Donald Trump’s final days in office: impeachment proceedings started

In the US House of Representatives, according to one MP, the Democrats have passed a resolution to impeach President Donald Trump.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, awaits a response from Vice President Pence Foto: J. Scott Applewhite/ap

WASHINGTON afp / dpa | The US Democrats have passed a resolution in the House of Representatives to impeach President Donald Trump. The impeachment text, in which Trump is accused of “inciting a riot” because of the storm on the Capitol, was presented on Monday in the Congress Chamber, as the Democratic MP Ted Lieu announced. The Democrats also called on Vice President Mike Pence to remove Trump.

But the Republicans have blocked for the time being an ultimatum aimed at by the Democrats for US Vice President Mike Pence to remove incumbent President Donald Trump. The attempt by Democratic MP Steny Hoyer to pass a resolution unanimously failed on Monday due to opposition from Republican MP Alex Mooney.

The resolution was intended to call on Pence to take immediate steps to remove the incumbent president on the basis of an amendment to the US constitution following the storming of the US Capitol by supporters of Trump. The resolution stipulates that Pence respond to the request within 24 hours.

The House of Representatives will meet again on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. local time (3:00 p.m. CET). It is expected that it will then deal with the resolution again and decide on it. Since the Democrats have a majority in the chamber, the resolution should then be passed.

The spokeswoman for the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, had already urged Pence in the past few days to take steps to remove Trump. The basis is Amendment 25 of the US Constitution.

According to this, the vice-president can declare the president incapable of “exercising the rights and duties of office” with a majority of important cabinet members. But Pence has not yet responded to the demands.


US leftist over storming the Capitol: “warned of a coup since spring”

US civil rights activist Bill Fletcher believes that unions and the left should have mobilized against the violence of fascists at the Capitol.

The left in the USA is poorly organized, says Bill Fletcher Photo: private

taz: Mr. Fletcher, what went through your head when you saw the pictures of the Capitol?

Bill Fletcher: I wasn’t surprised. I was one of the few leftists who warned of a coup since spring. But it wasn’t until late August, early September that people started to worry. It felt like a fire alarm. Many leftists suddenly realized what a re-elected Trump administration could do. But even after that, there was still a reluctance to do what was necessary.

What do you think should have happened?

When it became clear that the fascists were coming to Washington on Wednesday, mass mobilization would have been necessary.

born 1954, has worked in black civil rights organizations, trade unions and in the trade union umbrella organization AFL-CIO and in the TransAfrica Forum, as well as taught at the Institute for Policy Studies. He has published several books on social justice and racism. And he works as a commentator for left media. Fletcher lives in Washington.

Could left-wing counter-demonstrators have prevented the storming of the Capitol?

We do not know that. But if unions and civil rights groups had mobilized counter-protest to Washington, the goal would have been to outnumber them. We have often seen that we can then drive out the fascists.

Do you have any examples of this?

Take the KuKluxKlan. I lived in Boston in the 90s. When the KuKluxKlan announced a demonstration that was attended by around 100 participants, we organized a counter-demonstration with 1,000 participants. We drove them out of town.

The storm on the Capitol was much bigger.

We can mobilize thousands too.

Violence might have occurred.

Who knows. But what we saw on Wednesday was violence.

Why was there no call from trade unionists, civil rights activists and other leftists on Wednesday?

Something like this has to be done in advance. On Wednesday the fascists had permission to march. And the Washington city government had asked city residents to stay home.

Under Trump, the left in the US was very active. Why couldn’t she react collectively to the congress strikers?

One of the problems facing the left in the US is that it is poorly organized. We don’t have a left party to speak of. Just a couple of small organizations like the Democratic Socialists of America. Very many leftists are not involved at all or are involved in social movements. Then we have progressives who are looking for structural changes in capitalism. We lacked a coherent strategy. Unfortunately, many leftists have long failed to see the substantial differences between neoliberal centrists and right-wing populists.

