He is silent on the Kogler attack – briefly now submerged – politics

The ÖVP is foaming. In interviews, Kogler described the events that led to Kurz’s resignation. “Deliberately twisted”, so the turquoise. “It is important to clarify some things if they are not presented correctly, as was the case by Werner Kogler at the party congress of the Vienna Greens.” ÖVP General Secretary Axel Melchior does not […]

Sebastian Kurz is threatened with being voted out of office as Chancellor in Austria

IIn Austria, Sebastian Kurz is once again facing being voted out of office as head of government. According to statements by leading Green politicians, the “turquoise-green” coalition led by Kurz’s Christian Democratic ÖVP only has a future without him as Federal Chancellor. In view of the advertising affair, the Greens no longer see the Chancellor’s […]