Apple sues Israeli spyware developer – RBC

The company previously stated that the software was embedded in gadgets and used for large-scale surveillance of politicians and journalists. Apple wants to ban the developer from using any of its products Фото: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images Apple is suing Israel’s NSO Group software developer and its parent company, which it claims are responsible […]

Bill Miller predicted the growth of Coinbase capitalization to $ 1 trillion

According to the legendary investor, in the future, the first public crypto exchange will outstrip Tesla in market value. Legendary investor Bill Miller predicted that the capitalization of the first public cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will exceed $ 1 trillion, Business Insider reports. According to the investor, the trading platform will outperform the Tesla automaker in […]

: Technology and media :: RBC

Technology and media , Sep 29, 08:00 0 It will continue to grow amid more frequent blocking of various resources and the fight against pirates Over the past year, the number of lawsuits in the field of information technology has grown by 21%. Most of it concerns the illegal use of computer programs Фото: Marlene […]

PlanB analyst allowed Bitcoin to drop to $ 30 thousand by December :: RBC.Crypto

The author of the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model believes that the decline in the value of the first cryptocurrency will occur if the time model is implemented PlanB analyst, the author of the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model, admitted that the price of bitcoin by the end of this year could drop to $ 30 thousand.According to the […]

The link between antibiotics and the development of cancer has been proven

Uncontrolled use of antibiotics may increase the risk of colon cancer by altering the microbiota Photo: Shutterstock Scientists have long speculated that antibiotics not only benefit, but also harm. That, saving lives in some situations, they provoke the development of other problems, in particular, cancer. And finally, it was possible to trace the connection between […]

The cost of “burned” Ethereum tokens exceeded $ 1 billion :: RBC.Crypto

The altcoin burning process started after the London update, which was activated on August 5th. Since then, some of the transaction fees have been destroyed, currently at a rate of 5 ETH per minute ($ 18 thousand) Since August 5, more than 300 thousand Ethereum have been burned for more than $ 1 billion, according […]

The Telegraph estimated the number of missing doses of AstraZeneca vaccine in Britain

While poor countries are struggling to get at least a minimal batch of vaccines, in the UK hundreds of thousands of doses are sent for disposal due to lack of demand. Фото: Getty Images In the UK, about 800,000 doses of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine have been expired and unusable, writes The Telegraph. The publication notes […]