Adele and the Louis Vuitton bag that became her most luxurious crest

2/7 The 33-year-old singer was in the front row during the game of the Lakers against Warriors at the beginning of the NBA with the 39-year-old American sports agent, with whom she was very funny … but also very glamorous, by opting for a look totally brown that reflected his new style, which has been […]

Zendaya and the look that Tom Holland was mesmerized with

4/6 The actress reaffirmed that she is not only one of the most anticipated celebrities on any red carpet, as she is a guarantee of style with each of her looks, but that her dumbbell with the stylist, Law Roach, bears fruit day by day … enchanting with its proposals glamorous, but also modern, bold […]

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Chanel and the collection with which it paid tribute to the catwalks of the 80s

2/9 The black and white portrait of the model Vivienne Rohner taking a photo became the main decoration of the parade, this so that the most important thing would shine to the fullest: the creations of Virginie viard. “Because fashion is about clothes, models and photographers […] Karl Lagerfeld used to photograph the campaigns of […]

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Kim Kardashian’s ponytail at the Met Gala cost more than 200 thousand pesos

5/6 A treasure The result was undoubtedly what they expected, because both fans and the media did not stop talking about the look or the ponytail, which according to Chris Appleton, your stylist, is priced at over 200 thousand pesos by having a length of almost two meters, and be made of extensions that they […]

Kylie Jenner and the crop top with which she showed off her baby bump

2/6 The 24-year-old businesswoman uploaded two photos to Instagram that caused quite a stir, not only for the minimalist, classic and very elegant style that she showed off, but also for revealing her baby bump in a rather modern way: with a beige extra short top, with irregular texture, which he combined with a long […]