Larry King: National Shrine with Suspenders – Media

Yes, it really was – the large-sized shirt, the even bigger suspenders, the angular granny glasses: Larry King, as he is and alive, was that, but was he at all viable outside of television? On the train between New York and Boston he stood in the corridor like an apparition among the business travelers, dismissive and shy at the same time, released in some magical way from the box that would catch him again in the evening so that he could meet with a quarterback or a famous actress could hold public dialogue.

For 25 years, from 1985 to 2010, he appeared every evening on CNN, owlishly unsexy, emotionless and yet obsessed with the ambition to see everyone, really everyone, to himself Larry King Live pick up. Allegedly in his life he has conducted more than fifty thousand interviews with high and low, with all the stars from Mick Jagger to Lady Gaga, with all US presidents since Richard Nixon. Yasser Arafat, Nelson Mandela or Mahmud Ahmadinejad could be admired like strange animals; Vladimir Putin even came twice.

Hardly had he married the third time, Donald Trump and his wife Melania appeared at his friend King’s to let the good news spread out into the wider world. Trump was allowed to test his baroque art of exaggeration in 1990. Everything was fine in his loss-making Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, Trump lied cheekily, and the slot machines even ran hot from the rush. “Some machines literally burned. The world has never seen anything like that.”

Oprah Winfrey’s male equivalent

On another occasion he praised King: “Probably no one has done as much live television as you,” which for once was not a lie. The broadcaster CNN was otherwise striving to be extremely sobre, bringing civil war and crisis from all over the world, stock market prices, company bankruptcies, the daily disaster news. Larry King, however, brought this desolate program to life, feelings, the so-called human. He was particularly fond of family guests who, after a terrible misfortune, could not only hope for his sympathy but also publicly mourn a father or daughter in his home. So in his unsentimental way he became the male equivalent of Oprah Winfrey. Her potentiated power was revealed when she came on King’s show in 2006, speaking out for Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential candidate; According to experts, she has secured him the presidency.

Larry King once again embodied the American dream, which otherwise only exists as an assertion. He was born in Brooklyn in 1933 as Lawrence Zeiger, the child of Orthodox Jews who had just immigrated from Eastern Europe. He wasn’t particularly interested in school, but like Woody Allen, who was almost the same age, the radio fascinated him. He went to Florida and hung around in Miami at the small station, TRUE, until they hired him to clean up. When a disc jockey suddenly resigned, King stepped in for him. That was in 1957, he was 23, and from then on he was on the air until almost his last breath.

Hard questions were not to be expected from him

With his permanent presence first on the radio and then on television, King became better known as Johnny Carson or Walter Cronkite. That had a lot to do with his idiosyncratic understanding of the craft: he hardly prepared for his guests because he, always the audience’s advocate, wanted to start at the stand of his audience and be entertained as they were. Still, it was embarrassing when his ostentatious nonchalance hid simple ignorance, when he thought the Dalai Lama was a Muslim, or when he mistook Ringo Starr for George Harrison. (Back then everyone had this long hair!)

The stars came willingly, hard questions were not to be expected, but the eager praise for the new film, the new book, the new program. Like a hostel father, Larry King took everyone in on his show, hugging the troubled and burdened as well as the plastic surgery patients, the divorced and the victims. Nobody had to expect contradictions, Larry King offered everyone a forum.

German politicians can only dream of such conditions. Sometimes the most absurd scenes occurred. No sooner was OJ Simpson acquitted of the accusation of killing his wife and her boyfriend than he called King’s Show and was allowed to tell how nice it was to be with his children again. His lawyer sat across from the moderator in the studio and was visibly shaking with fear that his client might still say something that would confirm his doubts about his innocence.

When, after almost 19 years on death row and four postponements, the convicted murderer Shaka Sankofa was to receive the fatal injection, Larry King said goodbye to his viewers with an urgent plea to the commercial break: “The execution is still on this show – stay tuned!”

