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IMSS resumes preventive medicine services for women

Reminds the population that strict safety and hygiene protocols are being followed.

Information about Leticia Ruano

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), resumed its preventive medicine services for the female population, which were deferred due to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as breast examination, pap smear test and, where appropriate, mammography .

The head of Nursing of the Family Medicine Unit # 80, Alejandra Romero Anguiano, reminded the women to go with their health card to the unit that corresponds to them and request any of the reviews.

He announced that, on May 12, a special day will be held for these detections, any rightholder can come, it does not matter that unit 80 is not assigned, the women will be attended to detect any health problem.

Alejandra Romero pointed out that, to expedite this care and minimize waiting time, an exclusive office was set up that will be open from 8:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon.

The IMSS reminds the population that strict safety and hygiene protocols are being followed to safeguard the health of patients and medical personnel.

Among the relevant actions of the strategy are the holding of vasectomy and salpingoclasia workshops in the medical units in the family planning modules located in the Family Medicine Unit # 75 on Av. Camelinas de Morelia and in Unit # 20 in the municipality of Pátzcuaro.

Finally, he placed special emphasis on exhorting the beneficiaries to return to their Family Medicine Units, since with the services that are provided again, they work to advance the issue of prevention.


Salvadoran bond prices fall after Bukele’s announcement to legalize Bitcoin as a currency

The bonds have fallen between 1.15% and 2.7% after the speculation caused by Bukele about the national economy.

Investors at the international level reacted distrustful to Nayib Bukele’s statements this weekend when he assured that he will ask the Assembly to approve Bitcoin as legal tender.

On Monday, the price of bonds 2035 and 2050 fell again with reductions of between 1.15% and 2.7%.

The new fall precedes others that have occurred after relevant events such as the 9F of 2020, when Bukele militarized the Legislative Assembly or on May 1 of this year, when the Legislative Assembly dismissed magistrates from the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Attorney General.

YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: Bukele’s announcement to legalize Bitcoin makes it difficult to negotiate with the IMF, says a financial analysis company

This time, the announcement that the country will legalize Bitcoin has alerted investors who consider this decision as “impulsive announcements that contradict its economic plan,” according to Siobhan Morden, head of fixed income strategy for Latin America at Amherst. Pierpoint Securities.

This financial analysis company warned that President Nayib Bukele’s announcement about adopting Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador will only complicate negotiations to secure a $ 1.3 billion agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“President Bukele’s recent tweets to fully adopt Bitcoin as legal tender will likely further complicate and delay the IMF’s technical discussions,” Morden said.

The analyst added that “this may reflect a long-term initiative or maybe even a flashy public relations tactic; however, it shows lack of coordination with impulsive announcements that contradict a cohesive economic plan ”.

After the announcement, the finance company has already made new estimates with a higher risk premium of up to 75 basis points for El Salvador over comparable Costa Rican bonds “in the best of cases, with a higher risk of volatility in tensions autocratic, which can undermine the support of the United States to the program of the IMF ”, indicated the company.

The Reuters note also explains that the JPMorgan Global Index (EMBI) showed that the premium demanded by investors to hold El Salvador’s hard currency bonds over US Treasuries widened considerably by 11 basis points to 593bp.

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Risky investment

In El Salvador, local economists also fear that this “boost” by Bukele was made without a technical consultation on the implications it generates, since it not only generates uncertainty, but also complications for the collection of the treasury and due to the lack of regulation it could generate a path for money laundering.

The economist and former president of the Central Reserve Bank, Oscar Cabrera, said that “wanting to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender only generates uncertainty, since it is not clear whether it will be supported by the Central Bank of El Salvador and even more so, when the The country is negotiating a program with the International Monetary Fund. In addition, these cryptocurrencies, which are more than one hundred, have many risks and many of a fraudulent nature. They are also very volatile, risky, there is no financial regulator or prosecutor that is aware of this type of cryptocurrency ”. assured.

Cabrera also stated that we must be aware of the price of Bitcoin, which has fallen more than 30%, before the announcement of the Chinese government to prohibit its use.

The economist also explained that it cannot be ignored that Bukele has made this announcement in the midst of a country debt of 96% of the Gross Domestic Product and that what securities require are public policy actions with certainty in the medium term.

The former president of the BCR recalled that in 2017, under his administration, they worked on an analysis, anticipating that any erratic decision would be made wanting to use virtual assets such as cryptocurrencies.

