CP of Spain condemns interference in Venezuela (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

The Communist Party of Spain (PCE) on Wednesday called for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the escape of the Venezuelan oppositionist Leopoldo López to Madrid and an apology from the Spanish government at Caracas:

In addition to the ongoing efforts of the United States and its allies to overthrow the government of Nicolás Maduro, another has been added in recent days. It affects Spain and, as a result, has the potential to worsen Spain’s relations with Venezuela. Accomplices were undoubtedly involved in Leopoldo López’s escape from the Spanish embassy in Caracas and his subsequent flight to Madrid. Who needs to be clarified urgently so as not to damage the reputation of the Spanish diplomatic services. (…)

Leopoldo López is jointly responsible for the provocations that resulted in more than forty deaths in Venezuela in 2014. He participated in the coup attempt in April 2019 and, from the Spanish embassy, ​​was involved in the failed attempt to intervene in Venezuela from Colombian territory in May 2020 with the support of this government and that of the United States. The “Operación Gedeón,” as part of which dozen mercenaries landed on beaches near Caracas, was supposed to facilitate a later US military intervention.

When López took refuge in the Spanish embassy in Caracas, the Spanish government and the European Union pledged that his stay in the diplomatic legation would not be used to develop actions against Venezuela. The opposition to the Maduro government draws its strength not from the strength of Guaidó, Capriles and López, but from the US State Department, the Colombian government and, to a lesser extent, the European Union.

Diplomatic pressure and blackmail from the United States have led dozens of countries to recognize a fictional president like Guaidó and to demand unrealistic negotiations that are to take place outside of democratic channels and elections, i.e. the channels through which the Venezuelan people express themselves politically. The United States and the European Union oppose the holding of the upcoming election on December 6th in Venezuela. This further contributes to the harassment of Venezuela that has caused so much trouble for the country. The Communist Party of Spain is campaigning for Spain and the EU to abandon this stance. (…)

The Communist Party of Spain reaffirms its solidarity with the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its support for its legitimate institutions. It condemns the constant interference and attacks on the sovereignty of the country and demands the immediate clarification of the circumstances of Leopoldo López’s escape and the assumption of all responsibilities, whatever level they may have been (…). At the same time, we demand that the European Union and the United States end their dishonest policy of harassment against the Venezuelan government of Nicolás Maduro.

Translation: Frederic Schnatterer


Gripezinha, golden shower, beating. Two years of Bolsonaro in ten sentences

“What is one golden shower? “, asked Jair Bolsonaro, through social media, on March 6, 2019. It was thought that the unusual phrase, said four months after his election regarding a sexual practice that the President of the Republic had known about in a Carnival video for those days, it was unsurpassed, nothing like that, and then he said many more, much to the shock and amazement of Brazil and, at times, the world – but, in many cases, to the pride of his persistent support base.

More and more at ease in his post, Bolsonaro began to claim the fame of an outspoken politician – his allies prefer to call him “spontaneous” or “genuine” – conquered in 28 years as a parliamentarian of very low clergy but very high profile, that is, little respected in the National Congress but very much coveted by humorous entertainment programs.


March of López strains relations between Spain and Venezuela

The march of the Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez of the residence of the Spanish ambassador in Caracas, Jesús Silva, -where he stayed for almost 18 months- led the Government of Nicolas Maduro to accuse Spain this Sunday of violating the Vienna Convention.

In a statement issued almost 36 hours after López left the ambassador’s residence for Madrid, the Maduro Executive denounced “the flagrant breach of the fundamental provisions of the Vienna Convention”, which governs diplomatic relations, by Spain, an end that a source from the Spanish mission denied to Efe.

“Unpublished” violation

According to the statement, there were “an unprecedented and continuous violation” of said convention, which “goes back, at least, to the year 2017 and has been carried out in Venezuelan territory directly by the Spanish ambassador.”

In particular, they denounce that “from inside the Spanish diplomatic residence” and “under the knowledge” of Silva, López planned at the beginning of 2020 “the mercenary operation called Gideon.”

That operation consisted of two failed raids In which 50 ex-military and ex-police officers participated, as well as two US military contractors, both former green boots.

The Government affirmed, when the events occurred, that this operation was aimed at killing President Nicolás Maduro, as well as “sowing violence and destabilization in the country.”

In addition, they say that “today it is clearly verifiable that the head of the Spanish diplomatic mission in Venezuela acted as the main organizer and confessed accomplice of the announced flight from Venezuelan territory” of López, without providing evidence to support this claim.