The December 2010 Larry King Live farewell show featured Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

Rarely did King come across someone who didn’t go along with the banter. When he asked Jerry Seinfeld whether his show might have been turned off, he replied, visibly indignant: “Do you even know who I am?” and referred to the 75 million viewers that “Seinfeld” had when they left. That didn’t go down well, it seemed arrogant to the fans. King confidently directed the film, which Seinfeld had come into the studio to promote.

In the last issue of Larry King Live In December 2010, not only TV colleagues Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer appeared, but also Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as surprise guests. King’s audience numbers had already dropped sharply, but this last show was watched by more than two million people. Although he was already 76 by then, King had been reluctant to give way to his successor, Piers Morgan. Schadenfreude was no stranger to him when he had to give up after only three years.

King supposedly wanted to devote himself more to his family afterwards, possibly even reading books, but he suffered from severe withdrawal symptoms and stayed in business with his Ora TV, most recently under the umbrella of Hulu and Russia Today, doing advertising, commenting on Dodgers games and tweeted uninhibitedly, even if he had to dictate his tweets to his wife, Shawn Southwick, who was 26 years his junior, so that she would type it into an iPhone.

Larry King had survived heart operations, declared bankruptcy, got rich again, and had eight marriages with seven women.

For an avowed agnostic, Larry King showed a strange fascination for everything supernatural. He was happy to invite parapsychologists and other officially recognized weirdos. For many years he was concerned with cryonics, the possibility of freezing himself after the death against payment in advance and having it kept for a technologically and medically further developed future. In his case, this is no longer necessary: ​​it is already a national shrine. Aware of his not only American audience, he will survive as the good uncle who made everyone chat. On January 23, the whispering grandmaster died at the age of 87 in Los Angeles after suffering from Covid.


Talk show host Larry King is dead – media

Talkshow Moderator:Larry King is dead

Larry King at a 2013 event.


With horn-rimmed glasses, a shirt and suspenders, the talk show host took celebrities out of the concept for decades in interviews. Now he died after a Covid infection.


“Celebrating America”: Show for Joe Biden with Tom Hanks and Katy Perry – Culture

It had just started, Bruce Springsteen sang, alone with his guitar, of the “Land of Hope and Dreams” and of the confidence that the believers would somehow be rewarded. He was wearing a winter coat, but that he actually stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial was a shock. With him in the foreground, the monument with its giant columns looked as ostentatious and oversized as it is, downright misanthropic, in addition windswept, yes: ice cold.

The chill got worse when Tom Hanks came into the picture not far from him, who wasn’t wearing a winter coat, but the showmaster’s black suit. So much glamor has to be, one had evidently thought, winter coats for everyone, that’s not possible. Instead, Hanks seemed to have smuggled some sort of thermal vest under his shirt, thin but not thin enough to go unnoticed. And so it was clear: This freezing architecture in deserted Washington at night was really the place of choice for “Celebrating America”, the inauguration show to rewarm the hearts of Americans after four years of Trump.

January 20, 2021, Washington, District of Columbia, USA: Katy Perry performs during Celebrating America, a primetime pr

Katy Perry sings her hit “Firework” at the grand finale. Inevitably without the voters.

(Foto: imago images/ZUMA Wire)

Tom Hanks spoke state-sustaining words about the even more perfect unity that should be striven for, about the validity and strength of ideals, especially in times of need, strife and pandemics, and about the American’s eternal striving to become a better version of himself.

That was the theme of the gala that Joe Biden had commissioned from his inauguration committee and offered to all networks and platforms to broadcast and stream. It was the subject of all subsequent speeches up to and including the Vice-President and President. Strictly speaking, it was also the theme of most of the songs, which were then played live or not quite so live, often switched on from other places, from Jon Bon Jovi to Justin Timberlake and Demi Lovato to the Foo Fighters.

The show was full of accomplished intentions and messages. And you think: All right.

