“My mouth was on fire for two weeks!” (Photo)

Lisa, a 48-year-old Briton, was scared by confusing firecrackers and candy. She explains that it all started when she bought the product, which was stored among sweets, which explains the confusion.

Once home, the mother wanted to eat it and, when she bit into it, she realized that they were small fireworks, probably some sort of firecracker, and not candy. They exploded in her mouth and caused chemical burns to her lips and gums. One of her teeth was cracked and she had to take in strong pain relievers to combat the pain.

“My mouth was on fire for two weeks,” explains the 40-year-old. “I immediately felt a burning pain and almost lost my tooth. I can’t stop thinking about what could have happened if I had given it to children, it could have exploded their mouths… ”


After feeling the explosions in her mouth, Lisa immediately spat out the products and rinsed her mouth to ease the pain. She then checked the label on the box and figured out what had just happened. A doctor finally examined her the following Monday, she realized that she had almost lost her tooth in shock. “I hope no one will make the same mistake as me,” she laments.

A product spokesperson said, “The safety of buyers is our top priority, which is why we were very concerned to learn of this incident. We spoke to the independent retailer who operates this store under our Costcutter brand banner and they assured us that they will be removing this item from the confectionery department with immediate effect. “


Oli: “I’m quite burned out and the players need a new face”

Oli and Luis Gallego, during yesterday’s press conference. | Ricardo Solis

“For me they are bad afternoons”, Thus began the president of the Marino, Luis Gallego, the press conference that he never wanted to call, the one that supposed the dismissal of Oli after three and a half years as coach of the Luanquín team. To complete the unusual scene, the technician stressed the ultimate reason that led him to make the decision to resign: “With 5 points, the president had more than enough reason to kick me out, but since I know he was not going to do it, because for him we would be together for ten years, I have to be the one to take the step.”

After more than thirty years in the presidency, Luis Gallego does not get used to situations like yesterday: “It already happened to me with others, like Robles and Quirós, but when Oli came to tell me that he was leaving him, he gave me a blip”. Because he still trusted his coach: “Oli got the fans to return to the field, we were promoted, we kept the category. It is true that this year we have the danger of relegation, but it has been three and a half years fighting in terrible conditions. What Oli and his assistants went through and suffered is exaggerated, ”he said in reference to to the problem of facilities.

Miramar facilities status Mara Villamuza

“For this reason, lately they sometimes came to training badly,” admits Gallego. “Unfortunately for the Marino, I didn’t convince him to continue. I want to thank him and the coaching staff for their work ”. The president of the Marino is left with two phrases from Oli: “That you play as you train and that in Oli’s team, those who do not lay eggs, do not play. With that we were saving season after season because all the teams were superior to us and could work in better conditions ”.

Oli clarified that “it was a decision, very thoughtful, not a hot one. I think it is the best for everyone to step aside ”. He thanked Luis Gallego “because he was brave when he gave me the first opportunity to train in Asturias and he always respected my independence”. He was proud of his career: “We got the two things that Luis asked of me in that first meeting: place the team in Second B and win back the young fans. That leaves me very satisfied. ”

Later he expanded on his reasons: “I have to step aside out of honesty. I can’t fool Luis or myself. With 5 points I had more than enough reasons to kick back, but since I know I wasn’t going to do it, I have to be the one to take the step. It would be comfortable to perpetuate myself in office as long as Luis wanted. But I understand football as a day to day and the current one is not what we would like ”.

“It has been an accumulation of circumstances”, Oli clarified on the reasons. “It is not just about losing a game. I am quite burned by the precariousness of the facilities to work. In Third we were winning, last year we competed well, but this season we have only played well one game of nine, the one we won at Langreo. I am the most responsible, so I have to step aside and make way for another ”.

Miramar facilities status Mara Villamuza

According to Oli, “Players need a new face, I told them. I’ve been in the locker room for 30 years and I’m not feeling good. I hope that the coach who comes knows how to transmit things to the players, that it turns out well and that there is a change in dynamics. I will be the first to rejoice. The team is on time for everything. The second round and a second phase remain and with Balbín the improvement in daily work will be noticed. That is why I am a bit sorry to quit now because we have trained in twenty fields and gyms ”.

