Why didn’t the “Take Me Out” -Fabio and Helena radio?

Apparently, it shouldn’t have been between Take Me Out candidate Fabio and his chosen one! When he appeared in the dome show, the Stuttgart man decided after his last question for single lady Helena. After the show, the two went on a date together with a trip in a limousine. The spark probably didn’t really want to jump over here – im Promiflash-Interview, Fabio now also revealed the reason!

“A woman just has to really flash me so that I’m really interested – and that didn’t happen”, explained Fabio Promiflash. On the day of the shoot, the Swabian with Italian roots was still overjoyed that getting to know each other worked so well. “But in retrospect, I honestly have to admit, she’s not really the type of woman I’m into,” the hottie admitted openly.

All in all, Fabio is especially happy that not all women pressed the buzzer right away. “That it didn’t work out with the woman I chose doesn’t really matter to me now”the fitness fan revealed. After all, his participation in the flirt show was a “mega cool experience”.

Fabio, Candidate for “Take Me Out”

Instagram / helena.lena.k

Helena, ehemalige Single-Dame bei “Take Me Out”
Fabio, known for “Take Me Out”


Supercar surpassed 500 km / h; It is the fastest in the world – El Tiempo de México

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After “Take Me Out”: Is Fabio still dating his match Helena?

With these two singles, the popular Take Me Out TV format crackled: Fabio and Helena left the studio as a match and then went on a romantic limousine date. So you could think that the moderator Ralf Schmitz (45) made both of them happy – or maybe not? Are Fabio and Helena still in contact after the dome show? Promiflash asked the “Take Me Out” candidate …

“We still had daily contact via WhatsApp for a while,” recalled Fabio im Promiflash– Interview after the TV show. However, these regular messages have now become significantly less. “On the day of the broadcast, we texted each other briefly – but that was it”, clarified the Stuttgart.

The last date of the two “Take Me Out” candidates was the day after the TV shoot: “I picked them up at the hotel the next day and then we went to Cologne, ate something and had a nice chat,” reported Fabio and raved about the time together: “She really is a mega-nice and personable woman.”

Instagram / helena.lena.k

“Take Me Out”-Kandidatin Helena im Oktober 2020
“Take Me Out”-Kandidat Fabio
Fabio, “Take Me Out”-Kandidat


Is Kate the haven of calm in your relationship with Prince William?

Duchess Kate (38) and Prince William (38) have been considered the royal dream couple for years. Although they struggled with some turbulence at the beginning of their relationship, they are now a happily married couple and parents of three children. The harmony is just right for the two of them, and that’s probably for a very specific reason: Kate exudes the most calm in the partnership with William!

The 38-year-old is said to have quite a temper, but the mother of three is supposedly always there to ground her husband again. “If William is too quick-tempered, it’s often Kate who brings him back to his senses”an insider told Daily Telegraph. Above all, negative press reports often confuse the Royal, as the source knew: “Kate is always the one who says: ‘Oh, just let her talk’.”

That William can be a real stubborn head is shown in the biography “Battle Of Brothers: William, Harry And The Inside Story Of A Family In Tumult” from Robert Lacey (76) clearly. In it, the author claims, among other things, that the monarch was so angry with his brother Prince Harry (36) after the Megxit that he allegedly did not even appear for lunch with the Queen.

Duchess Kate and Prince William in January 2020
The British Royals in March 2020
Duchess Kate and Prince William


Miley Cyrus’ dog was electrocuted on “The Voice” set

Miley Cyrus (27) is an avowed animal lover. In her home in Nashville, the singer surrounds herself with two domestic pigs, two horses, cats and dogs. The four-legged friends give her a lot of joy in everyday life – so much joy that she likes to take them with her to jobs. But once, Miley and her dog were almost fatal: Beagle Barbie caused a real shock on the set of The Voice.

This told Miley now on the radio show “Geena The Latina and Frankie V Morning Show”. She and her coach colleagues at the time were very focused on the singing performances of the talents. “And my dog ​​goes and bites the cables of the television that everyone is staring at.” Then suddenly they would have seen Barbie electrocuted and having a seizure.

Unfortunately, none of the bystanders could intervene, as the person who opened the fur nose’s mouth would also have received an electric shock. Nevertheless, the dicey situation ended well. “It was tough. […] But she is fine “stressed Miley at the end of the story.

Miley Cyrus with her beagle lady Barbie
Miley Cyrus, singer
Miley Cyrus im Februar 2019 in Beverly Hills


31-year-old former gymnast found dead – Puente Libre La Noticia Digital

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Not 22: How old is Netflix Emily from “Emily in Paris”?

Is she 22 now or not? While the French fans are not particularly enthusiastic about the Netflix series Emily in Paris because of many exaggerated clichés, viewers in this country can apparently not get enough of Lily Collins (31) and her adventures as Emily Cooper. The audience is particularly concerned with one question: How old is the British woman in her role? Most recently, the actress suspected that her character is just 22 years old – now rowing Lily back.