The message may have been necessary to restore hope to the afflicted country. It may have been healing for the deep wounds that Trump’s presidency had left. It was possibly important to show that art and culture and goodwill are back on board in American politics. But it was also paralyzing in its uniformity and expectability. After everything that has been said about old white men in the past four years, should this particularly old white man now unite everyone, regardless of skin colors and identities, should all hope and confidence be the goal? Alright

Inauguration Biden

Not all of the stars were driven to Washington to sing, but sometimes simply switched on like Demi Lovato.

(Photo: dpa)

And as always, when the emotions are massaged too much and the brain remains underemployed, thoughts start to wander. So every time you switched back to the Lincoln Memorial, you were amazed at the emptiness and the darkness. Only two hand lamps seemed to be available to light up the new president as he greeted him, with John Legend and his piano it was more like a flashlight, with Tom Hanks an occasional circle of LED lights. Behind: night. As if the outgoing incumbent, in his malice, had turned off the power of the whole city and left only emergency power generators behind.

At the end of every song and speech, what was missing was painfully: people. Listeners, applause, some kind of reaction that could actually have told of the much-invoked unity. Already clear, the pandemic did not allow anything else, every large gathering of people in the picture sends the wrong signal. The emptiness as a signal was also stupid. It created the image of a capital, in which no one at all was allowed in for fear of conspiratorial rioters, in which only national guards and celebrities with special permission were allowed to move freely. Is that how you counter the suspicion of being an aloof place for the elite? The majority of American voters, who were somehow necessary for the universally invoked triumph of democracy – rarely did they appear so intangible and abstract as on this evening.

Was this event aimed at the 74 million Trumpists in the vastness of America?

If you don’t have a White House now, you won’t build one anymore – that was about the mood after almost an hour and a half of cold and emptiness. All the optimistic one-stop-offs, in which normal people were celebrated, full of charity and resilience, from the parcel driver to the kindergarten teacher to the nurse, could do little against it. So it was a great relief that Joe Biden had apparently made it to the White House in the course of the show from the Lincoln Memorial, where he was switched on again live – in the warm salon, in the close family circle.

At least one who no longer has to tremble tonight, they thought, while at the finale a white hooded Katy Perry sang her hymn “Firework” and behind her actually quite a big fireworks display over Washington. That too is an ambivalent picture. Quite a few of the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump despite everything, would have really liked to see Washington burn that evening. Just right.

Wasn’t this gala basically aimed at her? Did all the evocations of unity and togetherness somehow reach these people? Are they still available? You don’t know, you will see. The golden warmth and family cosiness in the White House, possibly also with a crackling fireplace (not in the picture) – but in the end Joe Biden was heartily indulged. There is a lot of work ahead of the man now.


The series “Renaissance of the Seljuk Episode 17”, with subtitles HD | The love story of the Great Seljuk Renaissance 17

The Seljuk Renaissance Series Episode 17 with subtitles, fans of the Seljuk Renaissance series are waiting for episode 17 to be shown today, Monday. The Seljuk Renaissance series deals with the life of King Shah, the founder of the state in its brightest eras, and how he managed to empower the state and fight the Byzantine state and its castles and obtain them one by one, and defeat the Byzantine princes before him.

To watch the series “The Seljuk Renaissance, Episode 17 with subtitles, click here >>

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To watch the series “The Seljuk Renaissance, Episode 17 with subtitles, click here >>

The previous episode of the Seljuk Revival series carried many wars fought by the king of Shah, in which he was able to subjugate the Byzantine fortresses and subjugate the brother of the Byzantine Emperor to him in front of his soldiers, pay the tax, increase the number of Muslims working in Koval Castle and build a mosque in it.

Viewers who are fans of the series “The Seljuk Renaissance” are looking for Episode 17 in order to watch the events and details of the new episode 17, as it is a highly watched series among millions in our Arab world, and we will provide you with the link of the series “The Great Seljuk Renaissance, Episode 17, with an HD quality translation through the love story.”