Oli ended by thanking Luis Gallego, a president “who works miracles”, the fans “for returning to Miramar and recovering the spirit of the Marinín”, and his assistants: “To Manel, who was there the first year, to Rubén, Hinojosa, José Luis, Diego, Tivo and, above all, to Nacho, who is something else because of his willingness and for putting up with me.”


the 36-year-old influencer was pregnant …

A tragedy occurred a few days before Christmas. Emily Mitchell, a renowned Instagram influencer, tragically lost her life. If her name doesn’t ring a bell, the 36-year-old mom was known by the pseudonym “The Hidden Way”. Through this page, Emily recounted her life on the farm, accompanied by her husband Joseph and their four children.

Sadly, the woman with over 157,000 subscribers died on December 22. As can be seen on the GoFundMe site, where a kitty has been set up to help her family, Emily “suddenly fell unconscious” while having breakfast. The influencer was expecting her fifth child. Her fetus could not be saved by the emergency services.

His loved ones pay homage to him: “Our hearts are broken and his joyful presence will be missed forever. Emily had a great impact for so many lives and this loss is incomprehensible to anyone who knew her. Our friend was a devoted mother and a bride, she loved Jesus and his children more than anything ”.


Exchange rate closed the year with an appreciation of 2.11%

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The reference exchange rate of the lempira against the dollar registered an unprecedented behavior the previous year.

At the end of 2020, the result was an appreciation of 2.11%, equivalent to 52.20 lempira cents. This means that the price of the US dollar has fallen in the country’s foreign exchange market.

According to data from the Electronic Currency Negotiation System (Sendi) of the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH), on January 2 of this year the reference exchange rate was 24.6498 lempiras per dollar and at the end of 2020 it was 24.1278 .

This appreciation is historic since the BCH reactivated the exchange band system in July 2011.

In 2019, the national currency closed with a devaluation of 1.28%, equivalent to 31.18 cents, going from 24.3388 to 24.6506 lempiras per dollar in the Central Bank’s electronic currency auction. As the purchasing power of the lempira appreciated, the selling price of the US currency fell from 24.82 to 24.29 lempiras per dollar.


The result of the exchange policy has registered a positive balance for the national currency last year, marked by the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic and by the damage of hurricanes Eta and Iota on the national economy.

However, the final figure for the reference exchange rate has been contrary to the projections of various sectors. The BCH survey of macroeconomic analysts in November of the previous year indicated that the nominal exchange rate would close with an appreciation of 1.28%.

In March, when the first cases of covid-19 were registered in the country, the projections were a devaluation of 1.51%. In the first quarter of 2020, the devaluation reached 12.45 cents, going from 24.6498 to 24.7743 lempiras per dollar in the electronic currency auction, which in percentage values ​​represents 0.5%.

However, the global economic crisis caused by the pandemic allowed the main variables that intervene in the exchange rate to strengthen; among them, the balance of net international reserves, which as of December 24 of the previous year amounted to 8,123.8 million dollars, equivalent to 8.8 months of imports of goods and services.

According to an analysis by the BCH, other factors that contributed to the appreciation of the lempira are the behavior of the exchange rates of the main trading partners of Honduras, as well as the inflation rate.

It emphasizes that the participation of the banking system in the foreign exchange market was key to meeting the demand for dollars of the different economic agents, generating confidence in exchange rate policy.


Death of Robert Hossein, herald of popular theater and faith

« I wrote two new shows, he confided in July 2016, at the age of 88. Before I die, which will not be long, I would like to ride at least one. I want to tell my vision of the gospels, to tell about Christ as I see him to give a little hope and joy in a terrifying time. At the end of my life, the only way to have the feeling of existing is to work for others to exist. I believe in man because I believe in God, but I believe in God because I believe in man. »

→ MAINTENANCE (IN 2008). Robert Hossein: “There are times when you have to know how to leave everything and start from scratch”

From the robust handshake to the delicate hand-kiss, Robert Hossein continued to resemble Joffrey de Peyrac, the character ofAngelique Marquise of the Angels which had earned him his wide notoriety in France and in the world.

The child of a Russian-Iranian couple

Son of a composer born in Samarkand and an actress born in Kiev, he was born in December 1927 in Paris under the name of Faridoun Hosseinhoff, in a loving but penniless family. His childhood was divided between modest furnished hotels and numerous Russian pensions, left when his parents ran out of money.

At 22, he wrote his first play, Rogue, which he directs and plays. Then he continued to deploy these talents in all directions, stepping onto the stage under the guidance of other directors. After appearing in films at the age of 21, he got his first major role in Rififi in men by Jules Dassin in 1955.