“At that time, in the case of Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador, we shared the point of view of the risk to society of the use of cryptocurrencies and especially the fact of the use that could be made to evade taxes. and with these cryptocurrencies there is no supervisory capacity and if those cryptocurrencies are stolen from you there is no one who can replace it, ”explained the former president of the BCR.

For his part, the also economist Luis Membreño said that it is a currency that is very risky because it does not maintain its value over time and also does not have financial regulation.

“Thinking that with bitcoin you will carry out daily transactions becomes very risky because it does not maintain value over time: today you can deposit $ 100 and tomorrow, as it may be $ 120, it may be $ 80,” Membreño exemplified.

The economist added that it seems contradictory that this government promotes it because “bitcoin is not controlled by governments, and it also allows many transactions to be carried out outside the control and supervision of a financial system that evaluates who is outside the law. This seems more aimed at people who want to launder money, because it is not a currency that has control; other electronic wallets that already work in the country do have control mechanisms of who deposits, what amounts are deposited, “he explained.

YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: Bukele will ask the Legislative Assembly to approve bitcoin as legal tender

“Cluster of improvisations”

Cabrera regretted that this announcement by the president was not accompanied by information that gives certainty.

“This looks more like an accumulation of improvisations, as it has been since June 2019; It is worrying because we do not have an economic plan, to know if the issuance of this virtual currency is already part of it and especially when we see that all the Central Banks in the world have expressed their opinion on the non-acceptance of these cryptocurrencies, ”said Cabrera.

The former president of the BCR explained that Articles 36 and 37 of the Organic Law of the Central Reserve Bank “make it clear that the colón and the dollar are the only currencies of legal tender and with unlimited power to pay obligations in money in the territory and that Article 184 of the Banking Law prohibits the raising of funds from the public, with or without advertising, under this modality and that the BCR as a regulatory entity of the financial system does not have any regulations that monitor the use of cryptocurrency ”.

With all this panorama, Cabrera said that the consequences could be very serious for El Salvador, not only complicating the negotiations with the IMF.

“Only with the announcement the spread has risen, but in short, these types of decisions that generate certainty are not taken by the financial markets in a positive way,” concluded the former president of the BCR.

For his part, the researcher from the Macroeconomics and Development area of ​​Funde, Rommel Rodríguez, pointed out that it is important that both the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy explain to the population the positive or negative effects of the country adopting Bitcoin as legal tender.

El Diario de Hoy tried to find out the position of the Salvadoran Banking Association (Abansa) on the proposal, however the union has not yet given a position on the announcement.

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ONLINE RESULTS of the JUDO World Championship, w / c 73kg men and 57kg women, Budapest 2021, updated live.

Yesterday, 11:55

On Tuesday June 8, in Budapest, under the vaults of the “László Papp Budapest Sports Arena”, the fights of the pre-Olympic World Judo Championships among men and women will continue.
On the third day of competition, women in the weight category up to 57kg, a total of 39 participants and men in the weight category up to 73kg, a total of 62 participants will fight for the awards of the World Championship in Hungary.

A total of 102 judokas will compete today for the awards at the World Judo Championships in Budapest.

Only 7 weeks remain until the opening ceremony of the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. And on the eve of this grandiose event, the World Judo Championship will take place, where all the strongest judokas will be able to test their strength before the main start of the last 5 years. On the other hand, the World Judo Championships Hungary 2021 is a chance for young athletes to win the title of World Champion, since many of the first numbers of their national teams miss the 2021 World Cup in order not to lose focus solely on the Tokyo Olympics. Well, let’s get acquainted with those who will delight us with their fights on the tatami of Laszlo Pap Arena, today on Tuesday, June 8th.

57kg, WOMEN.

Among the contenders for the awards of the World Cup in Budapest on Tuesday will perform: Eteri Lipartelianai will defend the honor Georgian judo schools. Have Russian national team Anastasia Konkina will fight for the 2021 World Cup awards. Kazakhstan will be presented by: Sevara Nishanbaeva. For the national team Of Uzbekistan Suhurjon Aminova will fight. National team of Ukraine in the third female weight again is not represented by anyone. Also in the clip is the current World Champion Christa Deguchi from Canada. And the bronze medalist of the last championship of the Planet – polka – Yulia Kovalchik. Link to online results:

73kg, MEN.