Why don’t you explain the difference?

The Democratic Party embraced the neoliberal economy in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The same thing happened with Republicans in the late 1970s. Many Democrats are liberal on so-called social issues, such as the right to vote and individual rights. But economically they are neoliberal fundamentalists. Bill and Hillary Clinton are classic examples. On the other hand, we have right-wing populists like Donald Trump. You are often rhetorically against the neoliberal economy. But in practice they make it their own. They talk about restructuring the system, but above all they want to strengthen white and male supremacy. Unlike these right-wing populists, the centrists do not directly threaten democratic capitalism.

How is it that many American leftists did not see the coup risk?

It is a form of American exceptionalism that has spread to left and progressive circles. Many believe in the resilience of US institutions. They think the system can correct it. They downplay the real dangers posed by the right-wing populist movement and the fascists.

As a young man, you were close to the Black Panthers.

I was a sympathizer.

What would have happened Wednesday if a group like the Black Panthers stormed Congress?

If leftists tried massively to do what the fascists did, it would make the Tian’anmen massacre look like a picnic. The people would have been arrested and they would have been killed. On Wednesday, the police seemed strangely unprepared. Although there were days of advance notice. And many police officers treated the coup plotters very nicely. Some even took selfies with them.

The police failure is also astonishing because Washington has such a high density of police and a lot of experience with mass events.

What we saw was sympathy from the ranks of the police for the fascists. I was thinking of the Costa Gavras film “Z”, which is about the preparations for the coup in Greece. And the penetration of the Greek police with fascists.

Do you call all Congress strikers fascists?

I don’t use the word lightly. The greater part of those who support Trump are right-wing populists. The fascists are a subgroup. On Wednesday, they were armed and prepared to install Trump as their autocratic leader.

And what do you call what the congressional strikers did? Terrorism? Treason? Coup attempt?

It was an attempted coup. It was terrorism. And it was treason. But we need to understand that the violence we saw on Wednesday is not taking place in a vacuum. These people didn’t drink any weird brew or smoke methamphetamine. You have a worldview in which whites are taking control of the US and the US is being pushed around by the rest of the world. And in which men lose their power. They want a white republic. And they believe the time is right for it.

There are people in the US who say that the storming of Congress has positive consequences because it divided the Republican Party and because Biden has been confirmed as president.

Wednesday complicated the position of the Republican Party’s obstructionists in Congress. But we must also see that the fascists have not disappeared, and that the opportunists in the Republican Party who played with fire have not disappeared either. What is happening now has evolved since 1968.

Why 1968?

It was then that Richard Nixon constructed the Southern Strategy in response to the George Wallace campaign. It was a white people strategy. The aim was to lure white voters away from the Democratic Party. Since then, the Republican Party has identified itself as a non-black party, describing the Democrats as the party of the minorities and as the party that gives things to people who don’t deserve them. To strengthen their core, Republicans have pushed the Liberals out of their party and turned it into a tough right-wing party. The Republicans are the only party in the advanced capitalist world that has made voter suppression a central part of its power strategy.

What are the consequences of Wednesday?

One is that prosecution of everyone involved – including Trump, for incitement to riot – and investigations into the police are necessary. Another that there are divisions in the Republican Party. It could be a threefold split where there will be the Trumpsters on the one hand, those who want to go back to normal on the other, and then the Lincoln Project centrists and people disgusted with where the party has gone. This does not necessarily have to lead to separate parties, but to a de facto split within the party.

The future Democratic President spoke to the public several hours before Trump on Wednesday. Joe Biden condemned the storming of the Capitol. But he didn’t sound like combative.

Biden still believes his role is to bring us all together. It was good that he called the putschists as insurgents and not as demonstrators. That was important.

Do you see any chance that the 25th Amendment and a new impeachment process will be used against Trump?

