Christine Strobl: Curse and Blessing (

It is clumsy and unfair to reduce women to their role as wives and daughters. With Christine Strobl this would only be possible with great contortions – because her career is too impressive for that. As it became known this week, the 49-year-old will be the new ARD program director in May 2021.

Your family is still an issue. Because Strobl, himself a CDU member, is the daughter of Wolfgang Schäuble and wife of the Baden-Württemberg Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU). The obvious question is whether and how your political home will influence your future task. She herself described her political stance as something personal: “She has no place in the job,” Strobl said, according to “Zapp”, the NDR media magazine, at the ARD press conference.

In an interview with Die Zeit in 2012, she described growing up as a politician’s daughter as a “curse and a blessing at the same time”. You have seen contemporary history and met interesting people. “But it also hurts. You shouldn’t underestimate that. ”At that time she had just become managing director of Degeto, through which ARD purchases fictional program content and has films produced. The company is largely responsible for what goes on in the first. Strobl initiated some changes at the Degeto. For example, she made a significant contribution to the fact that the ratings hit »Babylon Berlin« could be realized through a cooperation with the pay station Sky, according to ARD.

As program director, she succeeds Volker Herres, who is leaving the post early. Strobl will be responsible for the program of the first as well as the ARD media library and will chair the newly commissioned video program conference. Your area will be the broad framework of the program – especially when it comes to fictional content. ARD has its own editor-in-chief for journalism. As »Zapp« reports, Strobl has so far avoided journalistic formats – and instead relaunched the »Tigerenten Club« in SWR, for example.


Infected with the coronavirus? These are the symptoms!

Source: RKI (Stand: 23.09.2020)

More often than expected: nausea and diarrhea

Digestive problems have also been linked to the coronavirus. Especially in children, nausea and diarrhea, when combined with a fever, can be an indication of a coronavirus infection.

Fatigue: confusion and discomfort

Difficulty waking up, concentrating, feeling confused, and general discomfort can also all indicate that you have COVID-19 – especially in children. However, if ONLY these symptoms are found, they are more likely to be due to other causes. If, on the other hand, they occur in combination with symptoms such as breathing difficulties, cough or fever, you should get help as soon as possible.

Typical flu symptoms: chills and body aches

The WHO assumes that up to eleven to 14 percent of people with COVID-19 (worldwide) suffer from chills and muscle pain. But here, too, one should not jump to conclusions: Both are common symptoms of flu.

Headache and dizziness: flu, cold or COVID-19?

Headaches and dizziness can also be signs or side effects of a corona infection. Some of the proven infected are said to have complained of headaches, some also of dizziness. Here, too, it is important to compare whether the symptoms are due to a flu or a cold.

Pollen allergy or corona? Runny nose and sore throat

A runny nose speaks more for a cold or a pollen allergy than for the coronavirus, but it can also be a side effect of COVID-19. Sore throats are also more typical of the “normal” flu or a cold.

Typical for viral diseases: conjunctivitis and reddened eyes

As with almost all viral diseases, the eyes can be involved in an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. In parallel to the more typical symptoms such as fever, body aches or fatigue, those affected develop conjunctivitis. Similar to the one that can also occur in the context of influenza.

Skin irritation, rash, or swelling on your feet

Various types of skin irritation have also been detected several times in COVID-19 patients. In children aged 13 and over and young adults up to 30 years of age, COVID toes have increased in spite of a very mild to symptom-free course. Painful swelling of the toes that will heal on its own after a few weeks.

Middle-aged patients suffered from itchy, blood-filled blisters on their torso and limbs, especially in the early stages of COVID-19.


