evoke his personal case, whereas it is announced on the hot seat: “I am not asking for anything. You have to ask the managers the question to know if I am the coach to take the project where they want to take it. ”


Pirlo: “We are lucky to have Ronaldo” – Fil Info – Champions League

Author of his 10th goal in 8 matches in all competitions this season Wednesday against Dynamo Kiev (3-0), Cristiano Ronaldo author of the 750e His career goal was praised by Andrea Pirlo: “We can’t say anything about Ronaldo because every day he breaks new records. We are lucky to have him at Juve. “


Champions League: Winner in Manchester, PSG in an ideal position for the 8th – Fil Info – Champions League

Paris SG won on the lawn of Manchester United (3-1) on the occasion of the 5th day of the Champions League to position themselves at the top of their group along with the Red Devils and Leipzig (9 points ), winner in Istanbul earlier in the evening (4-3). The capital club, which suffered enormously in the second period before the expulsion of Fred (69e), signed a small heist at Old Trafford. Neymar opened the scoring in the 6e minute of play but Rashford logically equalized in the 32e. Marquinhos, while his team was in pain, gave his team the advantage in the 69e before a last Parisian goal signed Neymar, ideally served by Rafinha (90th + 1). PSG will host Basaksehir at Parc des Princes next week, while Leipzig will host Manchester United. A draw will suffice for Thomas Tuchel’s men to qualify for the round of 16.


Published the last message of Diego Maradona :: Football :: RBC Sport

The voice message sent by Maradona from the phone was addressed to the boyfriend of his ex-lover. The footballer asked to take care of his son

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Former striker and head coach of the Argentine national football team Diego Maradona, shortly before his death, sent a voice message to Mario Baudri, the boyfriend of the former lover of football player Veronica Ojeda. The message was voiced on the air of the Argentinean program Secretos Verdaderos, aired on the Argentinean America TV.

Maradona met with labor teacher Veronica Ojeda since 2005 – after his divorce from Claudia Villafania. In February 2013, their son Diego Fernando was born out of wedlock.

“Hi Mario, this is Diego. I know that this will seem incredible to you, but I see that Veronica is good with you. She told me about your relationship. Take care of her and my angel Diego Fernando, who is like no one else. Hug him! ” – said Maradona.

Diego Maradona died November 25 at the age of 60 due to heart failure. Argentine President Alberto Fernandez has declared three days of nationwide mourning.

The next day, a farewell ceremony was held at the presidential residence in Buenos Aires for the former footballer and coach of the Argentine national team. After her graduation, Maradona was buried in the Bella Vista private cemetery near Buenos Aires.

In 2000, the International Football Federation (FIFA) recognized Maradona along with Pele as the best players of the 20th century. The Argentinean took first place in the Internet voting, the Brazilian was chosen by FIFA officials.

During his football career, Maradona played for Argentine Argentinos Juniors, Boca Juniors and Newells Old Boys, Spanish Barcelona and Sevilla, as well as Italian Napoli. The striker has won the league and the Italian Cup, the Spanish Cup and the UEFA Cup.

Messi punished for a T-shirt in memory of Maradona

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Maradona played for the Argentina national team from 1977 to 1994. In 91 meetings for the national team, he scored 34 goals. In 1986, the forward became world champion, in 1990 he won the silver medal of the World Cup.


End of Bayern’s winning streak, held in check by Atlético – Fil Info – Champions League

Bayern Munich’s record-breaking series of fifteen Champions League victories ended with a 1-1 draw at Atlético Madrid, deprived of a qualification in 8th on Tuesday. The Madrilenians led the score for a long time thanks to a goal from the Portuguese Joao Felix (24th), but Thomas Müller, at the end of the match (84th), transformed a penalty which he himself caused on a collision with Felipe to bring back tied Bayern, several stars of which were at rest.


Champions League: the reform project that UEFA will study – Fil Info – Champions League

UEFA will study this week a reform project of the Champions League which would replace the traditional pools with a general classification of 32 or 36 teams, each playing 10 matches against 10 different opponents, said the British daily The Times on Tuesday. Called the “Swiss System”, this option would be favored by the European body in its desire to counter the secessionist European Superleague projects agitated by certain clubs, the newspaper understands.

This formula, which could see the light of day in 2024, would guarantee four more matches than the six disputed by the teams which finish fourth in their pools, currently. A draw, with a seed and hat system, would determine 5 home and 5 away matches against 10 different opponents and varying levels, whose points would result in a single ranking of all the teams entered.