There is still too much uncertainty to predict. For example, on Wednesday, Vice President Pence started making decisions that a president normally makes. We don’t know if that was a mini-coup inside the cabinet that has already essentially overturned Trump.

What is the role of the trade unions, civil rights groups, civil society after Wednesday?

You need to put pressure on the Biden government to hold the fascists accountable and to remove from Congress those who helped instigate the violence.

Will there be strikes, demonstrations, petitions at the grassroots level?

We must use every tactic that is necessary to get the Biden government to do what is necessary. Wednesday has to be a wake-up call. In opposition to the right, we have to strengthen the new majority, we have to strengthen the people who voted for Biden, and we have to strengthen those who elected two Democratic senators in Georgia. We have to fight for power. Defensive actions are not enough. We need permanent organizations. Between now and the midterm elections in two years’ time, we need to form stronger blocs in the states to shift the balance of power. Because as long as the right – including the centrist right – has so much legislative power in the states, we’re stuck.


Impeachment against US President Trump: The Democrats are at odds

Young Democratic MPs want to remove US President Trump from office as soon as possible. The old guard is more reserved.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded in a tweet on Wednesday with only the word “Impeach” Foto: Joshua Roberts/reuters

NEW YORK CITY taz | “Impeach” is the only word in a tweet with that of the New York Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to the storm on the Capitol on Wednesday. In the hours that followed, a growing number of Democrats embraced Donald Trump’s impeachment. After his supporters storm the US Congress and the residences of governors in various states, and after Trump’s calls for violence and election fraud, they consider the US president to be too dangerous to keep him in office for another two weeks.

Left MP Ilhan Omar from Minnesota drafted a resolution to re-indict Trump. “We took an oath on the constitution,” said Omar. But the Democratic head of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, in whose office in the US Congress a Trump supporter from Arkansas lounged in her chair on Wednesday and put his shoes on her desk, has not yet embraced the possibility of a new impeachment against Trump voiced.

On Wednesday, when Trump supporters raged in the Capitol, Pelosi, along with the head of the Senate Democrats, Chuck Schumer, appealed to the president. Instead of hastening his end of office, they urged Trump to call his supporters to their senses. Future President Joe Biden also relied primarily on appeals to the man in the White House on Wednesday. “Go on national television, take your oath of office, defend the constitution, demand an end to the siege,” he urged Trump.

In his address, Biden made it clear that the forwards of the Congress had organized a “riot” and attacked democracy. But at the same time he tried to save the reputation and honor of his country. “They are a small group of extremists,” he said, “they do not represent America”. Biden continues to believe that bipartisan collaboration with Republicans is possible.

Chambers of parliament democratic

The Democrat, who last spring with his support for Biden had triggered his unexpected and rapid rise to the Democratic presidential candidate, had declared on the day before the storming of Congress that a second impeachment against Trump was lost time. South Carolina MP Jim Clyburn, who has a broad base of African-American voters, responded to the request to indict Trump over his phone call to the Republican Secretary of the Interior of Georgia. In the weekend’s telephone call, which was later published, the President urged the Georgia election result to be manipulated in his favor.

The day that Trump’s strikers occupied the Capitol and drove Congressmen into hiding was a grim day for US democracy. And no Democratic speaker neglected to point it out. But Wednesday was also the day on which the Democrats captured a viable, albeit wafer-thin majority in the US Congress.

The unexpected victory of two Democratic senators in the Georgia runoff election will ensure that the future majority in the US Senate will be 50:50. The Republican Mitch McConnell, who already sabotaged Barack Obama’s domestic and foreign policy and his nominations, has to give up the presidency of the Senate. A democrat, presumably Schumer, the previous head of the democratic group, will succeed him. In the event of a stalemate, Vice President Kamala Harris will vote with her voice.

