Montiel and a special visit well riverplatense

“The main thing that I take from River is the people.” The affection is mutual. The output of Gonzalo montiel It was a hard blow for the fans of the Núñez club, who beyond their sadness only have words of gratitude and wish the best to the brand new player of the Sevilla. After serving […]

Israel allowed its citizens to visit Russia

The Israeli Ministry of Health added Russia, Argentina, Belarus, Great Britain, India, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and South Africa to the list of countries allowed to visit in the pandemic. The list of countries is posted on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Jewish State. The agency has approved the countries of the […]

Elon Musk in Florence: “Visit the city”

The founder of Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk, on a private visit to Florence met the mayor Dario Nardella and visited the Uffizi Gallery meeting the director of the museum Eike Schmidt. Musk had landed on Saturday at Peretola airport in his private plane for a few days of family vacation. Together today they […]

Andrea Meza and the perfect summer dress

6/6 After posing and spending time with the children, Andrea enjoyed a meal while happily showing off the flower arrangement she received (and which went perfectly with her dress). But … why have a long or midi dress with a floral print for this summer (and any other time)? In addition to providing a lot […]

MERKEL at BIDEN: Germany and the USA are “close friends” – WELT news broadcaster

MERKEL at BIDEN: Germany and the USA are “close friends”WORLD news channel Nord Stream 2: Security expert Ischinger criticizes Angela Merkelt-online Merkel and Biden emphasize German-American Biden promises to review entry restrictions for Europeansdoes Chancellor on trip to the USA: “Angela Merkel has offended Joe Biden”t-online See “More on Topic” in Google News .

Christian Boltanski loses his bet with death

DISAPPEARANCE – The artist of memory, marked by the Shoah and the war, had put his life on the line with the Tasmanian collector David Walsh. He died suddenly at the age of 76. Christian Boltanski spent his artistic life with ghosts, drawing from the blur of images what they said of a collective unconscious. […]

her boyfriend, Ryan Antonio, has already met the Miss Universe family

Andrea Meza continues with her visit to Mexico, and after spending a few days in the capital, Miss Universe 2020 has arrived in Chihuahua, her home state, where she has been received in style, among flowers, mariachis and typical dances, as well as the affection for his people and his family, with whom he has […]

Two 17th-century paintings found in a dumpster on a German highway

It would be a canvas by the Italian Pietro Bellotti and a portrait painted by the Dutch Samuel van Hoogstraten, a pupil of Rembrandt. Police are investigating who abandoned them. A motorway rest area in the heart of Bavaria, Germany, a dumpster and two 17th century paintings in their golden frames: these are the ingredients […]