Subaru presents Solterra, the world’s first electric car – Tests and News

Subaru unveiled the Solterra, the first all-electric vehicle to be sold globally, and initially available in Japan, Europe, China and the United States from mid-2022. The SUV, developed with Toyota, is part of Subaru’s target. to complete the smooth transition from internal combustion engines to hybrid powertrains for zero-emission mobility. The name comes from the […]

Porsche 992 GTS driving test: for the enthusiast AllNews

Porsche 992 GTS driving test: for the enthusiastAutoblog Per euro the best 911 you can buy – Porsche 911 GTS – Reviewcar vision Porsche 992 GTS rijtest video The golden mean | Porsche 911 GTS (2021) | Review | car visioncar vision View full story on Google News .

US military reviews civilian casualty reports following air strikes

Dhe American military is investigating reports of possible civilian casualties following the air strike on a car belonging to the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in Kabul. The operation successfully averted an “immediate threat” to Kabul airport from the terrorists, and the results of the air strike are still being checked, according to a statement […]

New information on “FAR: Changing Tides” has been published

New updates for the new vehicle game “FAR: Changing Tides” were shown. The new trailer was presented for the first time at the Future Games Show, reports «Pixel». Shortly afterwards, at the Awesome Indies, the developer made it possible to get a more in-depth look in the form of another video. The game is a […]

Alabama: Nine children and teenagers die in a pile-up

Updated June 22, 2021, 10:08 am A beach trip in the USA ends with a horror crash. Eight children are killed in a van in a car accident involving multiple vehicles in Alabama. A father and his little daughter also die. You can find more panorama topics here Ten people, including nine children and adolescents, […]

Nine children and one adult killed in a pile-up

BNine children and one adult died in a pile-up in the US state of Alabama. The cause of the accident is apparently aquaplaning in heavy rain, said investigation chief Wayne Garlock. According to media reports, the fatalities are a 29-year-old father and his nine-month-old daughter as well as eight children from a state-run “girls ranch” […]

Are the Swiss voting against more climate protection?

ADriving a car for the rich only? Rip off the rural population? ”With such slogans, the national conservative Swiss People’s Party (SVP) railed against a new climate protection law that the Swiss will be voting on this Sunday. In its fight against the “left CO2 law”, which was approved by a large majority in parliament, […]

Mid-range icon is back: first look at the new Opel Astra

From the 80s to the 2000s, the Opel Astra was “forever second” in the German registration statistics – behind VW Kfer and Golf. After two decades of rather weak sales, the new Astra should fix it. Now there are the first official pictures. At the start, Opel only gives a glimpse The long success story […]