For the first time since 2010, the Democrats again have majorities in both chambers. But the rift between left-wing Democrats, whose numbers have grown in the new Congress, and centrists remains large. This is also shown by the reactions to the forwards of the Capitol. While ex-President Obama called the attack a “moment of dishonor”, ​​the newly elected Missouri MP and Black Lives Matter activist Cori Bush went on the frontal counter-offensive. Like many leftists in the US, it demands that all Republicans who, like Trump, incited “this domestic terrorist attack”, be expelled from Congress.


Trump allows handover to Joe Biden: Joe Biden can start

US President Donald Trump gives up his blockade of handing over the business of government to Joe Biden. He names other members of the government.

Finally has access to ministries three weeks after the election: US President-elect Joe Biden Photo: ap

WASHINGTON taz | Almost three weeks after the US election date, the transition process from one government to another can officially begin. On Monday, US President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he had instructed the authorities to do what must be done – but added that he would continue to struggle to rotate the election results produced by “the most corrupt elections in American history.”

Previously, the head of the GSA, the authority responsible for the handover of government, had finally signed the document that guaranteed the team of incoming President Joe Biden access to the ministries and confidential information. Biden’s people now have six million dollars from the state treasury for the transition. And with this document the process of security clearance of Cabinet-designates can begin.

There were apparently several factors that moved Trump to allow the process now: The state of Michigan, central to Trump’s attempts to get 270 votes in the Electoral College, formally confirmed Biden’s victory on Monday. In Pennsylvania, where Trump had also hoped to get around 20 voters with the help of the Republican parliamentary majority, a lawsuit filed by his lawyers was also rejected in the second instance. At the same time, more and more Republican executives and over 100 board members from large financial companies wrote that the blockade must now be over, Trump should finally come to terms with his defeat.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, announced further nominations for top positions after his foreign policy selection was announced on Sunday. Former Democratic presidential candidate and future Secretary of State John Kerry is slated to become the government’s climate commissioner. He will have the task of representing the USA in international negotiations when – as announced by Biden – it returns to the Paris climate agreement.

With Janet Yellen, the former head of the US Federal Reserve is set to become the US’s first female Treasury Secretary. The Cuban exile Alejandro Mayorkas is said to be the first Latino to head the Ministry of Homeland Security, and Avril Haines, former CIA deputy chief, is to become the first woman to be the secret service coordinator.

Bernie Sanders is interested in the Department of Labor

The open question of how the left, progressive wing of the democrats will be represented in the new government. The supporters of the left-wing Senator Bernie Sanders had refrained from confrontation during the election campaign so as not to endanger the election of Trump, but are now pressing for influence.

Sanders himself has expressed an interest in taking over the Ministry of Labor, but faces stiff competition. Politically, however, Biden can hardly afford to bring neither Sanders nor the left-wing Senator Elizabeth Warren into the cabinet.

A sign to the left could be the nomination of the Native American Deb Haaland from New Mexico as head of the Interior Department, which oversees federal states, natural resources and funding programs for Native Americans. It is still unclear whether Biden will take this step.


Future Vice President Kamala Harris: a role model with a catch

For the first time, a woman becomes Vice President in the United States. But Kamala Harris also stands for a performance ideology that excludes many people.

PoC, but a symbol of the achievement society: Kamala Harris Photo: Andrew Harnik / ap

Without a doubt, Kamala Harris’ entry into the White House as Vice President alongside President Joe Biden is a double milestone. She is the first woman ever to hold one of these two offices – and the first non-white person to hold the second most important office in the United States. The election sends out a signal to everyone who has been underrepresented in the upper echelons of politics for centuries.

It is noteworthy that the appointment of Kamala Harris to the Running Mate in the summer actually came as no surprise. A few years ago it would have been different: When Barack Obama ran for election in 2008, he played it safe and presented a man next to him who shouldn’t scare the conservative voters in the country: Joe Biden.

However, there is a catch to the choice of Kamala Harris. Aside from the heavy and important symbolism, her entry into the White House alone will be the life of a single black mother from Minneapolis who Wendy’s works and has a second job to make ends meet, not improving.

