40% of cell phones may be being spied on: how to protect yourself

The company Check Point found a vulnerability in the MediaTek processors which enables spy on a device with a simple malicious app. A vulnerability is an open door in the security of the processor that allows, through a virus,access certain parts that should not be available. Apparently the fault is in the DSP, the person […]

WhatsApp alert: the application changed the method to send photos, and thousands of cell phones are at risk | Chronicle

WhatsApp implemented a new way of sending and receiving photos in the instant messaging app, by which lUsers will be able to choose the quality of the images and, thus, WhatsApp-the-trick-to-clean-and-free-space-of-the-memory-of-cell-phone – 20210417-0049.html “target =” _ blank “> prevent the storage memory of the cell phone fills up in a short time and the smartphone […]

WhatsApp: tricks to hide the “online” and the “typing” | Chronicle

WhatsApp It is the most used messaging application in the world and it is almost impossible not to use it at least once a day to communicate with someone. However, more and more people show WhatsApp-comes-a-new-function-to-maximize-the-privacy-of-your-account-20210718-0017.html “target =” _ blank “> concern for your privacy, for what they go to platforms like Telegram. For example, […]

WhatsApp: how to make your contacts not see you “online” or “writing”

WhatsApp is the app with the most active users in the world, so for many, privacy options are essential. One of the most importants? Hide status so that contacts do not see that you are connected, “online”, or prevent them from knowing that We are writing”. In your settings panel WhatsApp It has several multiple […]

New WhatsApp feature: how the new “reactions” work

The popular instant messaging application WhatsApp continues to provide updates to its millions of users. The portal specialized in application news, WABetaInfo, noted that users will be able to start using reactions in your messages. It is a function very similar to what other messaging platforms already have of Facebook (also owner of WhatsApp). From […]

WhatsApp notifications when a person has connected

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 22.11.2021 09:12:47 WhatsApp has a desktop and laptop version called WhatsApp Web, with which accounts can be linked to browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, among others. In addition to this, it can throw notifications when a contact has connected, just like the famous one did. Windows […]