Joe Biden confirms victory in Georgia after recount of votes | USA Elections 2020

United States President-elect Joe Biden was confirmed as the winner in the state of Georgia, after a manual recount of more than five million votes. Biden secures the 16 major voters in that state, maintaining the advantage of 306 major voters over Donald Trump’s 232, requiring 270 to secure the election.

Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia was announced by major media Americans last Friday, but given the short difference between the two candidates (about 14,000 votes), Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced a recount.

Six days later, Biden’s victory is confirmed, although the advantage has diminished somewhat – an additional 1872 votes were attributed to Trump, the difference between the two candidates now being 12,284 votes.

Trump was declared the winner in Floyd, Fayette and Walton counties, while Biden won in Douglas. In the remaining 159 counties in the state, the The New York Times, the changes were minimal, with the updating of votes, in many cases, varying by just one digit.

Brad Raffensperger, of the Republican Party, explained that the short difference is due to human error and not to any evidence of fraud, as Donald Trump’s campaign claimed, without providing evidence. During the recount process, Raffensperger said Tue received death threats and been pressured to void legal ballot papers.

“The recount process simply reaffirmed what we already knew: Georgia voters chose Joe Biden as their next President,” said Democratic Party spokesman Jaclyn Rothenberg, in a statement sent to the Associated Press.

The state of Georgia has until the end of this Friday to certify and submit the results of the various counties. As soon as he does, Donald Trump will have two business days to request a recount of the votes, if he stays at an equal difference or infers 0.5% – Joe Biden has 0.2% more than Trump.

In addition to Georgia’s symbolic value – Joe Biden was the first Democrat to win since Bill Clinton in 1996 – this state takes on a decisive role in the outcome of the Senate result, since on January 5 there are two decisive votes for that Republicans can keep their majority in the upper house of Congress.

Republican criticism

With a vote difference of more than six million nationwide, Donald Trump still does not recognize defeat and blocks the transition of power to the elected President.

Accumulating several defeats in the courts, and with little chance of winning in the ongoing cases, Trump seems to want to change the strategy a little, trying to postpone the certification of the results as much as possible and forcing it to be pushed into the Republican majority congresses. .

One case is that of Michigan, which Joe Biden won with an advantage of more than 156,000 votes, with Donald Trump inviting the representatives of that state to go to the White House this Friday, an action that is being seen as a way to pressure local authorities not to certify Joe Biden’s victory.

Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney accused Donald Trump of proceeding with undemocratic actions after failing to present sustained cases in court.

“After failing to present plausible cases of fraud or widespread conspiracy before any court, the President has now resorted to pressure on local and state authorities to subvert the will of the people and annul the election. It is difficult to imagine more anti-democratic action by an incumbent American President, ”wrote Romney on Twitter.

In the same vein, Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse issued a statement criticizing President Donald Trump and his lawyer Rudolph Giuliani for their statements in public, in which they continue to claim the existence of fraud, which they have failed to substantiate. in court.

“Based on what I read from their cases, when they appeared before the courts under oath, Donald Trump’s campaign lawyers repeatedly refused to claim fraud, because there are legal consequences for lying to the judges,” said Sasse, adding that the Trump team “lost or withdrew the five lawsuits in Michigan for being unable to provide any evidence”.

“Total Irresponsibility”

After a virtual meeting with several state governors, Joe Biden denounced Donald Trump’s “total irresponsibility” when trying to reverse the results.

“It sends a horrible message about what we are as a country,” said Biden, speaking to reporters in Wilmington, Delaware, reiterating that Donald Trump will be remembered as “one of the most irresponsible presidents in America’s history.”

“It is difficult to understand how this man thinks. What he is doing is outrageous ”, he added.


Stab in the back legend: The big lie that is supposed to make the eternal Trump possible

Donald Trump acts like a vicious narcissist from the classic textbook on psychology. The evil narcissist believes that he has magical abilities. He is convinced that by just talking he can influence the course of the universe. If he says: “I won!” Then he has won too. Whoever contradicts it is an enemy and must be exterminated, trampled underfoot, and destroyed. He doesn’t care about anything else because it doesn’t feel real to him.

This explains the strange discrepancy that Donald Trump, on the one hand, wants to remain the American President for whatever reason, but on the other hand shies away from the obligations of this office: He goes to the golf course while more than 1,000 Americans die of the Covid epidemic every day, and declared months ago that he was terribly bored with this topic.


