Coach Jesse Marsch does not rule out further departures

After the 2: 3 defeat against WAC, Red Bull Salzburg won the winter crown, but coach Jesse Marsch is extremely uncertain whether they will finish first again this season. The task is not getting any easier with the departure of Dominik Szoboszlai, and further departures could be threatened, as he revealed.

“I think we played well, but we didn’t defend well enough. It was almost the same situation as in the Sturm game. We played well after half-time and then we got two goals from our left flank in the transition game . And we have many chances to find the lead, “said Marsch after the game on Sky.

The American saw room for improvement in his team at both the front and the rear. “We scored a lot of goals, but we can be even colder and we need a better mentality to protect our goal. It is now a challenge for us to defend better. That is not just Cican (Stankovic, note) or the back four, it’s the whole troop. ” In the end, you take too little that can be counted from the games.

Jesse Marsch: title defense “won’t be easy”

Three defeats in the last five games are extremely unusual for serial champions. With Dominik Szoboszlai (moves to Leipzig), the Bulls lose a key player again in winter. And further departures could threaten, as he revealed: “We’ll lose ‘Szobo’ and maybe a few others too. There is always the possibility.”

Is the title defense in danger? Marsch predicts a close race next year: “The league is very close this season, we have four very good teams up front, the WAC is also very good. I think it won’t be easy.”

Salzburg striker Mergim Berisha already had a challenge ready: “We are the best team in Austria, that will not change. We are now going into the short break and then have to continue where we are actually strong.”

tipico Bundesliga: The table after the 12th matchday

# society Sp S U N Tore Pts.
1. FC Red Bull Salzburg 12 8 1 3 39:15 25
2. SK Sturm Graz 11 7 3 1 22:5 24
3. LASK 12 7 3 2 24:10 24
4. SK Rapid Wien 12 7 3 2 26:17 24
5. WSG Tirol 12 5 2 5 18:17 17
6. WAC 11 5 1 5 22:24 16
7. SKN St. Pölten 12 4 3 5 23:23 15
8. TSV Hartberg 12 3 5 4 14:23 14
9. SV Ried 12 4 1 7 17:28 13
10. FK Austria Vienna 12 2 5 5 12:18 11
11. SCR Altach 12 2 2 8 11:27 8
12. FC Admira 12 2 1 9 12:33 7


“Last class”: This action brought Rapid coach Kühbauer to the Weißglut – Bundesliga

The spectacular 3: 4 between WAC and Rapid Vienna is still a topic in Austrian football two days later. Last had Sky published a video in which you could see how WAC goalie Alexander Kofler loudly expressed his displeasure with referee Stefan Ebner (“Violent fuss in the video: WAC goalie Kofler complains about referee performance”).

“Unfortunately, people very quickly forget …”

The mood in the Lavant Valley was generally very heated. Even during the game, borderline calls could be heard on TV from the stands.

Rapid coach Didi Kühbauer was stunned by some of the statements and scenes in the game. The Burgenlander is “deeply disappointed” about the behavior of his ex-club. “I didn’t take a penalty. Unfortunately, people very quickly forget that I did a good job here and brought the club a lot of money,” Didi Kühbauer told Kronen newspaper.

One scene stuck in the mind of the former WAC coach. The battered Ullmann had voluntarily played the ball out before Wolfsbergs Novak promptly initiated an offensive action by the Carinthians: “That is left behind,” complained Kühbauer. Furthermore reports the Kronethat Kühbauer sought a conversation with WAC captain Michael Liendl after the game to talk about this action.

Contract extension? Kühbauer would be ready to talk

The rapid trainer’s contract expires in summer 2021. The current results and the development of the team clearly indicate that Rapid will probably offer the Burgenland an extension. And Kühbauer does not seem averse to an extension of his contract: “Of course I am ready to talk because this group is good for me, because this club is everything to me and because this is my club, where I always wanted to be. That I and the The coaching team put together such a good team is all the more beautiful, “emphasized Kühbauer Sky.

Rapid on the way to Norway

Didi Kühbauer is currently on the way to Norway with his protégés, where they will face Molde FK in the Europa League on Thursday. On the first day of the match the Hütteldorfer suffered a narrow defeat against Arsenal. Molde won away against Dundalk.

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from Ligaportal, Photo: Gerhard Pulsinger