SPEEDRUN: Nintendo Direct Summary – September 2021 – levelup.com

SPEEDRUN: Nintendo Direct Summary – September 2021levelup.com The pre-order of ‘Kirby and the Forgotten Land’ is now available in Amazon Mexico: ‘Bayonetta 3’ can now be …Xataka Mexico Fans complain about possible censorship in Bayonetta 3 and the director respondsAnime and Manga News | ANMO Sugoi Nintendo, your gaming legacy deserves more than just another […]

NFT videogames, the Argentine “vice” to win in cryptocurrencies

A few years ago, the youngest used to buy albums and go to the neighborhood kiosks to buy, paste and collect figurines. When there were few left to complete it, the bartering began at recess: “beats, beats, beats, NOLA!” or you played with your teammates to win that much desired figurine. Today, the greats continue […]

Season update 2021 for “F1 Mobile Racing” is here – Games

From hit games to megaflop, which games are coming and what is being played – every day of the week three current short messages on the day in the Games Telegram. Do23. September 2021 Season update 2021 for “F1 Mobile Racing” Codemasters and Electronic Arts released the 2021 season update for F1 Mobile Racing, the […]

Hollow Knight Silksong: The long-awaited release date would have been leaked

Hollow Knight Silksong is the long-awaited sequel to metroidvania Hollow Knight of which, to this day, we have had no further news. It was announced at the beginning of 2019 and, except for some images and a video showing its gameplay, we have not had more news of the project in all this time. However, […]

The GOOD and the BAD and the MEH of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

The GOOD and the BAD and the MEH of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxylevelup.com Marvel abruptly canceled Guardians of the Galaxy comicThird Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy impressions, a little surpriseHobby Consoles Gameplay MARVEL’S GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: Combates espectaculares y decisiones  Vandal Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, impressions. For a player, but always as a […]

Genshin Impact: New Events and Gachapon September 2021 – Dates and Details

Genshin Impact has already presented the upcoming events and gachapones that will arrive throughout the next days and weeks of September 2021, as part of their update 2.1. The free to play title of miHoYo add new characters, rewards and various activities so that the community can continue to enjoy news. Next we show you […]