MXGP 2020: Now available on Playstation 5!

Milestone announces today the release of MXGP 2020, the official video game of the FIM Motocross World Championship, in physical version on PlayStation 5 and accompanied by many features exclusive to this platform. Know that MXGP 2020 is already available only in dematerialized version on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, via STEAM.

If you are a fan of speed, you will be happy to know that the game benefits:
– Dynamic resolution up to 4K for more details and immersion.
– 60 frames per second for a smoother motocross experience.
– Support for the PS5 DualSense controller with haptic feedback and use of adaptive triggers to give players the feeling of riding a real motorcycle in the mud.
– Super-fast loading support to start the game with reduced loading times.
– An increase in the number of motorcycles per race, up to 14 players online.

* If you are interested in the game, it is currently available on MICROMANIA.FR, see this link


the studio comes out of silence to calm the fans again

When there is more, there is still more. Cyberpunk 2077 continues to be talked about and it’s still not good.

Cyberpunk 2077 became the ugly duckling of the video game within a few weeks. After more than eight years of development, fantastic teasing, jaw-dropping gameplay trailers and videos, Keanu Reeves’ appearances to promote the game, Night City was expected as the Messiah. Especially since the end of 2020 was not very rich on the video game side either.

All the lights were therefore green, and the stars aligned, to make Cyberpunk 2077 a real cardboard box. Before disaster begins to unfold, CD Projekt’s $ 300 million blockbuster had even started very well. Cyberpunk 2077 had recorded more than eight million pre-orders, a record against the heavyweight of the studio, The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt. Night City even boasted of having passed more than 13 million tracks in just 10 days.

photoCD Projekt which must now be accountable to the whole world

So how did CD Projekt go from the light of excitement to the darkness of anger? The first mixed reviews as well as the first negative feedback from players had already started to eat away at the popularity of the game. The opus then did not survive technical reality, with bugs galore and PS4 and Xbox One versions considered absolute and shameful failures. The withdrawal of the game from Sony’s PlayStation store as well as the Japanese studio to file a complaint, then confirmed the ugly turn of events.

Gradually, Cyberpunk 2077 got bogged down, crushed by anger and criticism, turning the big outing of the year into a disaster. Faced with this, the studio tried to stay the course, with a public apology in good faith, hoping to calm the gamers. But the story continues with a new bad buzz, so much so that CD Projekt has decided to come out of his den to silence the rumors.

photoYou who ask non-stop where is your PS5

A few weeks ago an “alleged” CD Projekt employee posted on the online forum of Reddit disturbing information about the supposed development of Cyberpunk 2077. According to cet « insider », the Polish studio would have intentionally cut several hours of play in order to offer it as a free DLC thereafter. He also gave a date for the first DLC: March 2021.

Cutting entire sections of a set to ensure the exit and save the furniture is unfortunately not exceptional (thought to Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness for example), but this idea would make the case worse Cyberpunk. Especially since the lifespan of the game, the richness of its missions and its universe, have been criticized by some.

Also according to this mysterious stranger, Keanu Reeves was not the studio’s first choice to play Johnny Silverhand. Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders) was their first idea, and the character was then more crazy and offbeat.

This “insider” also speaks of the morale of the teams at half mast, the delay of important patches, or the abandoned idea of ​​having drugged children in the streets of Night City.

Photo Cillian MurphyWell

CD Projekt did not remain silent and was quick to deny these rumors. In a Twitter post, the studio claims that everything is false, and that it was far too problematic to shut up:

“Normally we don’t comment on rumors but this time we wanted to make an exception, since this story is just not true.”

Why react this time, and take the risk of making the matter credible, by adding fuel to the fire? On Twitter, the question is divided, and the broken trust between gamers and the studio does not help. After all, it’s no secret that the development of Cyberpunk 2077 was done in pain, especially during the last months of production (the famous crunch, which caused debate on The Last of Us – Part II this year).