The first half of the table at the end of the ten matches would qualify for a more classic round of 16, except that there would be no draw, but the 1st would meet the 16th, the 2nd against the 15th, and so on. Clubs classified between 17th and 24th places would be transferred to the Europa League.

This formula would also be quite well received by the powerful Association of European Clubs (ECA) and by the organization of the European Leagues, but UEFA will present this project formally over the next two weeks to European football officials. England’s David Gill, UEFA vice-president who spoke to The Times last week, stressed that the body was determined to ensure that the mode of qualification remains overwhelmingly linked to domestic competitions, even if the half finalists, or even quarter-finalists, could be qualified for the following season. For Lars-Christer Olsson, president of the organization of the European Leagues, interviewed by the Times, this formula would be “much more realistic” than the proposal of the big clubs in 2019 to go from 8 groups of 4 to 4 groups of 8 with 14 guaranteed matches instead of 6.


The tribute of Boca Juniors and Newell’s, the emotion of his daughter – Fil Info

Last night, Boca Juniors won a very special match against Newell’s Old Boys (2-0) in the Coupe de la Ligue (renamed Diego Armando Maradona Cup). The legendary Argentinian number 10 had played at Boca (1981-1982) but also at Newell’s (1993-1995). During the match, the locals wore the name Maradona on the back of their shirts, while their opponents wore the number 10 on the chest. Even the referee wore a t-shirt that read “Thank you Diego”.

The emotion of his daughter

The players gathered in front of an Argentina team jersey, flocked with the name of El Pibe de Oro, and reserved a standing ovation for Dalma Maradona, the daughter of the legend present in a lodge of the Bombonera, who couldn’t contain her tears.


“Women’s football is still considered sub-football”

The Women’s Football World Cup organized in France in the summer of 2019 aroused significant media and popular enthusiasm. But if the number of those made redundant within the FFF has multiplied by five in twenty years, they remain largely in the minority within the federation: in 2019, women represented less than 10% of those made redundant, according to the figures. most recent of the federation., author of History of women’s football in the XXe century and professor of PE in a college in Lyon, discusses the obstacles to real equality.

How to interpret the evolution of the number of licensees? Has the popular effervescence around the 2019 World Cup had an effect?

This increase in the number of female graduates comes after a long period of stagnation. In 1970, there were 2,000 players, in 1980, there must have been 18,000, then it stagnated for a long time during the 1980s: it is a very slow development. The increase in the number of female footballers is positive, but it remains low in view of the number of boys. And that doesn’t spoil the fact that women’s football is still considered sub-football: girls are always on the sidelines. As for the World Cup, it has not changed practices in terms of the number of spectators around the fields, while there were on average 20,000 spectators per match, and nearly 58,000 for the final. One would expect the average attendance for women’s matches to increase, but it is around 1,000 for D1 matches. The effect one could hope for is not really there, and the health situation does not help either.

How to explain the late interest of the FFF in football played by women?

When women’s football reappeared at the end of the 60s in the form of folkloric meetings within the framework of club parties, the federation was not really interested. She was slow to recognize women’s football in 1970, and did so rather under the pressure of reality, since there are teams that are starting to be created in France here and there, and the risk for the federation that women’s football will take hold. develops through an autonomous structure. She has remained deaf to the wishes of female soccer players, and is more concerned with controlling this practice than developing it. At the level of international federations it is the same, both UEFA and Fifa do not get more involved and take time to organize international competitions: in 1982 for UEFA, in 1991 for Fifa.

The president of the FFF, Noël Le Graët, made female practice a federal priority in 2011. Previously, she joined the major professional clubs in 2009, and in 2011 the World Cup was held in Germany: the The media began to take an interest in women’s football and allowed the general public to discover women’s football. The 2014 law for substantive equality between men and women then introduced the principle of parity in the governing bodies of sports federations: Brigitte Henriques, who is a former international player, was appointed secretary general and then became vice-president. There was really a desire to boost practice and build on popular momentum with, in 2014, the application to host the World Cup.

What are the obstacles to the development of women’s football today?

The major obstacle is at the societal level, on the representation of men and women. Women’s football remains sub-football, and feminization is overestimated: we generally talk about the D1 and the France team, but we never consider the feminization of football at all levels. It is done through men’s football, since it is his professional clubs that allow it to develop. And if we are to believe the subsidies that were granted to the D1 and D2 clubs for the 2020-2021 season, we gave even more money to those who already had it, that is to say the men’s clubs. Feminization is also sometimes used to restore the image of a club, and this is a big prospect in financial terms: there is half of the world’s population that we can interest.