López remained in the ambassador’s residence since April 30, 2019, when he came out of the house arrest in which he was, to join an attempted military uprising led by fellow opponent Juan Guaidó, whom some 50 countries recognize as the president in charge of Venezuela.

Vienna Convention

Diplomatic sources have explained to Efe that Ambassador Silva has “always” respected the established norms, as well as the customs of the country, and deny that the Vienna Convention was violated, for which they reject the accusations made in the statement.

In addition, they have recalled that the note of the Venezuelan Executive has been issued hours after the Government of Spain issued a statement condemning the arrests of personnel from the Spanish Embassy in Caracas and the searches carried out in the houses of workers assigned to it on Saturday night, on understanding that these events do violate the Vienna Convention.

A guard at the diplomatic headquarters, identified as José Jerjes Neira, who had been working with the Spanish mission for several years, was detained by the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin), the same state security agency that searched the building where the employees reside. .

Hair joins the criticism, mature does not speak

He is considered the number two of Chavismo and vice president of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), God given hair, joined the criticism of Silva about the departure of López.

“He did not flee from the Embassy of Spain, guests do not flee, I guarantee you that, being a guest, the Spanish ambassador accompanied him to the door or the car that took him away, “said Cabello without arguing his statement.

However, Maduro has not spoken directly on the case, despite the fact that this Sunday he participated for about two hours in a televised event in which he announced several changes in his cabinet.


Chile reformulates itself (new-deutschland.de)

Apruebo (yes to a new constitution) is clearly in the majority in Concepción too.

Photo: Imago Images / Aton Chile

“Long live Chile, damn shit.” With these words, Salvador Allende’s grandson concluded his message on the short message service Twitter on the result of the referendum in Chile. Pablo Sepúlveda Allende, like his grandfather, is a doctor, lives and works in the Venezuelan capital Caracas. He had sent his assessment in advance: “For me, this overwhelming triumph has a symbolic meaning, because today the Chilean people have sent the catastrophic legacy of Pinochet onto the dung heap of history.”

Emotions were not only high at Allende in Caracas. After the initial results, thousands of Chileans flocked to the Plaza Italia in Santiago, which has been renamed the Place of Dignity (Plaza de la dignidad) since the protest movement began on October 18, 2019. Even if the ratings ranged from “a democratic lesson for the world” to “a bittersweet victory that cost too many lives”, one thing was unanimous: the constitution of 1980 stems from the Pinochet dictatorship (1973-90) at long last it had only served the top ten thousand anyway.

The right-wing government of Sebastián Piñera had granted the plebiscite after months of mass protests in the country since October 18, 2019, which were only taken off by the corona pandemic. More than 30 people were killed and over 200 people lost their eyesight to hard rubber bullets from the police.

The protests were triggered by an increase in ticket prices in local public transport by 30 pesos – the equivalent of three cents. “It’s not about 30 pesos, it’s about 30 years,” was one of the slogans shouted at the demos. In Chile, it is in fact about the consequences of 30 years of neoliberal politics, which were continued almost seamlessly after the end of the Pinochet dictatorship in 1990. Electricity, water, education, health and pension systems were privatized under General Augusto Pinochet. The social structures of democratic socialism, built under Salvador Allende, were smashed. This has not changed to this day, because the 1980 constitution put a stop to any major change.

The result is clear: the people of Chile are fed up with the constitution. 78.3 percent voted for a new constitution, only 21.7 percent want to adhere to the Pinochet constitution. The minimum participation of 50 percent was also achieved.

The referendum was originally scheduled for April, but the vote was postponed to October due to the corona crisis. The Chileans also had to decide who should draft a possible new constitution: a mixed assembly composed of MPs and citizens, or a pure citizens’ assembly with 155 members. 79 percent were in favor of the second variant without politicians, which shows the deep distrust of the political class, which for 30 years has made no move to question the constitution from the dictatorship. The pressure from the road made sure of that. The constitutional body is to be elected in April 2021; Another referendum is to be held on the draft he has drawn up in 2022.

In the protest movement, however, there is definitely skepticism. Quite a few consider the process of a constituent assembly to be a government trap: reform of the constitution, yes, but without really affecting the neoliberal model. Piñera has already mentioned ten points that, in his opinion, should be included in a new constitution. This includes the role of the traditional family and private educational and health institutions. This cannot be reconciled with the demands of the protest movement: an end to the private pension system, free education, health care for everyone.


“We have a drug that defeats the coronavirus 100%”

Editorial board
26 October 2020 16:08

The Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced today that the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Investigations (IVIC) has developed a drug that cancels 100% the virus that causes Covid-19.

