Background swear word referee on Inter penalty and Juve-Atalanta slow motion

How Ayroldi refereed in Juventus-Atalanta e Marinelli in Venice-Inter? The first proved, as it was easy to predict, a very difficult race even if there were no sensational cases, the second seemed simpler but had an ending that made us discuss. On his youtube channel it is the former Como referee Luca Marelli, Dazn’s moviolista […]

Pedro Almodovar, my imperfect mothers and brave women – Culture & Shows

Released from Venezia 78 with applause and the Volpi Cup to Penelope Cruz, Madres Paralelas, the latest film by Pedro Almodovar, arrives in cinemas from October 28 (Warner Bros). Maternity, even unwanted, being a woman today, the relations between the sexes, the uncompleted accounts with the Spanish past of the civil war are some of […]

Venice: Passed and rejected from the 2021 Film Festival

Beyond the Golden Lion and the verdicts of the jury chaired by Bong Jooh-ho, what remains of this Venezia 78, who are the pass and fail? 10 at the CINEMA – Vital as never before, ready to overflow in all forms. Never before have so many good films been seen like this year, all deserving, […]

«Reservations? A disaster”. Apologies from the Biennale

VENICE – The booking system? “A disaster”, exclaims the director of the Venice Film Festival, Alberto barbera. The president of the Biennale Roberto Cicutto, who had already apologized, mumbles. Barbera insists: «I spent the first three days being insulted by accredited persons who could not book seats in the dining room. Disaster is an appropriate […]

George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis, the photos together in Venice

If the best ideas are born from the union of different thoughts, then to retrace the history of the Venice Film Festival it is necessary to celebrate the most famous, enduring and iconic partnerships that have walked its red carpet. Speaking of memorable couples, we can’t help but go back to 2009, to that red […]

Venice, Franceschini: ‘No to tickets and turnstiles’ – Art

“Excessive crowding in the cities of art must be combated, but without any access contribution. Less invasive technologies must be exploited to control the flows, which exist, but when I think of turnstiles, an airport comes to mind, not a city. For the rest, everything is in the hands of the mayors, we are here […]

Venice: Pedro Almodóvar on Instagram’s apology, ‘great victory’ – Cinema

An apology from Instagram for removing the poster of the new film by Pedro Almodóvar Parallel Mothers – where a nipple in the foreground and a gushing drop of milk are represented – constitute “a great victory” for those who opposed the criterion of the social algorithm: so the Spanish director, who will present the […]