The Polish studio, which recently changed its internal policy (particularly on bonuses and therefore competition in teams), is currently the subject of legal proceedings for having misled investors about the quality of Cyberpunk 2077. So a lot of players will prefer to be on their toes about this matter, and frankly, we’re not really going to blame them.

It remains to be seen whether the release on PS5 will save the day, and if 2021 will help CD Projekt to regain control of their monster.


What can we expect for the Netflix series and the Karate Kid sequel?

The phenomenon Cobra Kai will have a season 4 on Netflix, which will be far from the last according to its creators. CAUTION SPOILERS!

Life is full of surprises, and Cobra Kai is a convincing example. Started on YouTube Red, this series derived from films Karaté Kid has been as successful as it has been amazing. To the writing ofLarge screen, we understood from season 1 that a small miracle was happening, just like Netflix, which has recovered the rights.

Far from the expected nostalgic blanket, the series has the bet to focus on Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), years after his defeat against hero Daniel Larusso, the pupil of sage Miyagi. Consumed by shame and depression since his failure, he finally decided to take back his old dojo.

With such a story of redemption tinged with cult figures andeaster eggs messy, Cobra Kai has become a real goose that lays golden eggs for Netflix. The streaming platform launched Season 3 on January 1, 2021, and was quick to confirm the start of a season 4, which should be available at the end of the year.

photoDespair when you’ve already finished season 3

But what to expect from this sequel? A conclusion ? Not according to producers and showrunners Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, who announced at the microphone of TVLine have a specific plan:

“We have one conclusion in mind. We’ve had it for a while, and it’s not Season 4. It’s way beyond. In our minds, we have entire seasons of stories to tell before we come to this conclusion. But that will be an upcoming discussion with our new partners at Netflix. Can we write going to this conclusion? Will we be able to know soon enough if this will happen? This is not always the case on television and we respect that. For now, we are continuing to write at the same speed, taking the path we have been on from the start. ”

Either way, Season 3 ended on a tantalizing cliffhanger, showing Kreese’s character (Martin Kove) calling someone on the phone. Very quickly, speculation suggested that this mysterious man would be none other than Terry Silver, Kreese’s Army companion and antagonist Karaté Kid 3. Would we have the big bad of season 4? Possible, especially since the creators of the series have always favored the return of the original actors in their story, and the comedian Thomas Ian Griffith could very well resume his role.

photo, Martin Kove“The lion does not associate with the cockroach”

This possibility would be all the more logical now that season 3 allowed a reconciliation between Johnny and his former opponent Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio). Indeed, if one of the strokes of genius of Cobra Kai was to transform the hero of Karaté Kid in turbo-asshole imbued with himself, the series has finally reunited them … to better ally against a common enemy?

Either way, the massive success of Cobra Kai got fans hoping for even the most extravagant ideas, like a Jaden Smith cameo to echo the remake of Karaté Kid with Jackie Chan, or an appearance of Hilary Swank in the role of Julie, the heroine of yet all rotten Miss Karaté Kid.

photo, William Zabka“This story goes too far …”

After all, one of the mysteries of the show has always been the identity of Tory’s mother, one of the students in the dojo. Since the saga Karaté Kid had few central female characters, many felt that this mysterious role could go to Hilary Swank or Robyn Lively, who played Jessica Kennedy in Karaté Kid 3.

If anything is possible for the one who believes, it would seem that Cobra Kai has a boulevard in front of it to allow everything in view of its unexpected box. While waiting to know what will reserve for us this season 4, we recommend our video on another great saga based on brawl: Ip Man.


Gods Will Fall: A gameplay trailer, and a pre-order launch!

Deep Silver announces the opening of pre-orders for Gods Will Fall. This purchase will come with an exclusive hunter’s helmet for anyone who pre-orders the game before its release on 29 january.

The hunter’s helmet is randomly assigned to each new game. The excitement of the hunt runs in the blood of the clan and it is a tradition to wear trophies proudly for all to admire. These trophies are represented by five distinct animal skins; a wolf, a bear, a boar, a fox and a badger. These cloths can be worn by any warrior and serve to warn the gods that the hunt has indeed begun.

