LinkedIn, new job search features – Software and App

LinkedIn announced the launch of new features to help job seekers, freelancers and SMBs connect with companies and showcase their skills. There are three main new features: cover story, content creator mode, services page. The stories are based on the making of videos, which summarize the professional story in a more engaging way.

“Those looking for a new job can share their career goals and showcase skills to recruiters and hiring managers. Freelancers can attract new clients with information about the services their business offers,” LinkedIn explains. According to recent research by the professional social network, 75% of HR managers believe that a standard resume is not enough to assess a candidate’s soft skills, and nearly 80% think that video has become an important tool when it comes to to evaluate candidates.

With the ‘Content Creator Mode’, users have the opportunity to add the “Follow” button to their profile, so as to better target their work, even with the help of hashtags in line with their interests. Freelancers and small business owners will be able to create a services page directly from their profile, listing the services they offer, to attract new potential customers. “Listing the services offers LinkedIn members greater visibility within the global community, which has approximately 740 million members, of which 15 million in Italy” underlines the local team.

In the coming months, LinkedIn will add more ways to manage services and customer interactions from the service pages, and soon it will be possible to see the introduction of ratings and reviews directly on the service pages.