On the contrary, Kamala Harris, with her habitus trimmed for self-optimization and her program, which is fixed on personal ambition – “Dream with ambition!” be: because they do not speak the necessary elaborate language, because they were not born into the “right” family (which is the case with Harris as the daughter of a professor and a researcher), because the ideology of performance thinking and constant self-optimization is alien to them , rather puts them under stress.

Jogging as a chosen symbol

It was very symbolic that Kamala Harris was filmed after the victory announcement after jogging of all places (“We did it Joe!”). In the USA, jogging is preferably the sport of the efficient, competitive people from California or New York City.

As the California attorney general and district attorney for San Francisco, she championed a tough line in pursuing minor offenses. She put pressure on parents of notorious truants – disproportionately black – with criminal threats. Kamala Harris has the chance to go down in history as a progressive vice president and driver of the president.

For this, however, an agenda is required that actually addresses the structural causes of the fatal inequality in the country and not only retells the original American, but long-unrealistic dream that anyone who obeys the rules can make it.


Elections in the US: Trump’s people are blocking in the Senate

After the election, Congress remains divided, with a Republican majority in the Senate. Reforms are therefore difficult.

The two chambers of Congress meet here in the Capitol in Washington Foto: J. Scott Applewhite / ap

BERLIN taz | History does not repeat itself – even if the Democratic Party had hoped to repeat its great successes of the 2008 election. At that time, with Barack Obama, they not only conquered the White House, but also comfortable majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Obama used these majorities to get his health care reform, which was vehemently criticized by the Republicans, through parliament.

If the trend of Joe Biden taking back the White House for the Democrats from Donald Trump this year is confirmed, he would still be in a less comfortable position than Obama twelve years ago. Because this time the Democrats failed to win a majority of the 100 seats in the Senate. They had hoped it would and in the polls it looked like they could win 4 or 5 seats on top of their 47 seats.

The party that has the majority in the Senate can not only pass laws, it also appoints the chairmen of the committees – and they determine what the senators should deal with. Obama saw the importance of this in the last year of his tenure, when the Senate Democratic majority was lost and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell refused to put Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court even on the agenda.

Like no other, McConnell drove the unfortunate trend that the Senate was only voting strictly according to party lines. McConnell also prevented, in the weeks leading up to the election, a second economic stimulus program with important assistance for all those affected by Covid-19 restrictions from being adopted.

Georgia makes it exciting

There were no longer any compromises with the Republican Party, which had moved further and further to the right since the 1990s. In the past, important reform projects were prepared by a Democratic Senator and a Republican Senator. (At that time, female senators were the big exception, even now only 23 of the 100 Senate members are women.) For example, the Republican John McCain worked with the Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy on a proposal for reforming immigration – a multi-year undertaking that ultimately failed in the House of Representatives.

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So if Joe Biden were to become the 46th President of the United States, he would have to prepare to drill thick boards. As of the current count, the Senate ranks 48 to 48. 4 seats are still open, with probably 3 going to Republicans – in Georgia, Maine and North Carolina – while in Arizona, former astronaut Mark Kelly is for the Democrats Senate moves in.

In addition, there will be a runoff election in Georgia in January, in which the black Democratic pastor Raphael Warnock will run against the Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler. The contrast between the two could hardly be greater, and the campaign there will bring back memories of the gubernatorial election two years ago, which black politician Stacey Abrams narrowly lost.

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With a Republican majority in the Senate led by the conservative blocker Mitch McConnell, it would be much more difficult for a Biden administration to implement its immigration, health, and environmental and taxation goals.

Referendums on sex education and drug approval

McConnell could also make life difficult for President Biden in appointments to government and judicial posts that require Senate approval by law. “The Republicans in the Senate will be in a very strong position for the next two years,” Republican Senator John Barasso told the New York Times. “Nothing can become law without our consent.” In two years’ time, a third of the Senate will be up for election; only then could anything change in the majority.