Even in campaigns to promote women’s football, the image of women that is conveyed is not necessarily very progressive. If we think for example in 2009, of the four players of the France team who pose naked, with the message “Does it have to come to this for you to come and see us play?”, Or the choice of the model and woman of footballer Adriana Karambeu, ambassador of the communication campaign in 2010. There are plenty of players that she could use, and the federation is going to look for a “woman of” … We can also think of the football jersey of the 2019 World Cup women’s team with the golden rose rooster. It is quite significant of the representation that the federation can have of women!

Nathan Binet


Maradona, free in his head

Tribune. And suddenly, on November 25, 2020, precisely four years after the death of Fidel (whom he venerated) and even as the day for the elimination of violence against women (which he was beating) was being celebrated, the Argentina and the world began to cry for Diego. “The Golden boy”, the greatest genius in the history of football, the hubris made man.

Diego is a proletarian dream who, thanks to his touch of the ball and the power of his support, has managed to extricate himself from the miserable slum of Villa Fiorito, in the southern suburbs of Buenos Aires where he had grown up, to become a planetary star and millionaire.

Diego is a lucky guy who was not selected in the national selection for the 1978 World Cup, that of shame that was certainly won by Argentina on his land, but at the end of which it would have been necessary to assume the victory bought against Peru and shake hands with butcher Videla.

Diego is more courageous than Pelé who never dared to leave Brazil. He became a star when he left Argentinos Juniors, the club of his professional beginnings, to sign for Barcelona in 1982. Every Rambla nightclub still remembers the day when Andoni Goikoetxea of ​​Atletico Bilbao broke his ankle.

Diego has a hollow nose when he signs in Naples in 1984, the only city in the world that has even fewer limits than him. Two championships and an Italian Cup, a UEFA Cup, a lot of cocaine, very dangerous links with the Camorra and endless debts to the peninsular tax authorities.

Diego is at the top of his game when he wields the only real World Cup won by Argentina, in 1986, after eliminating England alone in the quarter-finals. The hand of God and the goal of the century as nationalist revenge after the Falklands War. “Cosmic kite, what planet did you come from to leave so many English behind?” (“Cosmic kite, what planet did you come from to leave so many English people behind?”)

Diego was bad when he lost the final of a new World Cup in 1990. But he at least demonstrated that the Italian nation did not exist by being acclaimed by the Neapolitan public during the semi-final between Argentina and Italy.

Diego is the shadow of himself in the United States in 1994. From outside the box, he plants a perfect window against Greece. But he gets caught by the patrol for stuffing himself with ephedrine and leaves the international arena through the back door.

Diego goes to great lengths, for his last professional seasons at Newell’s Old Boys and Boca Juniors, training with the flawless Ben Johnson. During his last lap of honor at La Bombonera, it is said that the lawn was flooded with her tears and those of the hinchas.

Diego drinks too much, smokes too much, snorts too much. When he was close to death in 2004, he had to resort to socialist and Cuban medicine. “I feel Cuban” (“I feel Cuban”), he says gratefully, fourteen years later, arriving in Havana for Fidel’s funeral.

Diego has a heart that leans to the left in the 2000s and supports Chávez, Lula and the Palestinian cause by regularly showing off a tattoo of Che on his right bicep. The perennial consciousness that it will always be a descamisado.

Diego insults the international press when he leads the Argentine selection and gets fired without ever having obtained results. And, even worse, after a 4-0 humiliation against Germany during the 2010 World Cup.

Diego travels a lot in his new coaching career, from Belarus to Mexico via the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, but never losing sight of Argentina which he supports during the 2018 World Cup by pointing fingers. anger – and perhaps a little racist – honor to his Nigerian opponents.

Dead before it is really too late, Diego remains alive in Naples where the San Paolo stadium was renamed the Diego Armando Maradona stadium on the very day of his death. Diego remains alive in the interrupted line of his supporters at the Casa Rosada, on the first of three days of national mourning decreed by the president, Alberto Fernández. Like Carlos Gardel who was accompanied by a huge crowd from the port of La Boca to the cemetery of La Chacarita in 1936, a few months after his death in a plane crash in Colombia. Like Evita that an endless procession accompanied until her last rest in Recoleta in 1952. This is the definitive proof of the existence of D10S.

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Olivier Compagnon professor of contemporary history at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University (Institute of Latin American Studies)


Before Manchester, PSG redo the blow of the breakdown against Bordeaux – Ligue 1

As in Monaco, Paris inexplicably sank in the second half on Saturday, against the Girondins.