In addition to the standard version of Gods Will Fall, players can also pre-order the Valiant Edition, in order to receive the Hunter’s Helmet and the Valley of the Sleeping Gods DLC.

– Three New Gods: Enter and fight your way through one of the three New Realms of Gods. These unexplored hells, populated with abominable minions, will put your courage to the test.
– New Weapon Classes: Play as two new types of barbarians, each with their own unique fighting style.
– New Items: A wealth of new equipment and supplies to aid your clan in battle and turn the tide of war.
– New Abilities: New melee methods to further expand your warriors’ combat system and ensure that the appropriate champion is chosen for the battle to come.
– Additions to the Overworld: As you travel through the Overworld, keep your eyes peeled and reveal the hidden secrets scattered throughout the environments.
– Warrior outfits: Dress your clan in the best possible clothes and dress them up for battle. Show off as you enter the fray in style.

Developed by the Clever Beans studio, located in Manchester, Gods Will Fall tells the story of some Celtic warriors, the survivors of a destroyed army, as they are on their way to overthrow the gods how cruel.

The game will be released on 29 january sur PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC et Stadia.


These are the best vehicle combinations in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – ntower

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has already been a few years under its belt (if you include the original version for the Wii U, there are even a few more), it is still very popular on the Nintendo Switch. This becomes clear when looking at various lists of sales figures, where the Nintendo Funracer has almost consistently occupied top positions since it was first published. This in turn means that in addition to the old (racing) hands, there are always new pilots climbing into the cockpit and doing their first laps on the crazy tracks.

In addition to the multitude of routes and characters, you are also spoiled for choice when deciding which vehicle to use. Vehicles, tires and gliders are available in increasing numbers depending on the game progress and offer seemingly endless combination possibilities. The decision is particularly difficult because the vehicles and other components differ not only in appearance, but also in their driving characteristics. By pressing the plus or minus button on your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or Joy-Con, a menu is displayed when selecting the vehicle that informs you about the various values ​​of your vehicle. The question now is: Do you want to focus on top speed or acceleration, on handling or something completely different? Or better: To what should you put?

This is probably the most frequently used vehicle combination in the competitive field.

© Nintendo

Because while you can celebrate some successes with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, true to the motto “Just choose what you get along with best”, it becomes clear at the latest in higher-class online races that there is a so-called Meta there – a preferred combination of characters and vehicle parts that is widely regarded as the best and is therefore used by a large part of the competitive community. We will explain to you exactly what this is in the following.

It is interesting to watch the meta change that has taken place from the switch from Wii U to the Nintendo Switch. Because while in Mario Kart 8 the highest possible speed was in the foreground, in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe it is acceleration, about which everything revolves. The reason for this is that with the revamped version for Nintendo’s hybrid console, on the one hand, the double item boxes and the Buu Huu item in particular celebrated their comeback. As a result, the likelihood of being affected by an item from a driver lying behind has increased significantly compared to the Wii U game. On the one hand, drivers have almost twice the chance of a helpful weapon and, on the other hand, the Buu Huu steals their protective items from the front seats, so that they are increasingly without defense. So instead of taking the lead at high speed and staying there, it is now a question of recovering as quickly as possible from inevitable hits with high acceleration.

Using vehicles with high acceleration also has another advantage that the game actually has in front of you keeps secret: Compared to the mobile pedestals, which have a maximum top speed, these vehicles have a longer lasting Mini-Turbothat you trigger by drifting and is therefore used in most of all corners. And the last important point when choosing the vehicle combination: Heavy characters generally have an advantage over light characters. That contradicts our credo of looking for the best possible acceleration, but you still want to assert yourself in the dense racing scene and there is practically nothing to ignore the big boys.

Taking into account all the points mentioned, you therefore want to rely on the following characters as well as vehicles and other components:

Nature: Waluigi, Donkey Kong or Roy (alternatively metal characters such as metal Mario, gold Mario and rose gold peach)

Vehicle: Wilder Wiggler (alternatively scooter or Yoshi bike)

Tires: Small (alternatively small (turquoise))

Glider: Paper planes (alternatively cloud balloons, parachutes or flower gliders)

Are there any alternative vehicle combinations that you swear by? Or will you try to switch to the meta-combinations? Let us know your opinion in the comments!


