Princess Eugenie, Meghan Markle’s last link with the royal family?

While Princess Eugenie of York gave birth on February 9, Meghan Markle caused a surprise by announcing a new pregnancy on February 14. Two events that would have brought them together.

If Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie are separated by a continent, they have apparently never been so close emotionally. Indeed, the two members of the royal family would have been linked during their respective pregnancies according to declarations of their relatives to the site of the magazine. People. Two weeks ago, Princess Eugenie welcomed a son on February 9, named August Philip Hawke Brooksbank, who is her first child with husband Jack Brooksbank. Days later, Meghan revealed she was pregnant with her second child on February 14. While the two announcements could have put the two young women in “competition”, the circumstances would have, on the contrary, strengthened their bond.

“These are events that bring families together,” said the source. It’s adorable that Eugenie is having a baby and that Harry and Meghan are expecting theirs. They are very close. And they all decide to go their own way. ” While the Sussexes have indeed ratified the Megxit, Princess Eugenie refuses that her son, August, bears a royal title. The latter has just moved with her family to Frogmore Cottage, where the Sussexes lived when they lived in England.

In video, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting their second child

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The relationship between Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie had not necessarily started under the best auspices. Before revealing her pregnancy to the general public in October 2018, the Duchess of Sussex had announced it to the royal family a few days earlier, at the wedding of Princess Eugenie. A decision that would have greatly displeased her in-laws and her husband Prince Harry, very “embarrassed” by this surprise. Princess Eugenie and her mother Sarah Ferguson were “furious” after the impromptu announcement. But the hostlities would have lasted only a time.

Indeed, the friendship between Princess Eugenie and Meghan Markle would then have been built thanks to the special bond between Prince Harry and his cousin. Information mentioned in the Sussexes’ “Authorized Biography”, titled Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family – Editor’s note): “Eugenie has always been more than just a cousin for Harry,” wrote authors Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie. They are also very close friends. Among all of the Queen’s grandchildren, they have one of the most natural ties. Much like her cousin, Prince Andrew’s youngest is loyal, honest and a lot of fun. The two heirs spent many evenings together in London. ” Before continuing: “Harry has always confided in his cousin when it comes to the women in his life. Not only does he trust her implicitly, but friends say that she is good advice and has often been discerning. ”

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Britons are the first to consciously infect volunteers with coronavirus | NOW

On Wednesday, the United Kingdom was the first country in the world to give permission to infect volunteers with the corona virus to do research into what the virus causes in humans. This concerns a maximum of ninety volunteers between the ages of eighteen and thirty.

Since last year, talks about the investigation, into which the authorities are pumping 33.6 million pounds (38.6 million euros).

The research must provide insight into how many virus particles are needed to infect someone. Researchers also hope to gain more insight into the response of the immune system to a corona infection and which factors play a role in the spread of the virus. For example, it looks at how infected people spread virus particles.

The UK government says that at a later date, vaccines under development may also be administered to volunteers who are then exposed to the virus. This makes it possible to determine which products are most effective. The development of those vaccines could then be accelerated.

Virus is administered through the nose

The subjects receive a dose of the virus through the nose. One of the researchers said earlier that the volunteers are being closely monitored.

One of those who have signed up is 23-year-old Jacob Hopkins. In an interview with a local medium, he says that he is fit and healthy and that he would like to help speed up the research into the virus.

“Logically, there are ethical questions about knowingly infecting people with a deadly virus,” Hopkins says. For example, he points out that the possible long-term effects for young people are not yet known.


Covid-19: the mortality of severe forms reduced by tocilizumab, according to a study

TREATMENTS – New result of the British Recovery trial released on Thursday: the anti-inflammatory drug, in combination with a steroid, would reduce the number of deaths in patients hospitalized for Covid-19.

Reducing the risk of death for patients with severe forms of Covid-19, shortening the time to discharge from hospital, limiting the use of artificial respiration … According to the results of a British study, these are the three virtues of an anti-inflammatory drug, tocilizumab. According to officials of the Recovery clinical trial, which tests the impact of several treatments, this drug normally used against rheumatoid arthritis would save “an extra life” for twenty-five patients treated.