RTLZWEI convinced across the board on Tuesday evening (PHOTO)

Munich (ots)

  • At prime time: “Hartz and cordial” with 7.9% employees (14-49 years) and 7.5% employees (14-29 years)
  • From 10:15 p.m .: “Love Island” with 10.5% employees (14-49 years) and 25.8% employees (14-29 years)
  • RTLZWEI daily market share: 6.4%

RTLZWEI once again impressed on Tuesday evening at prime time with the program color of the social reports: At prime time, “Hartz and cordial – Frankfurt / Oder” achieved 7.9% MA in the classic target group of 14-49 year olds and 7.5% MA (14-29 years). The format produced by Ufa Show & Factual GmbH reached a total of 1.36 million viewers.

At 10:15 pm, “Love Island” was once again the market leader among 14-29 year olds: At Late Prime, the dome show, which is currently being produced in Mallorca, reached 25.8% of the young target group and 10.5% % MA among 14-49 year olds. Up to 1.06 million viewers followed the format late at night. Subsequently, “Love Island – Aftersun: The Talk” convinced with an outstanding 23.8% MA (14-29 years) and 7.9% MA (14-49 years).

Overall, RTLZWEI achieved a daily market share of 6.4%.

Data © AGF in cooperation with GfK; VideoScope, market standard TV, 09/22/2020, weighted provisionally. Unless otherwise stated, the data refer to the 14 to 49 year olds.

Inquiries & contact:

Program communication
089 – 64185 0


Start of the new episodes “Abrackern poor Germany?” at RTLZWEI (PHOTO)

Munich (ots)

  • Return of the social report on a new slot
  • Two new episodes
  • Broadcast from Monday, October 5th, 2020, at 8:15 p.m. on RTLTWO

The widely acclaimed social report “Poor Germany – stamping or racking up?” returns with two new episodes: Once again, the series accompanies very different personalities with one thing in common – they all live on transfer payments or are about to receive them. The format raises the question of whether working in Germany is worthwhile. The new episodes will start on Monday, October 5th, 2020 at 8:15 p.m. on RTLTWO.

Is it worth working in Germany? For almost four years now, the social report “Poor Germany – stamping or racking up?” this question. Nationwide, the answers come from a wide variety of people with one important thing in common: They are all already receiving transfer payments or are about to do so.

The format pursues the question in two new episodes on a new broadcast slot: From Monday, October 5th, 2020, the new episodes of the nationwide social report will start at 8:15 p.m. on RTLTWO. RTL also broadcastsTWO on Monday, October 19, 2020, a new episode of “Poor Germany – Are they allowed to?” out.

Two new protagonists are David (41) and his sons Nick and Brian. The two young adults have often come into conflict with the law, Brian is currently in prison. Nick was only recently released from the same – after serving a year and a half for assault. A regular life is out of the question for Nick – he basically doesn’t want to work. When he is arrested again, he faces a long sentence.

The format is produced by Good Times Fernsehproduktions GmbH.

The new episodes “Poor Germany – stamping or racking up?”: From Monday, October 5th, 2020, at 8:15 pm on RTLZWEI.

The episodes are free for 30 days after the broadcast available.

over “Poor Germany – stamping or racking up?”:

Is it worth working in Germany? In search of answers, the social report “Poor Germany” accompanies people in a wide variety of life situations – with one important thing in common: They are dependent on social benefits or are about to do so. But in dealing with life just above the poverty line, they differ fundamentally. The format is produced by Good Times Fernsehproduktions GmbH.

Inquiries & contact:

Program communication
089 – 64185 0


Market leadership for “Love Island” during the broadcast in the young target group (14-29 years) on RTLZWEI

The most blatant mating ceremony and comeback of Jana Ina Zarrella (PHOTO)

Munich (ots)

  • Convincing late prime for “Love Island” with 7.3% MA (14-49 y.)
  • Particularly popular with young viewers with 18.1% MA (14-29 years)
  • RTLZWEI daily market share: 5.2%

Buon Schlonzo! At Late Prime last Wednesday evening, Love Island again achieved strong values. “Love Island” reached 7.3% MA in the advertising-relevant target group of 14-49 year olds and 18.1% in the young audience of 14-29 year olds from 10:15 pm. Up to 800,000 spectators watched the love-hungry Icelandic flirting and were able to experience one of the most nerve-wracking mating ceremonies of all.