For men in weight up to 73kg, the participants have weighed so far – 62 participants, this is the largest number of athletes from the categories who have already entered the tatami of the World Championships in Budapest. Among them representative of Ukraine: Oleksandr Koshlyak… The national team Of Russia in this weight there are 2 representatives – Makhmadbek Makhmadbekov, Yartsev Denis – bronze medalist of the 2019 World Cup. Per Kazakhstan will fight: Zhansai Smagulov and Angsarbek Gainullin. Per Uzbekistan Hikmatillokh Turaev will perform. I will endure Victor and Petru Pelivan – will present Moldova. Team Belarus will present – Shoka Vadim. Also Osanov Nurlan and Khidayat Heydarov – bronze medalist of the 2019 World Cup, will play for Azerbaijan. Team Georgia will be represented by: Nugzari Tatalashvili and Lasha Shavdatuashvili. Link to online results:

Stay tuned for updates and cheer for your favorites, enjoy your viewing!

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VIDEO: OAS denounces that the Bukele government tried to use the CICIES against the opposition and cover up its own corruption

In an official statement, the inter-American body denounces “the recurrent attitude of the Government of trying to induce the CICIES to investigate actions of exclusively opposition politicians.”

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) revealed that the government of Nayib Bukele tried to use the Corruption Investigating Commission (CICIES) to persecute the political opposition and detailed a series of maneuvers to save current officials indicated by corruption cases.

In an official statement, the inter-American body denounces “the recurrent attitude of the Government of trying to induce the CICIES to investigate actions of exclusively opposition politicians.”

This is how President Bukele responded to Illustrative and non-commercial journalists / Video https://youtu.be/JOFPdcvolk4

In this sense, it considers that “it is absolutely inappropriate and contrary to the commitment that the General Secretariat assumed that the CICIES would never be an instrument of political persecution by the government” of Bukele.

SEE: The OAS denies that there is a contract with Muyshondt and regrets the closure of CICIES in El Salvador

Among the movements of the Salvadoran regime, the statement indicates the “amnesty” approved by the official New Ideas party and its allies, on May 5, when it only reached the Assembly, to “benefit people who may have participated in acts corruption due to the immunity established in Article 4 of said law ”.

In November, the prosecutor Raúl Melara, unconstitutionally dismissed by the pro-government deputies on May 1, reported that he was investigating 12 cases of alleged corruption due to contracts and irregular purchases made by the Bukele government in the health emergency.

But said regulation leaves in impunity any case of corruption that officials have committed in the pandemic and evades the purchasing processes established in the Procurement and Contracting Law (Lacap).

“The CICIES could not continue working in a framework of eventual impunity,” emphasizes the General Secretariat.
He also mentioned “the decision of the Government of Bukele not to publish the First Descriptive Report on the Quality, Effectiveness and Legitimacy of the use of Public Funds in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In said report a series of irregularities of criminal appearance that it is necessary to investigate ”is verified”.

The OAS communiqué mentions a suffocation of the CICIES by the Attorney General’s Office, led by the tax tax, Rodolfo Delgado, which has completely “cut off” the Commission’s possibilities of investigation.

Delgado broke the cooperation agreement between the Prosecutor’s Office and the OAS for the investigation of corruption and this morning affirmed that “there is no going back” in the decision.

“At the end of the day, it is a decision that will be executed in the next 30 days, by July 4,” Delgado said. And he added: “We are willing to maintain that decision because I question the constitutionality of some functions within the agreement signed with the FGR and with the protocol that was derived from that agreement, which was the accompaniment of the criminal exercise, which I do not think.”

For its part, the OAS General Secretariat explained that it had differences with the Bukele government that “were known to Donors and the Government of El Salvador itself, who had been told that they made it impossible to continue the work of the Commission”.

Also read: ICEFI proposes that CICIES publish the 12 cases of alleged corruption linked to the government

On the other hand, the Central American Institute for Fiscal Studies (ICEFI) proposed on Saturday that the 12 cases of alleged corruption linked to five government institutions reported by the International Commission against Impunity in El Salvador (CICIES) be made public.

The proposal was made by Ricardo Castaneda Ancheta, ICEFI Senior Economist for El Salvador and Honduras, after the announcement by Prosecutor Delgado that the agreement established by the Public Ministry with CICIES, created on September 6, 2019 under an agreement between the Government of El Salvador and the OAS.

On this, Delgado said that he had not spoken because “I have a duty of reserve regarding the investigations.” He admitted that he is aware of the existence of these files. “There are certain warnings, but there are other control mechanisms that are also being implemented,” he added.

For his part, Bukele defended the breaking of the agreement on Friday, without further details and neglecting to answer the journalists’ questions if something has to do with the 12 cases that the prosecutor, Raúl Melara, sent to the CICIES to investigate possible acts of corruption committed by health officials and other ministries in purchases made during the pandemic. “We made the mistake of trusting the OAS,” he said.



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