Slippery roads: many accidents due to ice and snow in the north | – news

Status: 01/13/2021 11:40 p.m.

Slippery roads caused by snow and hail have led to numerous accidents all over northern Germany. One person was killed and several people were seriously injured. There were no buses in some cities on Wednesday morning.

VIDEO: Smoothness chaos in the north (2 min)

During the night, several sections of the motorway were temporarily closed due to slippery accidents. There were also closures in the morning. The A21 was still narrowed on Wednesday afternoon due to cleaning work. You can find out the current situation on the roads in northern Germany at any time in the NDR traffic service.

Schleswig-Holstein: 50 accidents – A21 temporarily closed

Further information

A VW Lupo lies on the roof in a side ditch of a country road.  © Arne Jappe Photo: Arne Jappe

On Wednesday morning, a truck crashed into a tree because of the ice. The truck had to be recovered with a special crane. more

In Schleswig-Holstein alone it has crashed around 50 times since Tuesday evening, the police said. The south of the state was particularly affected. There, the emergency services counted 20 accidents with a total of two seriously injured. There were also several slightly injured people across the country. The Autobahn 21 was closed to the south after an accident with a truck near Bad Oldesloe. In the late evening the right lane was still closed due to cleaning work. The truck skidded on the slippery road, said a spokesman for the highway police. The vehicle stopped across the highway. The driver was slightly injured. Two police officers were also slightly injured, their patrol car overturning on the A7 near Bad Bramstedt.

Due to the slipperiness, the company Autokraft partially stopped the bus service in Eckernförde, Heide and Husum.

18-year-old dies in a traffic accident in MV

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania there were at least six injured and one dead in a total of 20 accidents. An 18-year-old driver was killed in an accident on a slippery road. The man had probably driven too fast on a country road near the town of Süderholz (Vorpommern-Rügen district), the police said. The car came off the lane, crashed into several crash barriers and into a tree. While the 30-year-old passenger survived seriously injured, the driver died at the scene of the accident. In Zierzow, south of Parchim, a bus slid into a ditch. The bus was traveling without passengers and the driver was also uninjured.

A19 in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is temporarily blocked twice

Further information

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Kaeselow: A car drives on a road covered with snow and ice.  (13.01.2021) © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Jens Büttner / dpa-Zentralbild

Several people were injured and a young man was killed. In addition, a bus landed in the ditch. more

The Autobahn 19 between Röbel (Mecklenburg Lake District) and Wittstock (Brandenburg) was affected by black ice. The route was temporarily closed after an accident, as well as in another accident in the same district on the A19. To the north of Malchow, a truck loaded with oxygen bottles had run off the road. The driver was taken to a clinic. The B105 on the outskirts of Grevesmühlen (Northwest Mecklenburg district) also had to be temporarily closed after a similar truck accident between Neu Degtow and Waldeck. The 31-year-old driver was trapped and was seriously injured in a hospital. There were other accidents in Neustadt-Glewe and at the Kavelstorf motorway exit.

Lower Saxony: man seriously injured

Further information

An accident site on the A27

A 26-year-old was critically injured at Gifhorn. A policewoman was run over on the A7 near Bispingen. more

At Gifhorn in Lower Saxony, a driver slipped his car on a slippery road into oncoming traffic and was seriously injured. The 26-year-old probably drove too fast, the police said. The driver of an oncoming car was slightly injured in the collision. On the Autobahn 7 near Bispingen (Heidekreis) a policewoman was seriously injured while recording another accident. The driver of a van skid when he passed the scene of the accident and drove into the rear of the police car, and the officer was caught.

Several accidents on A27

Hail showers and black ice led to several accidents on Autobahn 27 in the district of Cuxhaven. According to the police, accidents occurred in the direction of Bremen between the junction of Uthlede and Schwanewede, in which a total of four cars, two vans and one truck were involved. The A27 was then blocked in the area in the direction of Bremen for around three hours. It also crashed several times in the opposite lane. There was a total of six-figure damage.

