The Government evaluates new credits at zero rate for blank workers

In the midst of the cabinet crisis opened by the electoral setback suffered by the ruling party three days ago, the Government continues to work indoors on a battery of measures whose objective seeks relieve pockets and revive consumption before the November elections. In an accelerated attempt to cheer up the one who did not […]

This is behind the new corona regulations

The Bundestag has passed several changes to the Infection Protection Act. But what do the new corona rules mean for individuals? An overview. New measured values ​​for measures, rules for questions about vaccination on the part of employers and a basis for the 3G rule: On Tuesday, the Bundestag again adjusted the Infection Protection Act. […]

La Jornada – Labor Limbo causes physical and mental damage

Mexico City. With the implementation of the reform that prohibits subcontracting, some companies lack clarity about whether or not they will be able to keep their workforce. Against this background, around 2 million workers are in uncertainty due to their job stability, which causes effects on their physical and mental health, experts said. According to […]

Less work, more free time: Iceland’s four-day week is a “complete success”

Wednesday 07 July 2021 Work less, more free time Iceland’s four day week is a “complete success” Iceland has completed the world’s largest experiment to reduce working hours with full pay with a positive result. Scientists speak euphorically of a blueprint for the whole world. For the majority of the Icelandic workforce, the 42-hour workweek […]

Renault will incorporate 500 employees at the Córdoba plant – Informed, upon return

Authorities from the Government of Córdoba and Renault executives signed a cooperation agreement to work jointly with SMATA for the recruitment and incorporation of 500 workers at the Santa Isabel plant. In this way, the Province will grant a stimulus allocation of three thousand pesos in terms of training to the workers that the automotive […]

“Garbarino must pay the workers and not have them in this uncertainty”

The Secretary General of the Trade Employees Association, Miguel Aolita, said that “Garbarino must pay the salary to the workers and not keep them in the current uncertainty” and that together with other federations in the country they decided to maintain a measure of retention of tasks that are It’s been going on for a […]

Why US Workers Leave Their Jobs at a Record Rate

Getty Images In the United States, nearly four million workers quit in April. While millions of workers around the world are clinging as hard as they can to jobs that have allowed them better than good to weather the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, in the United States the numbers of voluntary resignations […]

For Pope Francis, private property is “a …

Pope Francis took advantage of the invitation to speak at the opening of the ninety-ninth International Labor Conference to reiterate the main issues of his social teaching, demand changes in the world of work, warn about unemployment and poverty, and vindicate the role of trade unionism and popular movements, affirming that “a thorough reform of […]