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Coronavirus: the pandemic disrupting the planet

The latest information on the epidemic At what stage is the epidemic, department by department?

The study included more than 4,000 patients. Half of them received treatment intravenously, the other receiving usual care. “Used in combination, the impact is significant”, said Martin Landray, co-head of the trial. About 82% of people were also taking a steroid such as dexamethasone, the only treatment so far to have proven effective in reducing mortality from Covid-19.

The data “suggest that in Covid-19 patients with hypoxia [une carence d’oxygène, NDLR] and severe inflammation, treatment with a corticosteroid, such as dexamethasone, and tocilizumab reduces mortality by about a third in patients requiring simple oxygen, and by almost half for those requiring invasive mechanical ventilation “, say the researchers. After 28 days, they thus deplore fewer deaths in the group of patients who received the anti-inflammatory drug (596 against 694).

“Excellent news”

In addition, the probability of discharge from hospital within the same interval increases from 47% to 54% in all patient subgroups. These results are due soon to be published on the MedRxiv site and submitted to a medical journal, but they have already been hailed as a “excellent news” by Anthony Gordon, professor of anesthesia and intensive care at Imperial College London, who was not involved in the trial. “Today, even more patients will benefit from this treatment”, he assured.

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“After dexamethasone, this is the most significant advance in the treatment of Covid which has an impact on the reduction of deaths”, for his part estimated Athimalaipet Ramanan, professor of pediatric rheumatology at the University of Bristol, via the Science Media Center (SMC). In June 2020, it was already a Recovery trial that had shown the effectiveness of this steroid.

Peter Horby, program manager, however, recalls in a statement that “Previous trials with tocilizumab had yielded mixed results”. In October, three studies had failed to conclude on the effectiveness or not of the treatment. Another, conducted in Brazil, was interrupted in January as a precaution in the face of a high proportion of deaths among patients. The small number (129) of people involved, however, limited the scope of the results, admitted those responsible for the study.

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Dover: erosion of the white cliffs – huge boulder plunged into English Channel – news abroad

Dover – If you take the ferry to Dover, England, you can see them glow from afar: the famous white cliffs. Now a huge boulder has crashed into the English Channel with a great roar.

According to information from the online portal “Kent Live”, this was only the third time in the past 20 years that such a large piece broke off.

The pieces of chalk crashed into the sea on Wednesday afternoonPhoto: Gareth Fuller / dpa

Some walkers captured the natural event in photos and videos. In social networks, users commented that the rockfall was symbolic of the situation in Great Britain. One wrote on Twitter: “What a sense of humor, irony and timing nature has: the iconic cliffs of Brexit-Britain fall into the icy sea.”

The cliffs were formed around 90 million years ago, their white color from the composition of the chalk – which is particularly prone to erosion. Waves crashing into the rocks, as well as storms and heavy rainfall, accelerate erosion.

That’s why parts fall into the sea again and again. According to researchers, the cliffs have eroded ten times faster in the past 150 years than in the previous 7,000 years.

Some pedestrians could watch the spectacle live

Some pedestrians could watch the spectacle livePhoto: Gareth Fuller / dpa


‘AstraZeneca vaccine protects up to three months after first injection’ | NOW

After one shot with the AstraZeneca vaccine, a person is 76 percent protected against the corona virus for up to three months. The chance of infecting someone else is 67 percent less than someone who has not been vaccinated. This is evident from an as yet unpublished study in the renowned British medical journal The Lancet, reports Sky News Tuesday.

After the second dose, the vaccine’s efficacy is 82.4 percent, the University of Oxford researchers write. In people who received the second shot after six weeks, that protection was 54.9 percent.

In the United Kingdom, it is currently being investigated whether the second injection can be delayed until three months after the first dose.

Two large studies show that the AstraZeneca vaccine protects 60 percent of people 18 or older from the disease after being infected with the virus. This means that 40 out of 100 people who would get COVID-19 without the vaccine will also become ill after vaccination. The vaccine offers people who do become ill 85 percent protection against the most serious symptoms that require them to go to hospital (or worse).

Because most of the participants in the studies on the AstraZeneca vaccine were younger, there is still little evidence of its effect in people over 55.