Hamburg: slush on the streets

Snow and ice also hindered traffic in Hamburg. Sidewalks, bike paths and streets were covered with slush in the morning. The city cleaning service was on duty because the snow was partially frozen on the street. According to the police, little happened on Hamburg’s streets.

Weather forecast: further smoothness possible

On Thursday night there is still snow in some areas and sleet in parts on the coast. The temperatures then drop to plus 1 to minus 4 degrees and it can be smooth again. And also for the coming days, the German Weather Service expects freezing wetness and light snow showers.

Further information

A cyclist crosses a slush-covered street in Hamburg-Niendorf.  © dpa photo: Kay Nietfeld

Traffic jams, construction sites and hazard warnings: current reports on traffic for Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. more

Crane stands in a meadow © NDR Photo: Frank Bauer from Waren

Here you can find the current weather and forecast for all of Northern Germany. more

This topic in the program:

NDR Info | Current | 13.01.2021 | 06:30

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“The Geissens” are on RTLZWEI (PHOTO)

Munich (ots)

  • The millionaire family convinces in prime time and late prime
  • 7.3% MA (14-49 years) at 8.15 p.m. or 8.0% MA (14-49 years) at 9.15 p.m.
  • RTLZWEI daily market share: 6.0%

“Die Geissens” confirm the success of the previous week: yesterday, Monday evening at 8:15 pm, the new episode of “Die Geissens – A terribly glamorous family” achieved 7.3% MA among 14-49 year olds and 14.6% MA in the young target group (14-29 years). Up to 1.16 million viewers in total were allowed to take a look at the Geiss family’s new apartment in Monaco.

The episode “Die Geissens”, which followed at 9:15 pm, had 8.0% MA among 14-49 year olds and 12.7% MA among young viewers (14-29 years). From 9:15 p.m., the millionaire family took up to 1.35 million viewers on their trip to Miami and thus contributed to a strong daily market share for RTLZWEI.

Overall, RTLZWEI achieved a daily market share of 6.0%.

Data © AGF in cooperation with GfK; VideoScope, TV market standard, January 11, 2021, preliminary weighted. Unless otherwise stated, the data refer to the 14 to 49 year olds.

Inquiries & contact:

Program communication
089 – 64185 0


CURRENT CORONA NUMBERS: 12 497 new corona infections and 343 new deaths reported – WELT news channel

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Vodafone is allowed to take over the remaining parts of Kabel Deutschland

Vodafone German headquarters

The group can finally complete the takeover of the cable provider.

(Photo: dpa)

Frankfurt After years of litigation about the takeover of Kabel Deutschland, Vodafone can now draw a line. The British mobile phone company announced on Tuesday that it had reached an agreement with major shareholder Elliott and other minority shareholders to take over their blocks of shares. Vodafone is offering outstanding shareholders EUR 103 per share, which is over EUR 2 billion. The minority shareholders such as Elliott, DE Shaw and UBS O’Connor LLC, who together hold 17 percent, had already accepted the offer and agreed not to take any further legal action.

In autumn 2013, Vodafone took over around 77 percent of Germany’s largest cable network operator for 7.7 billion euros. Years of legal dispute with major shareholder Elliott followed. The hedge fund carried out a special audit before the Munich Regional Court in mid-2016. The investor, who holds 14 percent of Kabel Deutschland, was of the opinion that the management of Kabel Deutschland had been satisfied with a takeover offer from Vodafone that was too low. Instead of the € 84.50 per share offered by the mobile phone company, Elliott asked € 225 to € 275. At the end of 2014, however, a special auditor considered 104 euros to be appropriate. Another verdict at the end of 2019 also found the offer to be “appropriate.”

More: Vodafone is reducing fiber optic expansion in Germany.


NEWSSTREAM: USA – Impeachment against DONALD TRUMP should begin on Monday – WELT news channel

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