Caleb Ewan wants to win in Giro, Tour and Vuelta this year

With races in his native Australia suspended and enormous travel difficulties, Caleb Ewan (Lotto) is in Europe. The 26-year-old sprinter has completed the first part of the preseason at his residence in Monaco and from now on he will work with the rest of his teammates, who these days train in three separate bubbles on the Levantine coast. Perhaps this change in plans has inspired the little sprinter (1.65 meters) to devise a bold plan for the season: “I want to win in Giro, Tour and Vuelta this year.”

Ewan is probably the number one sprint right now and that allows him to take on such a difficult challenge. Only three riders have managed to win in the three great tours in the same year in all history: Miguel Poblet (1956), Pierino Baffi (1958) and Alessandro Petacchi (2003).

The Australian runner already knows victory in the three rounds of three weeks. He has five stages in the Giro and Tour and one in the Vuelta, where he opened his account in 2015. Ewan knows that the challenge is very complicated and has explained that he will modulate it depending on whether or not he obtains the desired results: «If I win in the Giro , I will continue with the Tour and then I will do the same with the Vuelta. But if I do not achieve victory in the Giro, I will not go to the Vuelta “, he advanced in ‘Cyclingpro’.

Another goal he sets for himself is the Tour green jersey, which he has never managed to wear in Paris. For this reason, he makes it clear that if he has already won before, he will choose “not to reach the end of the Giro” and thus save himself the very hard last week of the corsa rosa.

Three precedents

If Ewan won the Giro, Tour and Vuelta in the same year, he would achieve a remarkable feat, but it is difficult to imagine that he can achieve it to the extent that the three men who have already achieved it so far did.

The one with the worst record was Pierino Baffi. The Lombard cyclist, a partner of Fiorenzo Magni, scored a stage in the Giro in 1958, three in the Tour and two in the Vuelta. ‘Only’ six victories, which did not exceed those achieved by Miguel Poblet two years before. The Barcelona, ​​double winner of the Milan-San Remo, had prevailed in 1956 in four arrivals of the Giro, one of the Tour and three of the Vuelta. Eight incredible victories that would be surpassed by Alessandro Petacchi in 2003, with six stages of the Giro, four of the Tour and five of the Vuelta, to reach 15.

Ewan has a contract with his current formation until 2022, as well as the two henchmen of his ‘train’, Roger Kluge and Jasper De Buyst.



David wants to win again: Paralympic pitcher dreams of being in Tokyo

Nine years after the accident, this 33-year-old from Tinete is the Spanish champion in the adapted shot put in the F57 modality, with the Spanish record, which he set at 12.34 meters last November.. He goes twice a week and returns from Tineo to León, where he trains at the High Performance Center under the command of Manolo Martínez, the only Spanish Olympic medalist in shot put.

His goal, like that of any athlete, is to qualify for the Paralympic Games to be held next summer in Tokyo. That is the victory he is pursuing now after having managed to have a “normal” life again: “When I had the accident I had a girlfriend, in the end when something traumatic happens it is also for the people who are with you; my family, my parents, my sister, my girlfriend, who today is my wife; Nine years after the accident we have a three and a half year old daughter, whose name is Noa. I managed to rebuild everything and lead a normal life, “he explains.

The process was not easy at all and had an inevitable component of physical pain to be able to rebuild a body that had been left battered. The accident caused him “many injuries, the most obvious being the amputation of the right leg at the knee, then many traumas that resulted in a five-month stay in the old HUCA and 43 days in a coma, in the ICU ”. A year after leaving the hospital, he realized that he had to do something: “One day talking to a friend I told him that I needed to strengthen myself and he told me that there were people with disabilities in the Palacio de los Deportes, in Oviedo, who did adapted weightlifting , I went down there and met the one who is still my coach, Lodario Ramón, and when he saw me the first thing he told me was that I needed a bit of rehabilitation and a little muscle ”.

That meeting was definitive for David to realize that he might be able to “go back to doing things he did before. When I went down through the Palace it was enough for me to walk with two sticks I was not able to do anything else. That’s where my adventure with sports began ”, he explains. An adventure not without challenges: “At first it was very hard because improving muscle level after five months in the hospital is complicated, in the end it is almost pain, but I felt that I was feeling a little better and was able to do things that Before I did not do like falling down and being able to get up myself, take things from the cupboards without unbalanced, when you start to notice that physical condition allows you to do things that you could not, it calls you, then I learned about adapted sport, first it was weightlifting ”.

In an adapted weightlifting competition someone told him about athletics and he changed his life again: “I liked the idea, I spoke with the Asturian Federation and they put me in contact with my first pitching coach, Miguel Álvarez, with whom I was three years; he taught me everything, I didn’t know how to catch a ball, or a puck, or a javelin or anything ”. The reason why he opted for weight was that he was good at it, so much so that he managed to beat the Spanish record for the first time and hence came the opportunity to train in León, with Manolo Martínez: “I improved my record a lot, I got be ninth in the world, “he says. Now, after a “difficult” year, he has two goals and both come in the summer: the European Championship and, above all, the Games: “It is what any athlete aspires to”.


Urkullu also wants co-governance to manage community funds

He asks that the autonomies mediate between the EU and those awarded the aid, a proposal that collides head-on with Sánchez’s plans

The lehendakari together with the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Azpiazu, during his appearance yesterday.  / efe
The lehendakari together with the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Azpiazu, during his appearance yesterday. / efe
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