Union politicians distance themselves from the agency

Friedrich Merz at the Junge Union Germany Day The former Union faction leader is one of the supporters of the new conservative campaign agency The Republic. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The new campaign agency “The Republic” has been drumming for itself on social media for days. On Thursday the network started which, according to its own […]

“Markus Lanz”: Elke Heidenreich against everyone

Be huuule pel ekelOeule Pketlepehlenl pel Vuekeueellnua „Betlel“, Btulleu Gteuh, uuek pu vllela nup atelekeellla eluplketl epel ple Gnle-Pttoleu lu Qplellelek poleekeu. Be huuule pel etle velQe 6leue Ielaeu Illlllu uuek pu etlelpOltpe ple Pllnelluu pel ekeOetlaeu Uuthpoellel PBV pepenelu. Be huuule peleu Peltluel Ueupepeket epeuleuel Bellel, Gel Veauel, pelue Blaepulppe ​​nulel 09 Blueeul pekoulepeu […]

What is the latest status on the 3600 Additional indicator, when will it come out? 3600 additional indicator statement from President Erdoğan – Latest News

WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM 3600 ADDITIONAL INDICATORS? Whether status or education will be taken into account in the additional indicator and which occupational groups it will cover will be transformed into a legal framework by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the working group that includes the unions. In previous studies, 4 groups […]

GENERATION CHANGE IN THE CDU: AKK and Altmaier renounce parliamentary mandates – WELT news broadcaster

GENERATIONAL CHANGE IN THE CDU: AKK and Altmaier are renouncing parliamentary mandatesWORLD news channel Resignation Altmaier, Kramp-Karrenbauer: Why the Union does not come to restRP ONLINE Saar-CDU wants to get younger and win back votersSüddeutsche Zeitung – SZ.de Comment: Altmaier and Kramp-Karrenbauer’s waiver of their mandate deserves respectHandelsblatt New beginning: Now the dark side of […]

MERKEL’S FAREWELL: Private audience with Pope Francis and lunch with Mario Draghi I WELT News – WELT news channel

MERKEL’S FAREWELL: Private audience with Pope Francis and lunch with Mario Draghi I WELT NewsWORLD news channel Merkel’s closeness to FrancisFAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Visit to the Vatican – Merkel received an audience with Pope FrancisKronen newspaper Later triumph of Merkel’s opponentThe press Merkel says goodbye to Pope and Draghi in RomeSalzburg news See […]