Bill Miller predicted the growth of Coinbase capitalization to $ 1 trillion

According to the legendary investor, in the future, the first public crypto exchange will outstrip Tesla in market value. Legendary investor Bill Miller predicted that the capitalization of the first public cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will exceed $ 1 trillion, Business Insider reports. According to the investor, the trading platform will outperform the Tesla automaker in […]

EM 2021: This betting slip is incredible! – Soccer

This is the betting slip of the year! A sports bettor can do a lot with two result tips. The football fan bet that the European Championship round of 16 between Spain and Croatia and between France and Switzerland will be 3: 3 after 90 minutes. On perhaps the most unbelievable day of the last […]

Corona incidence in summer 2021 will soon be slowed down

June 15, 2021 at 8:29 am Forecast for the summer : Why the rapid decline in the corona incidence will soon be thwarted With falling incidence numbers and rising temperatures, many people crowd into Cologne city center (symbol photo). Photo: Christoph Hardt / dpa Analysis Berlin Vaccinations, warmth and fresh air on the one hand […]