Be careful when buying these used American cars

This year, 2021, the car market witnessed the launch of many American-made cars in the international used market, experts advised to avoid buying them in this case due to the multiplicity of its problems. So here is a list of the worst American cars to buy used and the reasons to avoid them, according to […]

Witness: Shaila sat in a fit of crying due to the removal of the filler

The Bahraini actress, Shaila Sabt, went into a crying fit while she was in the plastic surgeon’s clinic, due to the dissolving of the filler from her face. It seems that the Gulf artist is recently keen to increase her “aesthetic” activity, as she recently appeared in a video clip, complaining about her tired hair, […]

Watch: Amr Adib’s lawyer raises controversy and attacks Mohamed Ramadan

The Sheikh Zayed Misdemeanor Court issued a decision to refer the appeal submitted by the media, Amr Adib, against a fine of 10,000 pounds, on charges of insulting and defaming the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, to experts, to examine the CD containing evidence of Amr Adib’s description of Ramadan with the phrase “You are not my […]

After Asala’s marriage, see what Tariq Al-Arian did to his ex-wife

Director Tariq Al-Arian canceled his follow-up to his ex-wife, Syrian artist Asala Nasri, on social media, coinciding with the announcement of her marriage to the Iraqi poet Faiq Hassan, without commenting on the matter. On the other hand, model Nicole Saafan, whose affair with Al-Arian is always reported, was keen to congratulate him on his […]

Dora reveals exciting details about the late Dalal Abdel Aziz

Tunisian artist Dora revealed that the house of the late artist Dalal Abdel Aziz was open to everyone, and she was a symbol of generosity and stubbornness. Dora said: “The house of Samir Ghanem and Dalal Abdel Aziz was full of generosity and welcome, and inside it she felt that she was in the house […]

Watch: Leaked photos from Nelly Karim and Hisham Ashour’s wedding

The pioneers of social networking sites transmitted a set of photos from the wedding of the artist Nelly Karim, which took place several days ago, and the photos showed the presence of a large group of art stars, including Laila Elwi, the journalist Khaled Salah and businessman Naguib Sawiris. A large group of art stars, […]

Witness: Ahmed El-Fishawy raises controversy by reviewing his strenuous exercises

Controversial Egyptian artist Ahmed El-Fishawy shared with his fans a photo on his account via the Instagram photo-sharing application, a set of new photos, while he is doing strenuous exercises to raise his fitness. The pictures won the admiration of his followers and they interacted with them with their various comments, most of which praised […]

New developments in the case of Ahmed Ezz and Zina.. with exciting details

The Nasr City Court in Egypt revealed its decision to reject the request of the artist Ahmed Ezz to transfer his two sons, Ezz El-Din and Zain El-Din, from one school to another. The artist’s lawyer, Ahmed Ezz, had asked the Court of Temporary Matters in Nasr City, to transfer his two sons from the […]