Two first sons with actress Marina Vlady

The same year, he began a career as a director with The bastards go to hell. He married his main actress, Marina Vlady, with whom he had two sons and gave him roles in his following films – Forgive our trespasses, You, the venom, The Night of Spies. The couple also star in feature films by other filmmakers, such as Crime and Punishment by Georges Lampin.

Death of Robert Hossein, herald of popular theater and faith

In 1964, Robert Hossein played Joffrey de Peyrac for the first time alongside Michèle Mercier in Bernard Borderie’s film, a duet that they would repeat in the many sequels of this first success.

Pilgrims and actors flock to Lourdes

He founded the popular theater of Reims

After having played in about sixty feature films and having directed a dozen of them, Robert Hossein founded the Théâtre populaire de Reims in 1971. There, he gave a chance to beginners including a certain Isabelle Adjani and applied in seventeen creations intended to the greatest number an astonishing slogan: ” Theater as you will only see in the cinema. »

After having married in 1962, Caroline Eliacheff, the daughter of Françoise Giroud then aged 15, of whom he will have a son, and having lived with the actress Michèle Wautrin who will die suddenly in a car accident, he married the actress Candice Patou, very believing. During the baptism of their son Julien, this Orthodox Christian converted to Roman Catholicism. With his wife, he devotes a real passion to Thérèse of Lisieux and, together, they will meet Jean-Paul II. The couple will always remain very united: ” I am a happy man because I have been married for 40 years Robert Hossein told us with fervor.

Back in Paris, he created shows in interaction with the public in large venues such as the Palais des sports de Paris: Battleship Potemkin, Notre Dame de Paris, Danton and Robespierre for which he began a long collaboration with Alain Decaux. These large productions attract crowds (up to 600,000 people at the Palais des congrès for The one who said no, devoted to De Gaulle), but arouse mockery: they are based more on emotion than on reflection and encourage the viewer, comfortably seated in an armchair, to give his opinion on court cases, traced in broad outline such as the courier from Lyon or the death sentence of Marie-Antoinette.

He carries the message of his faith on the boards

In 1983, Robert Hossein took a new turn by publicly displaying his faith in A man named Jesus. Here again the public follows. While continuing to star in films and take the stage, Robert Hossein continues with Jesus was her name in 1991. In 2000, while taking the artistic direction of the Théâtre Marigny in Paris, he went to the Palais des Sports Jesus the resurrection, then Don’t be afraid! John Paul II in 2007 and, a gift to the pilgrims, A woman named Mary in 2011 in a unique and free performance in Lourdes.

→ IN 2011. In Lourdes, Robert Hossein offered the first place to sick pilgrims

Death of Robert Hossein, herald of popular theater and faith

While he had just recently filmed in front of Claude Lelouch’s camera, the indefatigable Robert Hossein could not, however, mount his last projects on the Gospels. ” I see death as a beautiful meeting, he said in his book I believe in man because I believe in God, published in 2016 by Presses de la Renaissance, because, in addition to Vadim, Barclay, Gérard Philipe, and all the rare beings that I miss terribly, I will see God face to face, him of whom I spoke so badly but whom I sought so much! »


Eurostar, as if nothing had happened

The train plunges underground. Only white neon lights hold the darkness. A child cries, annoyed by the thud of the tunnel. The neighbors try to relax the toddler. A woman seated in a few seats loses interest. His excessively painted eyes never leave the screen of his cell phone. She ensures that she works in fashion. The back and forths, the tunnel, she has ” the habit. It’s a train like any other, after all ”.

→ DOSSIER. Brexit seen from London

Thirty years ago, however, the 1is December 1990, a handshake went around the world. That of two tunnel boring machines, one French and the other British, celebrating the junction of the longest underwater tunnel in the world. For the engineers, the challenge was immense: 50.45 kilometers of gallery where millions of passengers would soon circulate. That day, Great Britain is no longer an island, one can theoretically get there on foot, a hundred meters below the English Channel.

