Sakhalin children have been vaccinated against influenza. Sakhalin.Info

19:09 15 September 2021 Healthcare, Sakhalin Region To immunize children, Sakhalin Oblast received 29,500 doses of influenza vaccine. Supplies to the regions are carried out by the Russian Ministry of Health. For the vaccination of children, proven drugs are used, the composition of which complies with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Free vaccination […]

First 29 degrees, then a heat thunderstorm approaching – weather

Today, Tuesday, it will remain warm in summer in large parts of Austria, but occasional warmth thunderstorms can also be expected. At the beginning of the week, the Alpine region is under the influence of a weakly pronounced high pressure area called ISGARD. With a south-westerly current, warm and humid air masses reach Austria and […]

Heavy rain alarm – deep Roland comes with RUMMS! – News

It stays warm. It remains summery. But it can get uncomfortably wet. Deep Roland comes with storms. And with a bang! On Tuesday showers and thunderstorms are coming from the west. There can also be thunderstorms due to heavy rain. “The wet Roland thundered us. In some places there is flooding. However, these are very […]

“DEP”: “El Cuate” Aguilar, biker and Chihuahuan athlete fired

After the death of the Chihuahua was announced last night Ricardo “El Cuate” Aguilar, This morning family, friends, members of the Biker Community in Chihuahua as well as the mixed struggles (MMA), regretted his departure and fired him on social networks. According to the information, since last August his family members asked for prayers and […]

There is a threat of torrential rain and thunderstorms here today

The weather on the first days of September already looked really autumnal. Then that week a touch of summer returned. But that doesn’t just bring warmth – storms are now threatening parts of the country. In many regions of Germany, late summer is showing its most beautiful side. Weather maps show that the high pressure […]

Joe Biden calls climate change threat “red alert”

Updated on September 8th, 2021, 9:03 am US President Joe Biden visited the disaster area in the northeastern United States. He chose drastic words in relation to climate change. Biden also announced that he would like to take part in the UN world climate conference. You can find out more about US politics here After […]

Hurricane “Ida” devastated New York’s oldest building – World –

5.09.2021 23:36 (Akt. 5.09.2021 23:36) The foothills of Hurricane “Ida” also severely damaged the oldest building in the metropolis of New York. The US media reported on Sunday. The so-called Wyckoff House, now a museum and a popular tourist attraction before the corona pandemic, was more than a meter under water, as recorded by the […]