The comeback of presenter Jana Ina Zarrella could also be followed on day 15 on “Love Island”. The format is produced by ITV Studios Germany.

Overall, RTLZWEI achieved a daily market share of 5.2%.

Data © AGF in cooperation with GfK; VideoScope, Market Standard TV, September 16, 2019, preliminary weighted. Unless otherwise stated, data refer to 14 to 49 year olds

Inquiries & contact:

Program communication
089 – 64185 0


Somehow come to Paris (

The Tour de France is causing mixed feelings these weeks. This even applies to the sponsors. “We had to reduce our marketing budget this year. The direct payments to the organizer ASO remained at the agreed amount, but overall we are using fewer funds, ”says Adrien Eymard, Head of Marketing at Continental’s Paris headquarters. The tire manufacturer is still very present at this year’s tour. All gates that indicate the increasingly shorter distance to the goal from the 20-kilometer mark are adorned with the company’s logo. The stage winner ceremony is also held. “So we have a good visual presence, especially in the TV broadcasts,” says Eymard.

In the advertising caravan, which this year again drives the route a few hours in front of the professional cyclists and distributes small gifts to the spectators, the company only has half the vehicles: three instead of six last year. “The distribution of gifts is also restricted,” says Eymard. That fits into the overall picture. Instead of the 160 vehicles last year, the advertising caravan now only has around 100 vehicles. Why it takes place at all with the far fewer fans on the track can almost only be explained with contracts signed very early on.

Eymard accompanies the tour every day. He always takes a position at the sponsor’s stand in the starting village and receives customers and business partners. “Here, too, there are fewer than in previous years, but we are continuing these activities.” For sponsors, the Tour de France is above all a tour to endure. You want to be there to survive the dry spell. And ideas are developed to somehow make the stay more attractive for business partners. Actually, the attraction for VIP is to be close to the cycling stars. But that’s impossible this year. At AG2R, the sponsor of the team of the same name, they came up with the idea of ​​setting up a camera in front of the team bus, in front of which team boss Vincent Lavenu sets up once a day and addresses a few words to the noble fans.

The need of the hour is to come to terms with the circumstances. And be happy about every positive aspect. “There are definitely fewer people along the way. But now more people are watching the race on TV, ”says Marketing Director Eymard. An average of 3.18 million French people now watch the Tour de France on their screens. In the first mountain stages it was even 4.6 million. And because the government has now also ordered the mountain passes to be blocked for all fans due to the dramatic rise in corona numbers, this number is likely to rise even further. Seen in this way, business is going on. As long as the Tour de France is rolling and the television is broadcasting, the advertising partners are also satisfied.

Eymard assumes that the tour will make it to Paris. “If things turn out differently, we will adapt to the circumstances,” says Adrien Eymard dryly. His company wants to fulfill the sponsorship contract with the ASO, which runs until 2022, he says. But the plans do not go any further. First of all, everyone just wants to get to Paris somehow.


Anke Engelke: “I don’t like to be noticed” – Society

Anke Engelke was already a television celebrity as a child. In the interview, she talks about morality, why she is more considerate of the feelings of others today and what effect her homemade meatballs have.

By Claudia Fromme and

Katharina Riehl

SZ: In the series “The Last Word” you play Karla, a woman in her mid-fifties, with a lot of horizontal lines on her forehead. She is marked by life. Unusual to see you like that.


Canada: A visit to the isolated world of the Hutterites

Wo are the Hutterites? “If you drive straight ahead on the gravel road, you will end up right in our yard,” Mike Wurtz said on the phone, the manager of the Clear Spring Hutterite Colony.

But now we are standing between a pig fattening system, farm equipment and silos gleaming silos, no one far and wide. Cornfields stretch to the horizon – the province of Saskatchewan is Canada’s granary.