The AstraZeneca vaccine was released in the European Union last Friday. The United Kingdom was the first country to approve the AstraZeneca vaccine in December. The drug is already being injected into the British population.


Norway closes borders for travelers, UK launches quarantine hotel | NOW

Norway will close its borders to almost all travelers on Friday, Prime Minister Erna Solberg reports Wednesday afternoon. Only if travelers have a compelling reason will they still enter the country. The United Kingdom also took travel restrictions on Wednesday: residents from 22 high-risk countries are now required to be quarantined, which is supervised by the British government.

According to Solberg, Norway currently still has control over both the original coronavirus and the British corona variant. “The amount of infections is decreasing,” said the prime minister.

Nevertheless, Solberg considers it necessary to close the borders temporarily to ensure the health of the Norwegian population. She emphasizes that the measure also affects migrant workers. “In practice, the border will be closed for anyone who does not live in Norway.” The Norwegian government wants to re-evaluate the situation in two weeks.

The British government also announced measures to deter travelers on Wednesday. Travelers from 22 countries are now required to be quarantined. According to British journalists it mainly concerns travel from South Africa, Portugal and South American countries.

Travelers are taken from the airport to so-called quarantine hotels. “No one is excepted from that rule,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Once arrived, travelers must stay indoors for at least ten days.

The costs of the stay are for the traveler. Until now, travelers could be quarantined at their own address. However, the United Kingdom has tightened many rules since the beginning of January and is in lockdown. On Tuesday, the country passed the negative milestone of 100,000 deaths, the fifth largest in the world.


Persistent problem for British companies & consumers

Truck traffic jam in the port of Dover

Brexit is making the UK economy a loser.

(Photo: dpa)

The London government lasted just 24 days after Brexit. She is now recommending local companies that – unsurprisingly – have trouble leaving the island as a result of leaving the EU. At least partially.

It was, for example, the Cheshire Cheese Company who, according to reports from the BBC TV station and the Sunday newspaper “Observer”, can no longer operate its export business from England because the health certificates to be issued by the veterinarian are six times as expensive as the actual consignments. British government agencies therefore now advised the owner to partially move to the EU.

These are all only “temporary problems”, the London government is trying to calm the situation. In the coming weeks and months all of this will subside. For real?

The hidden admission of how damaging the exit from the EU will affect the UK’s economy comes earlier than even skeptics feared. At the same time, there are no indications as to how the misery can be remedied in the foreseeable future.

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How precarious the situation is should have dawned on the country by the beginning of the year at the latest. It took seven days after the completion of Brexit for the first TV images of disturbed Britons to circulate in EU ports. There customs officials took ham rolls from them along with all their provisions – as the latest “Brexit deal” provides.

More and more Brexit losers

On day 18 after Great Britain left the EU single market, it was the fishermen – so far mostly ardent supporters of Brexit – who protested against the EU’s exit in London. You can now fish more sea creatures from your own waters than before.

The stupid thing is that from January 1st, extensive veterinary certificates are due for their deliveries to the EU, which massively hinder exports. Once the papers have been procured, the fish rotten during transport because customs formalities turn truck traffic into traffic jams for miles outside Dover.

And it is not only the thrifty Scots that should be annoyed that the surcharge-free roaming in Europe is over for the British. Saving is now only possible for her when making calls according to the old German motto: be brief!

Since January, it has also been expensive for consumers to return goods ordered across the English Channel. Because the Europe-wide binding 14-day right of return ended in the United Kingdom, Amazon & Co. now charge steep surcharges for customs and transport fees for returns. Problems only for a few weeks? Brexit is increasingly becoming a matter of belief.

More: How London wants to remain the fintech mecca of Europe.


Walk in London, where the “strict” confinement is less severe than in France

Bus 19 sets off. Planning to join a friend on her way to France at Saint-Pancras International, I went up to London station Highbury & Islington, near the former stadium of the Arsenal football team, which was run during thirteen seasons by Strasbourg native Arsène Wenger. It’s half empty at this rush hour. All the passengers wear a mask, except a young woman who, despite the multiple posters requiring it to be worn, placed it on her chin while she typed a message on her phone. Through the window, Upper Street parades with its designer boutiques, trendy restaurants and pastries.