It is of no use to the Democrats that they were able to maintain their majority in the House of Representatives. A divided Congress is a guarantee of legislative deadlock. However, several referendums held in parallel to the presidential election in the individual states have shown that progressive politics need not be without a chance.

In Washington state, sex education will be taught in schools from 2022 – much to the displeasure of religious circles. Drug laws are being relaxed in several states, including Mississippi and New Jersey, and small-scale possession of any drug is being decriminalized in Oregon.

However, a referendum can also reverse reforms, such as with the transport service providers Uber and Lyft in California. They do not have to keep their employees permanent, as the state parliament decided at the beginning of the year. And in Virginia, several statues of Civil War generals remain on their pedestals thanks to a referendum – even though a reassessment of the racist history of the southern states is being demanded louder and louder, and not just by blacks.


Trump’s fear strategy: Biden in distress

Trump blames the democrats for the unrest. His challenger Biden responds with a moderate tone. He doesn’t convince anyone with that.

Is that what a left-wing radical looks like? For Trump it is. His challenger Biden – also hooded Photo: Carolyn Kaster / ap

What US President Donald Trump is currently doing in the crisis over police violence and racism is cold calculation. Two months before the election, Trump believes that he has found the solution for his re-election: the fear of chaos and looting, which he blames the Democrats on. Because they are left-wing radicals and want to plunge the USA into chaos, as can already be seen from the freely rotating mob in the cities they rule.

The maneuver is as simple as it is transparent, but surprisingly effective. In the polls, violence in the cities ranks fifth among the concerns of citizens – and challenger Joe Biden, although neither left nor radical, feels compelled to condemn all violence. And he can only lose. Trump will not stop slandering him.

But when Biden says, as he did on Monday: “Creating unrest is not a protest”, then too many who have followed the clashes over racist police violence for decades know that this is simply not true. Who would still know the name Rodney King today if it hadn’t burned Los Angeles for days after the scandalous acquittal of the police officers who beat him up in 1992?

And would Black Lives Matter ever have been taken seriously if after the deaths of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Tony Robinson, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and all the others, only a few people had ever laid flowers and gone home for dinner?

Violence is despicable, but especially in a structurally violent country like the USA, it is a lie to accuse protesters of all people. Joe Biden knows this but can’t tell. He must approve of the cause of the protests, but condemn their forms. As a result, he doesn’t convince anyone.

And the more he drifts around Trump – who doesn’t even think about distancing himself from the violence of his own supporters – the more helpless and haphazard he appears. And the more likely he is that, as in 2016, the left wing will not go to the ballot box that never wanted him as a candidate anyway. But he cannot win without it.

Trump’s calculation works. The issue is not his fatal corona management, but the riots in the cities. And not he is under pressure, but his opponent. A society falls by the wayside that is increasingly fighting each other and making Trump shout even louder for “Law and Order”. It’s perfidious. But it works.


US Republican Congress ends: Trump’s uninspired gloom

US President Donald Trump speaks for 70 minutes at the end of the Republican party conference. His message: Scare off Joe Biden.

Election campaign in front of the White House – not a taboo for Donald Trump Photo: Alex Brandon / ap

NEW YORK taz | It was one of the longest speeches with which a US presidential candidate has ever accepted his nomination. But what Donald Trump delivered on Thursday evening at the end of the Republican Party Congress can be summed up in a few words: He was scared.

He did that when he was first elected four years ago. But in contrast to the foreign criminals, rapists and dealers he warned against at the time, this time he fueled the fear of internal enemies – of “violent anarchists, agitators and criminals” who supposedly control his challenger, the democratic centrist Joe Biden to have.

In his more than 70-minute speech, Trump warned that with the election of Biden, the US would sink into the violence and chaos in which, according to his description, the democratically governed cities are already located.