Only at second glance do we see the residential complex: two rows of identical blocks, each unit with the same clothes dryer, the same handcart, the same brush next to the door. “We built everything ourselves,” says Mike Wurtz as we sit across from him in his living room. A bare room, no pictures, no carpets, no trinkets. Just a ticking clock on the wall.

Mike – checked shirt, suspenders, gray whiskers – greeted us in a German dialect that was difficult to understand, only to switch straight to English: The Hutterite Anabaptist movement comes from Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Persecuted since the 16th century, it landed in North America. In contrast to the Amish, who reject modern technology, the Hutterites use it with great success.

Vacation, television and the Internet are not an issue

“Come on, I’ll show you everything,” says Mike, putting on a hat. The farm seems deserted, only now and then one or two women in dark blue dresses and dotted headscarves scurry past.

The dress code obliges them to cover their head – this is what the Bible says. “And married men have to wear a beard,” explains Mike. “But I don’t know who made this rule.”

Women have a duty to cover their heads

Quelle: UIG via Getty Images/Eye Ubiquitous

The latest combine harvester is in the vehicle hall, computer-controlled and air-conditioned: “We have five of them,” says Mike. “Half a million dollars each”.

The community is richer than any village in the area, the members grow wheat, rape, lentils and barley, have dairy cows and a chicken farm, and raise geese and pigs. There is a joinery, sewage treatment plant, fire department, power station.

“We do all of this for the ‘split’,” explains the manager. “As soon as we have more than 130 members, we will found a sister church.” Apart from pocket money, the families do not earn any money – the Hutterites live in community of property.

Everyone works for the collective, every family gets a fully equipped house and everything they need to live. Holidays are not an issue, television, radio and the Internet are taboo.

Canada’s Hutterites live isolated in colonies

Again and again we have to swallow internally: This is a different world. At the same time, it is a privilege to be here once – in the particularly conservative colonies such as Clear Spring, strangers are otherwise hated to be seen.

Mike doesn’t reveal why he still shows us everything. He also leaves it open until evening whether we can stay overnight. And he will remain the only person we are allowed to talk to here – according to his rules.

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"I feel guilty." John Bieker failed to pass on the Franconian dialect to his children

We take a look inside the school: empty, spotlessly clean rooms. No toys on the floor, no picture of a child on the wall – just a clock in each room. The day begins here at half past seven with Bible lessons in German, then the state English teacher takes over.

“Our law is that school ends after eighth grade,” says Mike. “We don’t need a university – there is enough work for everyone.” The 15-year-old school leavers are assigned a job, depending on the area in which someone is currently absent. If you still want to study, you have to leave the colony.

Women flee to the other side of the bushes

We stop at the church; it too is a simple room – with a clock on the wall. Two pastors hold mass here every evening and on Sunday. This is also where all the important decisions are made. The seven “elders” of the colony make a proposal; all baptized men are entitled to vote.

Then we hear laughter for the first time. At last! Young women, their hair combed to the center part under their headscarves, are picking ripe Saskatoon berries, big buckets are already filled with the juicy red fruits. “Take it,” the gardener invites us. The women shyly turn their heads away or flee to the other side of the bushes.

The next morning – we were actually allowed to stay – we leave Clear Spring behind us again. Talk for a long time about the past 24 hours.

“If you weren’t born here, you won’t make it,” Mike had said. Around 70 percent of the young men leave the colony, he said – but many of them returned after a few years. Most women stay.

Oliver Gerhard from Berlin blogs at This text was published there in 2015.

In the western ranch you live like a cowboy

Canada has a lot more to offer than just big cities like Toronto or the Niagara Falls. Saskatchewan is an El Dorado for western and horse lovers. Every hobby cowboy gets his money’s worth here.


Kim Kardashian Announces End of Reality TV Show – Media

The successful reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians The Kardashian-Jenner clan comes to an end after 14 years. The last season will be broadcast in early 2021, as reality TV star Kim Kardashian announced on Instagram. “With a heavy heart, we as a family made the difficult decision to get away from Keeping Up with the Kardashians to say goodbye, “said the mother and wife of four rapper Kanye West.

