Europe in danger, according to Poland’s Prime Minister

Polen justified the isolation of its border with Belarus with the “defense of Europe”. Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki warned in an English-language YouTube video on Sunday: “Europe, our common house, is in danger.” The “dictators” in Belarus and Russia wanted to destabilize Europe via an artificially triggered migration crisis and high natural gas prices […]

Situation in the Black Sea region: Putin: No interest in escalation

Monday 15th November 2021 Location in Black Sea region Putin: No interest in escalation The US and EU are watching Russia’s troop movements on the border with eastern Ukraine with concern. Russian President Putin is peaceful in an interview. Despite NATO exercises in the Black Sea, they do not want to let the situation escalate. […]

“Lukashenko is afraid for his life”

How can the refugee crisis on the border between Belarus and the EU be resolved? Jakob Wöllenstein from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation sees the first progress – but the Belarusian regime seems unpredictable. From the perspective of the European Union, these are the first successes in the conflict with Belarus: In order to reduce the […]

This is how the new war goes

Good morning, dear reader, if you look to the east, you might think your glasses are broken. Instead of sharp contours, we see a strange one there Double image: a tiny man who thinks he’s a big man, while most of the people in his country would like to blow him to hell. A dictator […]

Gas crisis: Gazprom wants to ramp up deliveries

Dhe gas customers in Europe can hope for additional energy supplies from Russia from this week after months of the energy crisis. It has been almost two weeks since Russian President Vladimir Putin, under pressure from rising prices and poorly filled storage facilities, instructed the state gas giant Gazprom to replenish the reserves in Germany […]

Republic of Moldova declares a state of emergency due to lack of gas

foreign countries power supply “Critical situation” – Republic of Moldova declares a state of emergency due to lack of gas Stand: 23.10.2021| Reading time: 2 minutes Moldova’s Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita has proposed a state of emergency in parliament What: pa / AA / Stringer The Republic of Moldova, which borders Romania, threatens to run […]

When Nord Stream 2 is released: Putin promises swift gas deliveries

Thursday October 21, 2021 When Nord Stream 2 is released Putin promises swift gas deliveries The Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been completed. Russian gas does not yet flow through the pipes to Germany. Kremlin boss Putin promises a quick start-up – as soon as the Federal Network Agency gives the green light. In the […]

Afghanistan conference in Moscow: Taliban ask for money for reconstruction

Thursday October 21, 2021 Afghanistan conference in Moscow Taliban ask for money for reconstruction Much of Afghanistan’s money reserves are frozen and the country is heading for an economic and humanitarian catastrophe. Russia fears for the security of the neighboring ex-Soviet republics and invites you to an international conference. The participating Taliban are cooperative. Participants […]

China is driving up prices

Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder made a statement on gas prices. He assesses the situation in Germany globally and sees strong connections to China. Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder sees the main cause of the sharp rise in gas prices in the growing demand from China. The current situation makes it clear that gas trading is becoming […]