The Chorégies d’Orange hope to find music lovers and conquer gamers, cinephiles and rockers

The oldest lyric festival in France, deprived of spectators in 2020, will give next summer Samson and Delilah, a symphony for video games, a film concert and a ballet inspired by the group Queen.

Orange has been deprived of its visitors for almost a year. From June 18 to July 31, the Chorégies hope to reconnect with the crowd of major editions and make the ancient kingdom vibrate with new sounds. For its 151e edition, the oldest festival in France has rescheduled four highlights initially planned for 2020. Starting with Samson and Delilah from Saint-Saëns. The Béjart Ballet de Lausanne’s homage to the Queen group and the Italian mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli’s recital with the Musicians of Prince Monaco are also reprogrammed.

To make its comeback as successful as possible, which promises to be a decisive step for the future, the event also relied on some innovations. Its goal ? Open up to a new audience without losing its followers. Thus, between the Orchestra of La Scala of Milan for the show a Italian night, highlight of this edition, and a choir concert by Giuseppe Verdi conducted by Riccardo Chailly, the Chorégies d’Orange also honor a Video games symphony with the Marseille Opera.

A daring bet that Jean-Louis Grinda, director of the Chorégies, explains to AFP: “Video games have gone upmarket for their scenarios, their graphic quality but also for the level of their music which today is like film music.“And to add:” The idea of ​​this Video games symphony, it is to offer young people to see live at the ancient theater of Orange what they are used to hearing on their computer screen ».

Cine-concert and traveling recital

In the same vein, the ancient theater is also devoting a film-concert evening to the Kid by Charlie Chaplin, and invites the emerging French scene. The opportunity to discover the pianist Giovanni Bellucci with transcriptions by Verdi, Wagner, Bellini and Debussy.

Among the great novelties, the opera The Elixir of Love comes out of the ancient theater for the first time. “We’re going to play Donizetti on a truck transformed into a stage that will tour with a small group of solo orchestras in the southern region.», Explains the director. The selection of these young itinerant artists will take place next March.

Despite the financial difficulties, the Chorégies d’Orange are hoping next year to get off on the right foot. “We have the confidence of the public authorities. All we need now is to find the public, that’s the most important», Concludes Jean-Louis Grinda.


Game producer ″ Game of Thrones ″ was killed by poisoning

Chinese video game tycoon and film producer Lin Qi died last Christmas day. Shanghai police confirmed on Monday that he was killed by poisoning.

The head of the strategy game “Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming”, Lin Qi, was 39 years old. He started to feel bad already on December 16th, dying a few days later, on December 25th, at the time the cause of death was unknown.

Shanghai officials now reveal that death was premeditated and that the only suspect of poisoning the tycoon is already in detention. The defendant is only identified by the police by the nickname of Xu, which led the country’s media to advance the possibility that he was Xu Yao, the head of the film production department of the company founded by Lin Qi in 2009, the Yoozoo.

According to the country’s press, Xu Yao and Lin Qi had a labor dispute. The local press speculates that he was poisoned by a Chinese fermented drink.

Already according to the magazine “China Economic Weekly”, Lin was poisoned by drugs, following a dispute that led him to decide to cut Xu’s salary in an attempt to force him to leave the company.

Yoozoo’s announcement of Lin’s death on the social network Weibo drew thousands of comments, most of them expressing condolences, and was seen more than 290 million times.

Lin Qi was regarded as a growing star and his company was one of the first in the video game industry in China to go international. Yoozoo has several successes in the domestic market and, internationally, it is mainly known for the development of the multiplatform game “Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming”, inspired by the HBO period series. More recently, he also started to dedicate himself to audiovisual production.