“This is how Emily looks at me when I misjudge her age,” writes the newly engaged beauty Twitter to a meme of her series character. The brunette looks slightly confused and rolls her eyes. “Sorry, girl! You may not be 22, but I have to say: sometimes you act like that”the Netflix star continues. How old Emily actually is according to the script, Lily does not reveal. Your colleague, Gabriel actor Lucas Bravo, has his very own guess: he meant in conversation with IS! Newsthat his TV flirt could be 24 years old.

And not only the exact age of the young or perhaps a little older Chicago woman will remain a secret. It is also not yet known if and when there will be a second season. After Lucas was in his Instagram-Story clips uploaded from the shoot, fans speculated about new episodes. However, the recordings seemed to be just a look back at season one.

Lily Collins im Mai 2019
Lily Collins and Lucas Bravo on the Netflix series "Emily in Paris"

Stephanie Branchu/Netflix

Lily Collins and Lucas Bravo on the Netflix series “Emily in Paris”
Excerpt from the Netflix series “Emily in Paris”


Markus Krampe: Wendler’s career is not necessarily over

The latest statements by Michael Wendler (48) are still making waves. A week ago, the pop star announced his resignation from the DSDS jury and raised serious allegations against the German government and RTL. The broadcaster then announced that planned projects would now be canceled – a severe blow to Michael’s career. Even so, his manager believes: There is still hope that not all cooperations will break down.

As Wendler manager Markus Krampe in Oliver Pocher’s (42) show “Pocher – dangerously honest” was a guest, he emphasized: Despite everything, the singer was still in demand. “The partners used to say: ‘Freedom of expression is freedom of expression'”he explained. Only the fact that the musician publicly attacked his station was viewed critically by some. However, the fact that he expressed his opinion on wearing masks was not an exclusion criterion for the partners.

And what does the scandal mean for Wendler’s wife Laura (20)? The 20-year-old works as an influencer with various companies. The company SmileSecret gave in one Promiflash-Interview already announced that Laura would not be without Laura as an advertising face in the future. Managers too Markus made it clear that many partners had expressed themselves similarly to him.

Markus Krampe, manager of Michael Wendler
Michael Wendler and Markus Krampe, 2010


Michael Wendler and Markus Krampe, 2010
Laura Müller, partner of Michael Wendler

Instagram / lauramuellerofficial

Laura Müller, partner of Michael Wendler


Divided! “The Voice” double chair not for Stef and Yvonne?

Are Yvonne Catterfeld (40) and Stefanie Kloß (35) making life difficult with their The Voice of Germany double chair? In the anniversary season of the casting show, the two musicians are currently sharing a buzzer. A completely new experience for the women, because both of them have only worked as individual coaches. And you can see that in them: Again and again are themselves Yvonne and Stef disagreed in their decisions – was the double chair a mistake after all?

In recent weeks, the audience noticed how seldom the women duo came up with a common denominator: “Yvonne and Stefanie just harmonize so zero! “, annoyed a user Twitter. Other users also recognized the problem: “Stef and Yvonne as a duo are somehow … difficult! “and” I would like that Yvonne decides alone again. I don’t know if this double number is so great! “, Read several comments on the platform.

But what to say Yvonne and Stef too? Before the show started, they were sure they would make a good team. “I’ve never said yes so quickly. I was really happy!”, Explained Yvonne in an interview with ProSiebenSAT.1. And the Silbermond front woman was also convinced: “It was like a silent bond between us, which just let us agree. We were both sure inside that it would work for us!”

Yvonne Catterfeld bei “The Voice of Germany” 2017
Mark Forster, Stefanie Kloß and Yvonne Catterfeld "The Voice of Germany"

ProSiebenSAT.1 / Richard Huebner

Mark Forster, Stefanie Kloß and Yvonne Catterfeld on “The Voice of Germany”
Stefanie Kloß, Silbermond front woman


Katy Perry is enthusiastic about Orlando Bloom’s papa qualities

She saw the light of day in August – Daisy Dove Bloom, the daughter of Katy Perry, 35, and Orlando Bloom, 43. Since then mainly reported Katy about being a new mom. She recently admitted to her followers that being a mother is a real “full-time job”. But how does your partner deal with his new father role? Now Katy raved about the actor’s papa qualities – and revealed one of Orlando’s baby tricks.

Across from Access Hollywood the American Idol juror chatted out like her and her fiancé hers Daisy make you fall asleep: You trust your “mom-voice” during this task Orlando would use a completely different tactic: The curse of the Caribbean star has a snare drum that he uses to make his daughter sleepy. Katy is apparently totally enthusiastic about this method: “He’s such a cool father, he does a great job!”

Did the Hollywood star already use this drum trick with his first child? Together with ex-wife Miranda Kerr (37), he has a son named Flynn (9). The actor and the top model were married from 2010 to 2013.

Katy Perry, 2020 on Instagram
Orlando Bloom in October 2020
Miranda Kerr und Orlando Bloom, 2008 in Sydney