“The Ivic – explained Maduro – tested a molecule used to treat hepatitis C for Covid-19. The study lasted six months and resulted in the 100% destruction of the SARS-COV-2 virus” . And this without any kind of toxicity for healthy cells and therefore without negative side effects “.

The study, if confirmed, could represent an important step forward in the fight against Covid-19 and must now be certified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Maduro finally reported that the 7 + 7 mechanism (seven days of lockdown and seven of flexibility), plus the use of masks and the application of bio-sanitary protocols has made it possible to contain the contagion curve. According to the latest report by the Venezuelan Ministry of Health, the infections recorded since March are 89,565, while the deaths have reached 773.

Mature explained that Venezuelan scientists have been studying the ursolic acid-based cure for six months. It is a molecule called TR-10 “totally isolated” from cells of infected patients “and subsequently compared with the Covid-19 virus” and as a result “gave 100% inhibition of virus replication”. Mature he said he was confident that the study will be ratified by the WHO and that “the preparation of mass production” will proceed “thanks to” international alliances “, of which he has not given other details.

Maduro anticipates Christmas

Meanwhile, Maduro himself has decreed the advance of the Christmas celebrations starting from last October 15. The singular measure was taken to try to stimulate the country’s economy, already exhausted by years in which the price of oil (the main and almost the only source of income for the country) collapsed, from American sanctions and now from the pandemic.

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From December 1st, the country’s tourist resorts should gradually reopen under strict security protocols.

Update October 28: Here’s what they really found out

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Maduro announced a medicine that “100% annihilates” Covid-19 – News

Even without vaccines confirmed worldwide against the coronavirus, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro confirmed that researchers from an agency of his government had found a molecule that completely eliminates the virus.

“Venezuela has achieved a medicine that cancels 100% the coronavirus,” he said through state television VTV and repeated that it is “the cure”.

The president also explained that the project was the initiative of Rafael Lacava, governor of Carabobo, who 10 years ago presented to the authorities the scientists who had the molecule, called DR-10 and found in Puerto Cabello.

According to the newspaper The National, that same molecule was also implemented to combat hepatitis C, HPV, Ebola and other diseases, according to the sayings of the Chavista.

“It does it without any type of toxicity. Venezuela has achieved a medicine that annihilates the coronavirus 100%,” he insisted the president, who a month ago announced that his country will test the vaccines of Russia and Cuba and that months ago, without concrete investigations, he had assured that interferon would cure the outbreak.

When making the announcement, Maduro indicated that he now hoped that the World Health Organization (WHO) would ratify the results obtained with the objective of facing, through international alliances, the massive production of this molecule.

After his statements, the Minister of Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez, explained that the ICIV began six months ago to study the biological activity of cells affected by Covid-19 and subjected to different concentrations of the identified active principle.

“It is a derivative of ursolic acid and this molecule has 100% inhibition of virus replication in vitro,” he said. and added that “later it was evaluated in healthy people without showing toxicity in the doses in which it was faced in the presence of the virus.”


Coronavirus: Venezuela developed “a medicine that cancels 100% the virus,” says Maduro

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that the Scientists from the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC) found a molecule that nullifies the effects caused by the coronavirus and is obtained from a medicinal plant.

“Today I can officially say that this molecule that was applied for Hepatitis C, Human Papillomavirus, has been tested for Covid-19 in Venezuela, “Maduro said on television last night.

Cuban doctor in Venezuela

“The TR10 molecule has been studied for 6 months in our “country and was tested for the purpose of annihilating the coronavirus, he said and added: “Venezuela has obtained a medicine that cancels 100 percent the coronavirus“.

The Venezuelan president assured that The established protocols will be followed to obtain the ratification of the molecule through the World Health Organization (WHO).

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The new confinement seeks to stop the viral spread, although the restrictions will be less strict than those of the first quarantine because “unemployment and poverty can also kill,” according to the French prime minister

The Minister of Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez, added after the investigation began six months ago with an initiative tothe governor of Carabobo, Rafael Lacava, who suggested a medicinal plant to them and from there the chemical studies were carried out. Covid-19 was exposed to different concentrations of the molecule and then the same process was done with healthy cells, and the molecular structure was identified.


Venezuela successfully tested molecule that cancels 100% coronavirus – News

Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research has successfully tested the DR10 molecule.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced Sunday that the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Investigations (IVIC) has successfully tested a molecule, DR10, which “cancels 100%” of the new coronavirus.