Unsurprisingly, Trump described himself as the greatest US president since Abraham Lincoln. But the big issues that hit large parts of the US public this year did not even come up to him. He said nothing about the mass unemployment and nothing about the impoverishment of tens of millions of his compatriots, only brought success reports about his handling of the corona virus, from the consequences of which more than 180,000 people in the USA have already died, not a word about racism and that Police violence and was completely silent about the climate crisis.

Official seat abused for election campaign purposes

The strangely uninspired speech, in which Trump focused on the charges against Biden as if he were the challenger, not the incumbent, ended a bizarre four-day Republican convention. Trump gave his speech in front of around 1,500 guests who were sitting close together and almost none of whom wore a mask. The final was played entirely in the White House garden. At a location that has been reserved for non-partisan politics since the dawn of US history.

Never before has a US president used his official residence, which is a federally owned building, for a campaign event. But Trump has shown himself over and over again with video clips from there during the party congress. Among other things, he pardoned a convicted bank robber and presented documents of US citizenship to five immigrants. Of the five knew aloud New York Times several not that Trump appropriated them for his election campaign.

At the end of his party congress, Trump organized a fireworks display over the mall in central Washington, which is also federally owned, and that was also a break with usages and a finger finger for the overwhelmingly democratic population of the US capital. In the middle of his campaign speech at his officially non-partisan office, Trump said on Thursday: “We are here – they are not”. Many Democrats interpreted this as a renewed threat that Trump would not be willing to go voluntarily if he lost the election in November.

On Tuesday, the First Lady had already used the rose garden of the White House for her appearance at the party conference. She appeared in a skin-tight military green costume and tried to portray her husband as “sensitive” and “loving”.

Target group of the speech: your own radical basis

The US Secretary of State also violated the rules of his own ministry, which expressly forbids party political involvement in the service. Mike Pompeo joined the party congress from a business trip to Israel. On a roof in Jerusalem he praised Trump’s services to “peace in the Middle East”. His reasoning: Trump terminated the nuclear treaty with Iran, moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and initiated a treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The ministry’s press office then said that Pompeo spoke in his spare time and that the ministry did not incur any costs.

It was a “dark, angry speech,” said Democratic presidential candidate Biden of Trump’s speech on Thursday evening. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she would not advocate Biden upgrading Trump through a televised debate.

In his speech, as in other election campaign appearances, Trump addressed himself primarily to his radical base. He also juggled racist suggestions again. Including the threat that Biden would destroy their suburbs – which alludes to a program by the Democrats to build apartments for poor and African American families in white middle-class suburbs.

For Trump, Biden is someone who is “on the wrong side of history”. As examples, Trump listed things with which he already campaigned against Hillary Clinton in his first election campaign. Including the free trade agreements. This time he added China as a warning. According to Trump, the US will belong to China if Biden is elected.

During Trump’s speech, a historic athlete strike took place in US basketball and baseball stadiums. They were protesting against police violence and the racism that Trump denies. The noise of a demonstration echoed into the garden from the forecourt of the White House. Among other things, the slogan rang out in front of the White House: “Lock him up”.


Criticism of Donald Trump: Obama and Harris do the math

Barack Obama and Kamala Harris find hard words at the Democratic Party Conference. Trump’s presidency cost life.

Ex-President Barack Obama at the virtual party conference: “Democratic institutions more threatened than ever” Photo: dpa

WILMINGTON afp | The opposition US Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris went tough with President Donald Trump in her nomination speech. “Donald Trump’s failure in leadership has cost lives and livelihoods,” Harris said on Wednesday evening (local time) at the Democratic virtual party conference. Ex-President Barack Obama called Trump a threat to democracy – and promoted his former deputy Joe Biden, who will challenge the incumbent on November 3rd.

“We are at a turning point,” Harris said in her speech she gave in Biden’s hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. She accused Trump of “incompetence” and “heartlessness”. “We now have a president who turns our tragedies into political weapons,” said the senator with Jamaican-Indian roots. Biden, on the other hand, will be “a president who will bring us all together”.