Just last September, he had signed a partnership with Rian Craig Johnson (director of the movie “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”) and producer Plan B by Brad Pitt for the executive production of a Chinese science fiction series for the platform Netflix, adapting Liu Cixin’s “Three Body Problem” trilogy, explains the “Straits Times”.

Lin Qi had an estimated wealth of 850 million euros, according to the Hurun China Rich List, ranking of the biggest Chinese fortunes.


a first royal trailer for the return of Eddie Murphy

The second part ofa prince in New York arrives with a trailer.

Thirty-three years later A prince in New York, the cult universe of John Landis (Les Blues Brothers, The werewolf of London, An armchair for two) returns in a second opus. Eddie Murphy will still be there as Prince Akeem, alongside his staunch confidant Semmi (Arsenio Hall).

photo A prince in New YorkEddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in the original film

Walking in the footsteps of Mulan or from Soul, the film was originally intended for a theatrical release. But the health crisis, which persists across the world and in particular in the United States has decided otherwise. So that the film was eventually acquired by Amazon Prime Video Deadline reporting that the agreement between Paramount and the platform was fixed on the sum of 125 million dollars. As a reminder, the original film was around $ 288 million at the box office, enough to justify the interest of the platform and this impressive sum.

One thing is certain, it is therefore Amazon Prime which is responsible for revealing the trailer for the film. We find Prince Akeem who, while he is about to become the new king of Zamunda, finds out he has a son, Lavelle, who lives in Queens. Honoring his father’s last wish, Akeem therefore decides to return to the United States with his faithful sidekick Semmi.

If the director has changed (this time it will be Craig Brewer, to whom we owe Dolemite is my name) the original cast will be there. The trailer includes Tracy Morgan, Shari Headley, Leslie Jones, Rick Ross and James Earl Jones. Of course, Eddie Murphy will play a multitude of characters, staying true to the spirit of the first film.

To find out if his humor will appeal as much as in the 1980s, go to on March 5, 2021 on Prime Video.


Patty Jenkins continues to tackle Warner over movie release

Wonder Woman 1984 has been pushed back many times, but Patty Jenkins’ blockbuster didn’t wait for the pandemic to have timing issues.

If it will be the “last blockbuster of 2020 to be released in theaters” in the United States, we will have to wait until next January to see Wonder Woman 1984 At the movie theater. After the phenomenal success of the first Wonder Woman, the return of Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) to the DC Warner Extended Universe is eagerly awaited, but shouldn’t repeat the feat so easily though.

The film’s international start was more than disappointing, with worse results than those of Tenet, which had been a first cold shower for the studio. At home, the blockbuster is only a few hours away from its theatrical release, but also in streaming on HBO Max, a decision that has been applied to all the releases scheduled for 2021. Obviously, this stab a mutiny by several actors and directors, starting with Christopher Nolan who did not hesitate to qualify the platform as “worst streaming service“.

photo, Gal GadotBaston in the Warner offices

Although she has received financial compensation of tens of millions of dollars, Patty Jenkins also seems to have an account to settle with Warner, and even several. For a few weeks, the director has chained the spikes, explaining for example that she had to fight to obtain a fair salary, that the Warner forced her to change the end of Wonder Woman or that she hesitates to realize Wonder Woman 3 if the studio remains on the same distribution strategy. More recently, she told the New York Times that she had fought to avoid a winter release of the second part, which was initially due to land in November 2019:

“I never wanted him [ndlr : Wonder Woman 1984] so in winter. I fought against the studio because we were supposed to release it in the summer of 2020, but they didn’t have a big movie for 2019. I was doing a mini-series. [ndlr I Am The Night] , and suddenly they announced that they had moved the release date forward by seven months, which was going to give me a lot less time to do the movie than I got for Wonder Woman.

Photo Gal Gadot, Patty JenkinsGal Gadot et Patty Jenkins

So we talked about this all year, and I had to give up a whole limited series, just do the first two episodes, and just go full speed ahead and write an 80 page treatment along with I was trying to make the series. We were finally lucky it was postponed. The movie would have been a lot worse if it had been released then. “

In France, the film will not be released until theaters reopen on January 7 (if all goes well). In the meantime, our criticism of the first part is still on this side. We also come back to the phenomenon of Wonder Woman and what the film has changed in the industry there, while the first American reviews can be found here.