US elections 2020: Political fate will be decided in Georgia

IIn no country was the presidential election tighter than in Georgia, where Joe Biden is ahead of President Donald Trump with 14,122 votes after the first round of the count. Since Friday, at the request of the Republicans, a recount of all five million ballots has taken place, and this by hand.

According to state secretary and election officer Brad Raffensperger, the recount must be completed by November 20, the day Georgia must officially certify the result.

But after the election is before the election. Because on January 5th there will be a runoff election for the two Senate seats. And this time it’s about more than just a seat. It’s about control of the Senate, about how powerful Joe Biden will be as US President.


How Paul Auster experienced the election: “As if I were looking at swastikas”

WORLD: Unlike Trump, Biden has had a very long career as a politician and is part of the political establishment. Is he the right man, “to make America great again?”

Paul Auster: I never want to hear that slogan again. Please don’t let us use it. It is just a myth and we must not uphold that myth. Biden wasn’t my first choice. It wasn’t even my second choice when there were twenty more candidates running for nomination. But over time, I realized that Biden’s nomination is the best thing that could have happened to us.


Jill Biden, the future first lady who wants to remain independent | USA Elections 2020

New year, new life – but in part, only. It is in this way that the future first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, faces the stage that will start from the 20th of January, when the husband and candidate declared winner of the US presidential, Joe Biden, takes Donald’s place. Trump in the White House, and herself taking on the role played in the past four years by Melania Trump.


Joe Biden can make history and choose a woman to head the US Department of Defense | USA Elections 2020

United States President-elect Joe Biden, who analysts say is preparing an inclusive cabinet, can make history and appoint a woman to head the Department of Defense. The name pointed out as probable for the place by the American press is that of Michèle Flournoy, who made a career at the Pentagon.

Considered a moderate, but advocate of strong international military cooperation, 59-year-old Michèle Flournoy has held several Pentagon posts since 1990, was Bill Clinton’s adviser and Under-Secretary of Defense between 2009 and 2012, when Barack Obama was President .

According to the Washington Post, Flournoy was also on the board of Booz Allen Hamilton, a defense company, which may create some obstacles to confirmation in Congress if appointed. But, the newspaper continues, its moderate positions should guarantee support on both sides of the Senate’s political spectrum (Democratic and Republican).

Since Biden, the Democratic Party candidate, won the November 3 presidential election, other names have been spoken for the place, such as that of Jeh Johnson, who was also secretary of the interior during the Obama presidency. But analysts point out that given Biden’s promise to set up an inclusive governing cabinet, everything points to the fact that for the first time in US history, she will be a woman in charge of defense.

The next secretary of defense faces two immediate challenges: managing the participation of the military apparatus on the home front in the fight against the coronavirus – the Guardian says they can be called on to the operation to distribute the vaccine, when it becomes available – and to help rebuild the international reputation of the United States, shaken by the escape from multilateralism by the Trump Administration, which has even considered withdrawing the United States from NATO.

“Whoever the next President is – said Michèle Flournoy in March, in a forum of the think tank Hudson Institute, cited hair LA Times – one of the items at the top of the agenda is going to be trying to change the perception ”that the US is no longer a reliable ally. However, he cautioned that drastic changes should not be made, nor will it happen from one moment to the next: “I think it will not be easy or happen overnight. Regaining confidence will take a lot of work and take years. (…) And one of the most dangerous trends, especially when there is a change of party [na presidência] is to assume that everything the predecessor did is wrong ”.

Joe Biden

In the interviews or lectures he gave in recent years, it is known that Michèle Flournoy considers China to be the greatest challenge for the United States in the coming years. And in the face of Pentagon budget cuts, he took what the country risks losing to Beijing the technological advantage it had for decades. On the other hand, he supported Trump’s decision to limit the presence of American troops in Afghanistan and said, LA Times, that the US should be more involved in combating terrorism in this region of the world and less in the internal affairs of countries.

Whether or not Flournoy is chosen, the next secretary of defense must also appease the entire military structure, which has experienced a troubled period throughout the Trump Administration – and not just because of budget cuts. Trump has had five Defense secretaries in four years: Jim Mattis, Patrick Shanahan (interim) and Mark Esper who was fired this November after the presidential elections and temporarily replaced by Christopher Miller. Esper is twice in this accounting because it had already been interim once, when Shanahan had to withdraw from the race for the seat already during the stage of hearings for confirmation in Congress due to domestic violence charges.