The 55-year-old reaffirmed the values ​​of “decency and fairness, justice and love” and announced a determined election campaign: “In this election we have the chance to change the course of history,” said Harris. “Let us fight with conviction. Let’s fight with hope. Let’s fight with trust in us. ”If Harris won the election, she would make history – she would become the first woman and first African American woman to become Vice President of the United States.

Before Harris, Obama had given his party conference speech. “I was hoping that Donald Trump could show an interest in taking the job seriously, for the good of our country; that he could feel the weight of the office and discover awe for the democracy that has been placed in his care, “said the first black president in US history. “But he never has.”

170,000 Corona-Tote in the USA

The Republican treats the presidency “like another reality show that he can use to get the attention he longs for,” criticized Obama. “Donald Trump didn’t grow into the job because he can’t.”

This has serious consequences: 170,000 people died in the corona pandemic in the USA, millions of people lost their jobs, the reputation of the USA was damaged worldwide, and “our democratic institutions are threatened like never before”.

“Tonight I call on you to believe in the ability of Joe and Kamala to lead this country out of dark times and to rebuild it better,” said Obama.

77-year-old Biden will give his nomination speech on Thursday at the end of the four-day party conference. In the polls he is currently ahead of the three years younger president. But the Democrats have to mobilize many voters if they want to oust Trump from the White House, especially in the hotly contested key states.


US Democratic Party Conference: Biden becomes an official candidate

Joe Biden is elected as Trump’s challenger in the presidential election by a large majority. He receives a lot of virtual support.

Applause, applause: Joe Biden is named Trump challenger at the virtual party conference Foto: Brian Snyder/Reuters

MILWAUKEE afp | Former US Vice President Joe Biden is officially the challenger to President Donald Trump in the November 3rd election. The opposition Democrats named the 77-year-old as a presidential candidate on Tuesday evening (local time) at their virtual party conference. While former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton promoted Biden, his wife Jill gave a very personal and moving speech.

Joseph R. Biden had prevailed in the Democrats’ primary race and had been the party’s presidential candidate since April. At the party conference, which was largely held virtually due to the corona pandemic, he was now officially elected as a candidate by the delegates with a large majority. The left Senator Bernie Sanders was also an option; Biden’s victory was seen as a purely formality.

The 77-year-old thanked the delegates “from the bottom of his heart” in a live video link. “That means everything to me and my family.” The long-time senator will give his nomination speech on Thursday at the end of the party congress from his home state of Delaware.

During the vote, the Democrats switched to video in all 57 states and territories in the United States. At the so-called roll call, it was announced how many delegate votes would go to Biden and how many would go to Sanders. The center politician Biden approached the left-wing party camp after his pre-election success and accepted suggestions from the progressive wing without fundamentally deviating from his moderate course.

Prominent supporters

Ex-President Carter promoted Biden in an audio message on Tuesday. “Joe has the experience, the strength of character and the decency to bring us together and restore America’s greatness.” Ex-President Clinton made sharp attacks on Trump in a video message: “In times like these, the Oval Office should be a command center. Instead it is a trouble spot. There is only chaos. “

Republican and former US Secretary of State Colin Powell has also called for Biden’s election. “Today we are a divided country and we have a president who does everything in his power to keep it that way,” said Powell. Biden hopes to win many Conservative voters disappointed by Trump in the presidential election.

The highlight of the evening was the speech by Biden’s wife Jill. She promised her husband would bring leadership and compassion to the White House if he won the election. The 69-year-old spoke about the strokes of fate in her husband’s life, who lost his first wife and daughter in a car accident and a son through illness.

“How do you bring a broken family back together? Just like you bring a nation together: with love and understanding and small gestures of kindness, with courage, with unshakable faith, ”said the former Second Lady.

Biden moves together with the black Senator Kamala Harris as a vice-candidate in the election campaign against Trump. Harris will deliver her party conference speech on Wednesday.