Mission: Impossible 7 – Tom Cruise’s Crisis Is a Scientology Staging, Actress Says

Actress violently lashes out at Tom Cruise and the Scientology sect and claims his cable cracking on Mission : Impossible 7 would be quirky.

So we hadn’t seen this one coming. You are probably not unaware that Tom Cruise was in the news recently after an unflattering audio recording hit the press. The star can be heard yelling at members of the film crew of Mission : Impossible 7 because of their lightness on barrier gestures.

Different bell sounds can be heard from, some seeing it as ridiculous diva behavior comparable to the legendary nervous breakdown of Christian Bale, others, like George Clooney for example, taking his defense and recalling that the actor is also the producer of the film, and therefore legally responsible for the safety of everyone on the set, not to mention its financial implication in the additional costs that would result from an interruption of the shooting. Finally, still others, in the middle of the ford, considered that Tom Cruise had raised a real problem with the wrong method. Except that in fact everyone would have it all wrong.

photo, Second ChanceLeah Remini in Second Chance, with Jennifer Lopez

This is what Leah Remini explains, an actress who was a member of the “Church” of Scientology for over 30 years before openly turning against the organization (to the point of being at the head of a show entirely directed against her), a religious sect with at least dubious legal practices in the United States and of which Tom Cruise has been a very active member for decades.

In a (very) long devastating letter published in The Underground Bunker, the actress explains in particular that one of the creeds of the cult is that diseases do not (or not exactly) come from germs, and that therefore:

photo, Second ChanceHere we go for the fight

“Tom does not believe in disease (…). Everything you see from Scientology and Scientologists (about the coronavirus pandemic, Editor’s note), like the wearing of masks and their supposed humanitarian efforts, is It’s just a masquerade. It’s only for their image. This reaction from Tom shows his true personality.

He is an abusive person. I have witnessed it, even experienced it on a lesser level, and his ex-girlfriend, employees, and friends have all told me about similar behaviors. He’s the real Tom. It’s the same kind of reaction Tom had to his household staff when they didn’t have the right ingredients for him to bake cookies. It’s the same tirade Tom gave when an assistant had the audacity to serve him a drink from a chipped mug.

photo, Tom CruiseThe world chasing Tom

(…) Tom doesn’t care about the families on his team, this is all for publicity. Tom doesn’t believe in family values. I mean, everyone’s falling for it is amazing. I could bet Tom’s Crisis was pre-written and had it recorded and leaked by his Scientology assistant. Hearing a wealthy actor with enormous power address his team in this way is a sign of weakness and signals a person with deep unrest. It’s not just the crisis from yet another asshole actor.

The fact that Tom Cruise pretends to care about others is the real reason some took him to task. They know it’s a publicity stunt, they know who Tom really is, and what he really believes in. Tom believes in destroying the family if a member decides to leave Scientology. Tom is from a cult that forbids victims of pedophiles from going to the police, Tom is from a cult that forbids rape victims from reporting crimes and abuse, and if they do, his cult says their lives must. be destroyed accordingly.

photo, Tom CruiseIn English we call it a “PR stunt”

(…) Most likely, two team members from the same department were chatting when Tom saw this as an opportunity to appear as the pinnacle of strength, as a leader who takes this pandemic seriously. This behavior is neither normal nor appropriate. No one can answer his cries without being fired. And again: neither Tom nor Scientology believe in this pandemic. I add that, Scientologists are so abusive and manipulative that they believe this ‘tone’ is the ‘victor tone’ in the country right now, and that can only help its reputation.

English speakers are advised to read the original letter (of which we have only taken a few extracts) to get a final opinion. Scientology for its part responded with a statement praising its action and calling Leah Remini “unreliable source attacking Scientology for attention and money”. We let you judge. Still, there must be a hell of a vibe right now on the set of Mission : Impossible 7.