At the Parc des Princes

“I still defend my team but today I can’t.” Saturday, it is not towards journalists or “experts” that Thomas Tuchel directed his anger. But in the direction of his players. It must be said that “his” PSG did not shine against the Girondins. In summary, the Rouge et Bleu woke up after a goal against his camp by young (18) Timothée Pembélé (10th) – who was playing his first pro game – and took full control, even turning the score in the lead in the space of two minutes thanks to a penalty from Neymar (27th) and a goal signed by Moise Kean (28th). Their clumsiness – especially that of Kylian Mbappé – and the talent of Benoît Costil prevented them from adding to the bill before half-time. And after the break, a black hole. As in Monaco last week (3-2 defeat), Paris released the pressure. “Attitude, effort, discipline … We lacked everything”, plague Tuchel, who believes that this second period against Bordeaux being “even worse” than that of Louis II. Even if, this time, PSG got away with a draw (2-2), once again conceding a goal from one of its former players, Yacine Adli (60th).

The half empty glass

Among the good news of the evening, there is the good first of Pembélé (despite this CSC) and the return of Marco Verratti, holder for the first time since October 2. The game was also more consistent than against Leipzig (1-0 victory), with a more playful and technical environment. Last but not least, no more injuries to deplore. But that’s not enough to see the glass half full … Especially not before going to Old Trafford for a life-to-death match against Manchester United next Wednesday in the Champions League. “We played a shy match,” says Neymar, on Canal+. We managed to score goals, but we missed some details. We must improve that, otherwise, it will be complicated in Ligue 1 but also in the Champions League. We need to play more as a team and be better organized. Otherwise, it will be very difficult… ”

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Thomas Tuchel was running out of excuses. “I have no explanation, he breathes, in a press conference. We can’t play like in the second half. We had enough time to recover before this match, and we will also have some before Manchester. ” And to add: “I am very disappointed. I don’t want to accept our second half. It was as if we had 11 individualists … We lacked everything in the second half. You can’t play a match like that in Ligue 1. It’s not serious enough. The game requires that we give everything, the spectators, the coach too. It is deserved that we do not win and it is in fact good. I thought that was enough, once, against Monaco. I was wrong … I have the feeling that we lost this match because the second period, I can not accept it. ” Led by a good Hatem Ben Arfa, the Bordelais could very well have left the Parc des Princes with three points and put an end to a series of now eleven games without a win against PSG. They shot 18 times on goal (14 in the second half) and Sergio Rico is to be credited with three saves in this meeting.

Since Opta analyzes the competition, it is also the first time that the capital club have suffered 16 or more strikes in three consecutive matches in Paris in the league. And this because the PSG presented “11 individualists” on the meadow, dixit Tuchel, a team cut in two with the loss of the ball. This was especially true in the second half. “I ask and the love of the game asks that we give everything, insists” Herr Tuchel “. If there are circumstances that make it not possible, I will defend the team, but not today. It is our responsibility. ”

“If we play like that in Manchester, we will not succeed”

Thomas Tuchel

One thing is certain: it is hardly reassuring before Manchester. “We know the importance of this match, explains“ Ney ”. Like the previous one against Leipzig, it will be a decisive game. We didn’t play well against Leipzig, but we won. Wednesday, we will try to have our best game, to play well. ” And this will notably involve the defensive efforts of everyone, including the trio or quartet of the attack, depending on the plans of coach Tuchel. Although, given the physical state of certain elements, Neymar and Verratti in the lead, we can bet that the German technician will opt for a 4-3-3 in the north of England, the 4-4-2 being too demanding for Parisian organizations currently. Perhaps an evolving 4-3-3, with the sentinel coming down between the two central defenders on the offensive phases, as Leo Paredes did on Saturday. “If we play in Manchester as in the second half (against Bordeaux), we will not succeed”, summarized Tuchel, on Canal+.

Tuchel and the Parisians will also need to have all their executives on the bridge, including Marquinhos and Keylor Navas, spared against the Girondins, like Layvin Kurzawa. “They must play,” said the Bavarian of the first two nominated. How? ‘Or’ What ? I don’t know … But we will see with the physiotherapists, the doctors … We must absolutely have both, if possible all three. ” In any case, the Reds and Blues should not keep any under the sole: except in the event of Istanbul Basaksehir’s feat against Leipzig, a defeat at Old Trafford would be disastrous for the 8th.