The 39-year-old emphasized that they were very grateful to their fans for their long-term loyalty over 20 seasons. “You’ve watched us all these years, seen the good times and the bad, the happiness, the tears, and the many relationships and children,” said Kardashian.

In the show, which has been broadcast since 2007, the extended Kardashian-Jenner family from Los Angeles gave an insight into their lives. On the show, family members complained about love problems, announced pregnancies or bragged about their successes in the modeling world and as entrepreneurs.

In addition to Kim and her siblings Kourtney, Khloé and Robert Kardashian, her half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner also took part, as did their mother Kris Jenner and ex-husband Bruce Jenner, who has lived as a woman since 2015 and called himself Caitlyn.


Self-discovery at the end of the world: FOX shows British dramedy series “Gap Year” from November 3rd (PHOTO)

Munich (ots)

  • Exclusively as a German TV premiere from November 3, 2020 on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on FOX
  • Easy summer coming-of-age series from producers Jamie Campbell and Joel Wilson (“The Enfield Haunting”)
  • Either in the English original or the German dubbed version

The precocious philosophy student Dylan (Anders Hayward) and his buddy Sean (Ade Oyefeso) are backpacking Asia. In Beijing the boys meet the nerdy May (Alice Lee) and party animal Ashley (Brittney Wilson), who have the strange but very sympathetic Greg (Tim Key) in tow. The dissimilar travelers quickly become friends and start the trip of a lifetime together. Whether camping at the Great Wall of China, at a legendary full moon party or trekking through dense jungle – a lot of spectacular adventures, fascinating people and unforgettable experiences await the gang of five. The eight-part dramedy series “Gap Year” captivates with a fast-paced plot, funny dialogues and unexpected plot twists.

Jamie Campbell and Joel Wilson, who were nominated for the British BAFTA television award for “The Enfield Haunting”, are responsible as producers. The top-class team of authors includes Tom Basden (“Plebs”, “Fresh Meat”), James Wood (“Rev”) and Loren McLaughlan (“Shameless”). Guardian critic Sam Wollason praises “Gap Year” as an outstanding traveler comedy that makes you want to pack your backpack yourself again. The British entertainment magazine Heat says “Charming and witty, the whole cast is highly appealing” and Radio Times says: “Laughs and fun in the sun … Gorgeous.”

FOX will be presenting the new “Gap Year” series as a German TV premiere on Tuesdays at 9:00 pm from November 3rd.

About “Gap Year”

Student Dylan has just separated from his girlfriend and urgently needs other thoughts. A trip to the other end of the world, more precisely a backpack tour through China, seems to be exactly the right thing. His best buddy Sean quit his plumbing job in cold England to join him. In Beijing the boys meet the Americans May and Ashley as if by a coincidence. May was sent to China by her ambitious mother in order to trace her Chinese roots and the penniless but smart Ashley was hired as escort. The slightly quirky Englishman Greg joined the two Americans – not exactly what they wanted. The five completely different characters become friends – and soon the colorful troop will be “on the road”. The unforgettable journey full of confusing sexual experiences, surprising events and overwhelming impressions leads you back and forth across Asia and exceeds your wildest expectations. Dylan, Sean, May, Ashley and Greg: They are all on the search – and although none of them can find what he or she hoped for in the distance, at the end of this adventure they will be richer by many experiences and insights.

Broadcast dates:

  • “Gap Year” as a German TV premiere from November 3, 2020 every Tuesday at 9 p.m. exclusively on FOX
  • Either in the English original or the German dubbed version
  • All eight episodes are available after the linear broadcast via Sky Go, Sky On Demand, Sky Ticket, in the Megathek on MagentaTV as well as Vodafone Select and GigaTV

Inquiries & contact:

Rosario Sicali
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