→ READ. Variant of Covid-19: is England re-fining too late?

The street is the busiest and most lively in Islington, the city’s northeastern borough known to be representative of the capital’s gentrification. Since the tightening of measures in London on December 16, and even more since the third national confinement imposed on Tuesday January 5, stores considered not to be ” first need “ are closed.

The “English variant” effect

Pastry shops and restaurants offer take-out, and supermarkets remain open. The sidewalks are a lot sparser than usual, but London is not an empty city. According to Transport for London, the users are this time much more numerous than during the first confinement. As early as March, the government’s medical adviser had foreseen the weariness of the British and their lack of respect for the rules …

While until then, at least half of the pedestrians wandered without a mask, for the first time, this Sunday, January 10, the “masked” have become the majority. No doubt: it is the “English variant” effect. Londoners have become more cautious with the persistent rise in the number of deaths linked to Covid-19: in all 81,960 people, with a sudden record of hospitalizations 50% higher even than in the previous record in April.

The children continue to play in the square

They still continue to take their children out to the square. The Highbury Fields playground has not been empty in recent days. With national containment, schools across the country have closed their doors. Many parents have therefore decided to let their children breathe and allow them to evacuate their excess energy. Exercising once a day in your city is part of the authorized reasons for going out, as is commuting to work, doing essential errands and seeking treatment. However, it is not necessary to justify its exit, whether by an authorization or any document whatsoever.

Got off at Angel station, I walk into a supermarket. Customers wear a mask, as recommended by the government and all major retailers. If several distribution groups announced Monday, January 11 that they will now prohibit access to their stores to non-wearers of masks, the police refuse to ensure this. “The crimes did not end with the confinement”, recalled an anonymous daily police official The Guardian. “What is the greatest risk: two people who do not wear a mask or a woman victim of domestic violence?” “

Since March, 30,000 fines have been awarded across England and Wales for failure to comply with containment rules. But the police only punish the recalcitrant in the event of their obvious and willful non-compliance. After a few stops on the 73 bus, I arrived at Saint-Pancras International, the station used by the Eurostar service. My friend takes her train there: journeys are authorized for urgent professional reasons. In addition to her ticket, she is provided with her negative PCR test, which must have been carried out 72 hours before her departure, as demanded by the French authorities. From Thursday it will also be compulsory to enter the UK. “The border police checked it, I couldn’t go without it,” she tells me. Upon her return, she will be given a mandatory ten-day quarantine.


The vaccine race to stop the epidemic

– The Covid-19 has already infected more than 3.1 million people and killed nearly 82,000 of them in the United Kingdom, the worst toll in Europe. Friday, January 8, 1325 deaths were recorded in 24 hours, unheard of since the start of the crisis.

– Despite general containment including the closure of schools, the spread of the virus is not weakening: 46,000 new contaminations were recorded in a single day on Monday 11 January.

– Seven mass vaccination centers opened on Monday January 11 in the United Kingdom, where the government plans to immunize some 15 million people by mid-February using two vaccines, Pfizer / BioNTech and AstraZeneca / Oxford .


Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish rather than the uni

PORTRAIT – As soon as the UK-EU divorce agreement is signed, the Scottish First Minister, who is unafraid of obstacles, announced she would call for a new self-determination referendum and strike at the door to the EU.

“We will be back soon.” At the start of 2021, the video spot for the European Union broadcast on social networks by the Scottish authorities is more than nostalgia: it is a declaration of intent. Quite clearly, he postulates that a future independent Scotland will apply for EU membership without delay. There is, however, a long way from the cup to the lips. Such a project supposes that London gives the green light to a new referendum on independence, that a majority of Scots respond with a yes and that Brussels is ready to welcome secessionists.

Nicola Sturgeon is not afraid of obstacles. Immediately after the UK-EU divorce agreement, the Scottish First Minister, who heads the government of Edinburgh and presides over the destinies of the Scottish National Party (SNP), announced that she would call for a new self-determination referendum and knock on the door of the EU.

Is that the lady has character and continuation in

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