“The IVIC tested a molecule used to treat hepatitis C to treat covid-19. This study lasted six months, resulting in the annihilation of 100% of the virus. Venezuela obtained a drug that 100% cancels the coronavirus,” he told television. Venezuelan state-owned company.

According to Nicolás Maduro, the “study was certified, with all the necessary tests” and in the coming days Venezuela “will proceed (…) through the World Health Organization, to ratify (ratify) the results obtained”.


Venezuela: Leopoldo López fled the country and arrived in Spain | Latin America

He didn’t let himself be seen, so there are no photographs or statements. One of the main leaders of the Venezuelan opposition, Leopoldo López, who last year carried out a military coup against the government of Nicolás Maduro, fled the country and arrived at Madrid, Spain, at noon on Sunday.

On Twitter, Juan Guaidó, who led the failed uprising with him, ridiculed Maduro and his security apparatus, which did not detect the escape. “Mature, you don’t control anything”, he wrote in a tweet. “By deceiving the repressive apparatus, we managed to get our Commissioner for the Government Center, Leopoldo López, out of the country”.

López had been at the Spanish embassy in Caracas since last year, taking refuge there in order not to return to prison – he was found guilty of the violence of the 2014 protests against the Government, in which more than 40 people died, and sentenced to almost 14 years of prison, having in 2017 passed to the regime of house arrest.

His party, Popular Will (center-right), confirmed the escape, but no details were given on the operation that took place despite the security services’ surveillance of the Spanish embassy in the Venezuelan capital.

It is known that López left the embassy on Friday and took the plane that took him to Madrid on Saturday in Colombia. And the Venezuelan opposition, cited by the newspaper The country, says that following the escape, two people were arrested, a Venezuelan embassy official and an employee of the López family.

The Venezuelan security services also made a “reconnaissance” in a building where employees of the Spanish embassy reside.

The arrests and searches led the Spanish Government to clarify that López left by “personal and voluntary decision” and to condemn “arrests of personnel at his embassy” and “searches at personnel’s homes, or acts that suppose the breach of the obligations of the Convention Vienna on Diplomatic Relations ”.

It is known that from the airport – where journalists were waiting, but did not leave through the usual passenger door – López went to the family’s home. His wife, Lilian Tintori, and his father, businessman Leopoldo López Gil, already live in Madrid.

The opponent left a message to supporters on Twiter: “Venezuelans, this decision was not easy, but rest assured that you can count on this server to fight wherever you go”.

In prison and under house arrest, Leopoldo López maintained his political activity, having coordinated the work of Juan Guaidó, alongside those who emerged in the attempted failed military revolt. Guaidó took the lead in the revolt against Maduro and his government, and as president of the National Assembly with a majority of the opposition he proclaimed himself President, invoking the Constitution, being recognized at the time by more than 50 countries, including Portugal.

The anti-Maduro movement, however, lost momentum. And in a statement, Vontade Popular said that López will announce in the next few days what he intends to do to “coordinate new initiatives and promote freedom in Venezuela”.

His escape comes a month after Venezuela’s legislative elections, which the opposition will boycott.

López saw his political activity stopped by Spain while he was at the embassy. Madrid Foreign Minister Josep Borrell (now head of EU diplomacy) said Spain would not allow its embassy to be used as the center of the opposition.

Borrell also said at the time that Spain did not hand over López to the Venezuelan authorities, but that if the opponent wanted to apply for political asylum he would have to do so in Spanish territory and not at the embassy.


Brazil legend: Even the ball asked Pelé for an autograph

When you meet the Almighty, you won’t forget this day for the rest of your life. It happened to me on June 1, 1978, at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, at halftime.

Our German defending champions were just about to open the World Cup with a terrible 0-0 win against Poland, and after the tea break in the press center I got into the elevator to the stands. A hand quickly reached into the door from the outside and the person belonging to it said: “May I come with you too?”

It was God himself. O Rei, the king of football. As a young reporter, you can’t think of anything at such a moment, you’re paralyzed by the radiance of the figure of light from your feet up, but at least I managed the shortest interview of my life.

“Do you like the game?” I asked. “Well,” said Pelé. While I was desperately looking for another question, thank God the elevator opened again and he disappeared into the VIP stand.

On a par with Muhammad Ali

Reverence is no expression for what shot through my head and limbs at the time. But didn’t even our last emperor kneel before the king a few days ago? “For me,” Franz Beckenbauer wrote in an open birthday letter to the Brazilian in “Bild am Sonntag”, “you were and are the greatest footballer of all time.”