Mattis, Esper and Miller have military experience, Flournoy does not.

Esper was dismissed for not agreeing with President Trump about sending troops to halt protests that erupted across the country after the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of a policeman.

Biden faces other challenges in the task of choosing his office. In the face of a country torn in half (78.659 million votes for Biden, 71.105 million for President Donald Trump), and after the promise of “not being a President who divides, but one who unites”, he would tend to choose moderates, like Flournoy, for secretariats (equivalent to ministries). But it will also have to respond to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, which wants an inclusive but less moderate government to try to advance programs in some areas.

Susan Rice

Another woman, Susan Rice, who was a National Security adviser and US ambassador to the UN during the Obama Administration, is currently the most widely spoken name for the State Department (foreign affairs). It can make Republicans nose up because of the controversial statements he made in 2012, when four Americans died in an attack on September 11 against the US consulate in Bengazi, Libya; Hillary Clinton was the head of American diplomacy and Rice ambassador to the UN. Rice said the attack had characteristics of a spontaneous and unintended act and then corrected the statements. She was accused of “deceiving” Americans by a group of Republican senators, including John McCain.

Biden has yet to confirm any name for the future US government – he just announced that Ron Klain will be his chief of staff at the White House. On Saturday, he was approached by journalists while taking a bike ride and just said: the team is almost closed.


After the US election: Trump dismisses the chief of authorities after objecting to election fraud

Giuliani speaks of a large-scale conspiracy to fraudulent elections – without providing any evidence

Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Rudy Giuliani has accused democratically run cities of a nationwide conspiracy to fraudulent elections without any evidence. Giuliani’s remarks on Tuesday (local time) are part of attempts by US President Donald Trump’s campaign team to prevent the official confirmation of the election result, which was rated as a victory for Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Former New York City Mayor Giuliani spent most of his time claiming, without evidence, that there was a far-reaching system in Pennsylvania and elsewhere that Trump stole the election in the Battleground states, where Joe Biden was victorious.

At the hour-long trial, District Judge Matthew Brann told Giuliani that to agree would mean disenfranchising more than 6.8 million Pennsylvania people who had cast their vote. When asked by the judge how such an outcome could somehow be justified, Giuliani stated that the “remedy” corresponds to the “injury”.

The lawsuit revolves around a complaint that Philadelphia and six democratically controlled US counties allowed corrections to incorrect postal voting documents that otherwise would not have been counted due to minor defects such as a missing signature. It is unclear how many ballot papers there could be. It is unlikely that it could be enough to overturn the election result.

Democratic lawyers called on Brann to dismiss the case, claiming that the arguments put forward by Trump’s campaign team were not based on the Constitution or were irrelevant after a Supreme Court decision. The alleged evidence presented by Trump is at best average irregularities that do not justify non-recognition of the election and victory of Joe Biden.


Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro’s fear of Trump’s fate

AEven though Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro this week urged his compatriots to stop being a “country full of fagots” when dealing with Covid-19, his political friends prefer to play it safe. On the second floor of the “Mar Copacabana” hotel, the helpers tear open the windows and the moderator asks the hand-picked visitors to wear masks.

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The corona virus can be played down, but then nobody wants to be infected. On this November evening, only those who are on the list of invited guests are allowed into the hall. Globo, the media giant, is not one of them. When word got around in the hall that the camera team would not be let up, cheers broke out. “Globo garbage”, people shout contemptuously.

Actually, the weekend is only about the upcoming regional elections, but there is actually much more at stake. In probably no other Latin American presidential palace was the ballot in the US followed as closely as in Brasilia, as the Bolsonaro family is considered a kind of Latin American version of the Trump clan.

In Brazil, what happened in the United States was repeated

Like Trump, Bolsonaro specifically uses the breaking of taboos as a means of political communication, sometimes copying his style down to the smallest detail: the trivialization of the corona crisis, the media scolding, the denial of climate change. All the greater is the horror in the Bolsonaro camp over the defeat of Trump.

Because in the last few years what happened in the USA was repeated in Brazil with a time lag. And that is why the polls at the weekend are also trend-setting for Bolsonaro: Will he get away with his previous political style or does he have to realign himself to the experiences of his ally in the USA? It is the first political test of the post-Trump era.