A tunnel that changed everything

“People don’t realize. It changed everything ”, comments Jane, 60. Born to English parents, she spent her life between France and the province of Kent. It was known before 1994, the date of entry into service of the Eurostar. “It was crazy, like we were teleporting. Before, it was so long to travel. “ For the first few years, Jane amused herself by listening to the breathing of the passengers in the wagon before entering the hose. “It looked like everyone was snorkeling. The driver took care to warn the passengers that they were going to enter the tunnel. “

→ READ. Channel tunnel exacerbates competition from European rail

Since then, the Eurostar has seen it all. The draconian security checks following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the students on an Erasmus stay, the migrants who tried, in 2015, to climb on the roof of the train. Distances which are shortening, identities which are awakening. And, finally, Brexit.

When it comes time to go through security checks at Saint Pancras station, the subject is already on everyone’s lips. Dyana and her colleague, who greet the passengers, discuss the latest rumors. “There should be a second customs post, one British and one French, before getting on the train”, they assure. At the customs post, it is a changeover day for the border police, a new team is presented. “All the instructions that we are given are subject to change, we are in the dark”, says one of the newcomers.

→ READ. Between routine and resignation, travel in the first post-Brexit Eurostar

In three weeks, everything will change. Immigration rules, paperwork to travel to the UK. “The queues could well be congested”, he warns. For now, the waiting halls are almost empty. Blame it on Covid-19 and health measures. Since August, you have to complete an online document to disembark in the United Kingdom. “An overview of what it will be like to travel after Brexit”, thinks Dyana knows.

The Brexit Challenge

Marianne takes a few steps on the blue carpet to try to unblock her ears. “Chew, chew, I’m telling you”, his mother repeats. The train finally exits the tunnel. The northern plain is crisscrossed with steeples that scroll by accelerated. To Paris, the train will follow the motorway and the trucks that supply Europe. Each year, nearly 140 million euros of goods pass through the Eurotunnel.

The Eurostar is also the train for businessmen and suits and ties on their way to Brussels. Peter is tapping on his computer keyboard, his briefcase between his legs. He has been liaising once a month since he worked for the TP ICAP bank. “Like many other banks, it will soon leave the City to settle in Paris. There are too many post-Brexit uncertainties. ”

It is he who is responsible for negotiating with the French, managing the move. “How ironic it is to take this train, which is a European symbol, to manage the consequences of our departure from Europe. “ On the edge of the ballast, a promotion panel reminds passengers: “The Eurotunnel, a vital link. “


“I knew it was wrong…”

This is not the traditional love story, the one you would expect. This love at first sight in a shop between a man and a woman who, by a glance, know that they are destined to live together. No, Rain and Gideon’s story is quite different, even though they did meet at a hardware store in Russia. Because Gideon is not a man like the others. It is not moreover not a man but… a briefcase.

Indeed, as she explains to the Mirror, Rain is romantically attracted to objects. “My fascination with objects started at the age of eight. Since I was a child, I believed that a soul is embedded in objects, as well as in everything around us. I believe in animism, which means there is life in everything. During my childhood and early adolescence, I fell in love with places such as the new shopping center that opened in my city, ”she told the British newspaper.

So when in 2015 she came across this briefcase in a hardware store, she fell in love with it. She names Gideon and decides to marry him. “I knew it was wrong, and beyond society’s standards. I haven’t told anyone. I never imagined we would end up together. I admired his appearance. But then I slowly realized that I was starting to fall in love. I would like to watch him for hours and feel his presence, ”she explains before giving more crisp details. “We shared our first hug and our first kiss, and we spent more time together evenings and nights. We could have philosophical conversations for three or four hours. Our spiritual connection and communication is done through telepathy. I hear him, and he hears me, but from the outside it looks like a monologue. “

Video capture

With this daring speech, the young woman hopes to release the attraction for objects. “I really hope that one day the subject of objectophilia will be better known to the world, so that others like me don’t feel so alone. “


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“I thought it was a joke!” (Pictures)

The Christmas period is conducive to surprises of all kinds. Amanda had a nice one after being away from her home for a few moments. On returning home, the mother from Adelaide, Australia, found her living room in shambles. The reason ? An animal had become encrusted in his house!

Video capture

Amanda has indeed found herself face to face … with a koala in her tree. She speaks to the Sun: “Suddenly, I saw this koala looking at me. I thought it was a joke. My daughter had left the door open earlier in the day so the dog could get in and out. The koala must have crept in without anyone noticing. He would have spent a good three hours with us before finding out (…) It was hilarious. The koala didn’t seem to want to leave, he was very comfortable ”.

A specialized intervention team finally intervened so that the little beast found its natural habitat.