Pelé will be 80 on Friday. That is a dangerous age, because an 80-year-old legend is a corpse for many young people in these hasty times, they only know Messi and Ronaldo, at best Maradona.

Pele (r.) And boxer Muhammad in 1977 at the New York Cosmos Stadium

What: AP

Pelé is a fixture only for the elderly and the deceased among us, even Muhammad Ali had to be manfully remembered by Norman Mailer (“The Naked and the Dead”) with the sentence: “The heavyweight world champion is the great one Toe of God. ”The second big toe was Pele, and the feeling in his toe can at least be demonstrated in a shadowy way, a quick search on YouTube is enough.

The “Black Pearl”

Such video treasuries prevent the acrobatic pieces that Pelé has presented to the world from being flattened by the wheel of transience. The flickering images of this 17-year-old boy wonder in the 1958 World Cup final last eight seconds.

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Lionel Messi

The ball flies into the penalty area, the magician lets it drip off his chest, snakes like an eel past the clumsy Sweden Parling, juggles it over the head of the long Gustavsson, shot and goal. From then on, football was more than a game on the grass. From then on, football was Pelé.

After the final whistle, the “Pérola Negra”, the black pearl, howled on the chest of his goalkeeper Gylmar snot and water – but we’re not talking about Pelé’s feelings, but ours.

The legend in shoe size 38

We were children too, and we enjoyed this magician as if we were lucky enough to be born at the right time. We were spared the wounds of war, instead we experienced true miracles, the economic miracle, the miracle of Bern in 1954 – and thanks to the miracle of technology and the first flicker boxes, we also enjoyed the eighth wonder of the world: Pelé.

Brazil Pele Birthday

“The penalty area was his vaudeville stage, the ball stuck to his shin and to his soles, it never jumped off his feet, that magic boy with size 38 shoes.”

What: AP

In an old, dusty chronicle, the legendary magic is handed down as follows: “Football like jazz music, but without notes, only to the ear, with the heart, the feeling – the audience opened their mouths and eyes.”

Garrincha (the dribbler) and Didi (the thinker) were the first television stars of football, but the culmination of Brazilian witchcraft was Pelé. The penalty area was his vaudeville stage, the ball stuck to his shin and to his soles, it never jumped off his foot, that magic boy with shoe size 38. These were the slippers of a big child, and so he played – from the belly.

When Pelé played against VfB Stuttgart

“Even the ball asked Pelé for an autograph,” a Brazilian radio reporter claimed in those glorious times, and even we German boys, who until then had Fritz Walter and “Boss” Rahn, and then Uwe Seeler, wanted to go to the Pelé football field be.

We let his name – Edson Arantes do Nascimento – flawlessly melt on our tongues forwards and backwards, and our mothers had to put a “10” on our gym bib, after the number with Parling and Gustavsson at the latest.

Brazil Pele Birthday

Pele 1962. The following year, the miracle dribbler played with FC Santos against VfB Stuttgart

What: AP

A child does not forget anything. And the boy’s luck was crowned by his football-mad Uncle Jakob, who took him to special games in the Neckar Stadium in Stuttgart. In order to get in the mood for the upcoming Bundesliga, for example, VfB invited FC Santos in June 1963, and apart from the final score (1: 3), I have two things in the back of my mind.

VfB left winger Manne Reiner dribbled such a knot in the knee of world champion Djalma Santos that he demonstratively applauded him – and Pelé took a penalty against the young Sieloff that would not withstand any video evidence today.

The eternal debate about the best

Past. Statute of limitations. What counts at Pelé is the big picture, i.e. the aesthetic enjoyment of his gorgeous ball magic and his incredible 1284 goals. In 1970 he became world champion for the third time, as the culmination of an offensive close to perfection with Jairzinho, Gerson, Tostao and Rivelino.

He showed the most virtuoso tricks again and hit with left, right and head. He was a playmaker and striker and so perfect that Beckenbauer wrote to him these days in memory of the years they spent together at Cosmos New York: “You hit three or four opponents at full speed and outsmarted them like a panther. I have never seen anything like that in a footballer before or after. “


Pelé won the world title three times in his career


In the life afterwards, say Pelé’s critics, he was only half as good. Romario, a later Brazilian World Cup hero, even scoffed: “As long as Pelé is silent, he’s a poet.” Since then, Pelé only lets his feet speak, in front of goal walls or on children’s birthdays. With his feet he was a poem.

Was he the best? He never said that himself. Pelé always dribbled smoothly around the comparison with Maradona and Messi and preferred to say: “Michelangelo painted, Beethoven played the piano – and I played football.”