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In honor of local politician Anderson Bourner, two popular heavyweights from the Bolsonaro cosmos have come: Rio’s Mayor Marcelo Crivella and Carla Zambelli, a loyal Bolsonaro MP with millions of followers on social networks.

Bourner is believed to be the Bolsonaro family’s candidate for Rio de Janeiro city council. But after four moderate Crivella years, the election campaign does not ignite in the city, which is considered one of the most important centers of power for Bolsonarism. And then there’s the result of the US elections.

Bolsonaro man in Rio de Janeiro: Anderson Bourner Photos by Tobias Buyer for his text on: Bolsonaro's fear of Trump's fate Contact: Tobias Buyer

Bolsonaro-Mann in Rio de Janeiro: Anderson Bourner

Source: Tobias Buyer

In the Bolsonaro camp, Trump’s defeat has not yet been admitted. Anderson Bourner defiantly calls Trump the “re-elected president”. Carla Zambelli publishes video clips from Fox News on her Twitter page allegedly proving electoral fraud in the US. This and the lack of congratulations from Bolsonaro show that his camp has not yet had a plan B after Joe Biden’s election victory.

Biden had already announced that he would work to preserve the Amazon rainforest, which is losing thousands of square kilometers to the land-consuming and highly profitable agricultural industry every year. “If the US is no longer interested in shopping in Brazil, I’m sure there are other countries that do. Who loses is only the USA, ”said Zambelli in an interview with WELT.

Relotius document photo: Tobias Buyer in conversation with Carla Zambelli Photos by Tobias Buyer on his text on: Bolsonaro's fear of Trump's fate Contact: Tobias Buyer

Reporter Tobias Buyer in conversation with Carla Zambelli

Source: Tobias Buyer

But it’s not that easy. With the imminent change of government in the USA, the signs for Brazil are changing significantly. Now it is not just the Europeans who are attacking Brazil for its Amazon policy. There will also be headwinds from Washington.

Political scientist Gaspard Estrada recently told Brazilian media that the new policy of the Brazilian government has focused on the personal relationship between the Bolsonaro and Trump families since 2019. The current situation would now amount to a growing political isolation of Brazil in the world. And at a particularly inopportune time for Bolsonaro.

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The trend of corona infections: rising in Argentina, falling in Brazil - that plays into Bolsonaro's hands

At the weekend and in the possible run-off elections two weeks later, he receives a kind of interim certificate from his compatriots. In Rio de Janeiro he could face total loss. Power could fall from the hands of Bolsonaro’s informant Crivella to Eduardo Paes, his predecessor. Paes stands for a pragmatic center-right course. An offer to all those for whom Bolsonaro is too radical right and the Brazilian left too socialist.

For Bolsonaro it would be a major defeat. Because in the background a similar constellation is brewing at the federal level. Bolsonaro’s former comrade-in-arms, the dispute Minister of Justice Sérgio Moro, is apparently planning a cooperation with the hugely popular TV show master Luciano Huck.

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Kombo Corona Protests

Protests against corona requirements

Huck, who has an even larger following in the social networks than Bolsonaro, would also stand for a more moderate center-right course. It was recently speculated that Huck had already introduced himself to companies to test his content. He has not yet officially announced his candidacy.

At the grassroots level, Anderson Bourner senses that day-to-day business is becoming more difficult. “It’s not that easy for us,” admits the candidate for the city council – and immediately blames the media and the blocking of content on social networks.

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In Brazil there has never been such a conservatism as it came with the American post-Trump wave in 2016 and then with Bolsonaro in 2018. In the USA, this wave should finally have expired by January 2021 at the latest. Bourner is nevertheless confident of victory: “We will continue this fight.” It remains to be seen how many Brazilians will take part.


Georgia Election: Why Republicans Don’t Recognize Joe Biden’s Victory

NOnly a handful of the 53 Republican Senators have so far congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden on his election victory. Instead, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Republican Senator from Kentucky, underlined in a speech in Congress that the incumbent President Donald Trump was “100 percent right” to go to court in the dispute over the US presidential election.

The Republicans in Washington are in a difficult position: your president and party colleague …


A rebirth of democracy? Not with Joe Biden!

Once again America dreams of reinventing itself. Everyone looks at the election winner. But will Joe Biden as President be more than a Donald Trump with a human face? Or is Trump even the more humane Biden? .