1. FC Köln: Horst Heldt on bankruptcy against Union Berlin

Cologne –

1: 2 against Union Berlin, that was the next blow in the neck for 1. FC Köln in the relegation battle!

In Markus Gisdol’s team (51), no progress can be seen in the haphazard offensive or in the reliably failed defensive. The performance against Union (here the individual criticism of 1. FC Köln) has destroyed the tender hopes for improvement – after only one bankruptcy in four games.

Horst Heldt is still behind Markus Gisdol

How does Horst Heldt (50) react to the fifth loss of the season in the eighth game and the fall to 17th place? Cologne’s sporting director takes responsibility for the team and announces personnel consequences!

Spoke Monday morning Heldt at the Geißbockheim above…

… the bankruptcy against Union: “I am disappointed and certainly not the only one who slept badly. If you take the impressions with you, it is difficult to get to bed, they cannot be pushed away. Of course, I’m annoyed about the defeat – because it repeats that we suffer defeats that are unnecessary. We were hoping to get a threesome at home. We didn’t manage to do that, but not because the opponent was so much better, but because we didn’t act consistently on the pitch and give the opponent the goals. The penalty kick was the end of a completely unnecessary chain of mistakes. “

… consequences: “We just have to act more consistently and look for people who are willing to act more consistently. That will be the task for this week. The blatant individual mistakes that we produce don’t always come from the same players; that would then be easier to deal with. That is why we now have to filter even more intensively who is able to deal with the pressure in the difficult situation and perform consistently and not produce any major errors. “

… glimmer of hope: “That we could have won yesterday too. But I have to be careful what I say. I don’t want to sell anything here that can’t be sold. We have to be realistic. If you only have three points, it’s bloody difficult. In the details there are certainly things that add to hope. I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but there is no point in conveying this to the outside world. In the end we have a result that again failed. We have to keep working calmly and objectively. Any statements make no sense at the moment. We have three points, it’s sobering and frustrating. “

… the backing for coach Gisdol: “It remains. We have to solve the problems, the coach is just as responsible as the players. But this year I have not yet heard a single speech in which one pointed out the possibility of gross, negligent mistakes. Therefore, everyone has a duty. What is of no use at all is breaking the situation down to individual – everyone is challenged and has to live up to their responsibilities. Not just since yesterday. In the end, only the players can judge it. We have to accompany them and observe them intensively, give them the tools of the trade. The coaching team is still doing that. The players have to implement it – we have to filter who is able to. “

Markus Gisdol (right) and assistant coach Frank Kaspari could not be satisfied with their team against Union Berlin.

… continuity in the coaching position: “It is important to do what we are convinced of. We are still convinced and will hold on to it. “

… the destructive way of playing: “The perception is understandable. We have to try to minimize mistakes, which leads us to act more cautiously. We know that this is not a long-term recipe for success. We have to get into the mode of acting ourselves. But we can’t manage this balancing act yet. “

… missing scoring chances from the game: “I can remember two situations. We have to play off certain situations better. We’re not playing well, we have to improve that on the offensive. We have opportunities, but we don’t finish them properly. The last consequence is missing. “

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…seriousness of the situation: “The situation has not gotten any better with the Union game. It’s very difficult, no question about it. With a draw we would have had a discussion, but we would have been on top of the line. We must continue to work in peace. We mustn’t lie in our pockets, we don’t do that either. That would be the biggest mistake we could make. It’s just not good that we lose a game again and again that we shouldn’t have lost. “

… the atmosphere in the club: “The people are dissatisfied. You can tell, although they are not allowed into the stadium. I can understand that too. The fans are worried about their club. We perceive that they are angry and disappointed. We have to face that. It is our responsibility to make sure we get results again. But that only works if you continue factually and realistically. “


Match winner Max Kruse with a swipe against Benedikt Höwedes

Max Kruse (32) teased the former Schalke captain Benedikt Höwedes (32) after his winning goal in Union Berlin’s 2-1 win against 1. FC Köln (the highlights in the video). The 2014 world champion, meanwhile Sky– Expert countered.

“Benny has always been a bit of a different footballer who, I think, had a different lifestyle than I did. He took everything a little more calmly, but very, very professionally,” said Kruse, but he couldn’t take a swipe at Höwedes Refrain: “I think if you look at the sheer talent, he got a lot out of himself, and that is associated with a lot of work.”

That’s why Kruse has great respect for the former central defender’s career. “I wish him a good retirement,” said Kruse.

Höwedes and Kruse never played together at club level. In the U19 and senior national teams, the two played 15 times together.

Höwedes took the teasing calmly and countered: “If Max had a different lifestyle and a little more will, he would probably have been able to play elsewhere, but he decided on something else.”

Kruse decided to return to the Bundesliga in the summer. After his interlude at Fenerbahce, he joined Union Berlin and has been stirring up the league ever since. In the first eight games, Kruse collected nine scorer points (4 goals, 5 assists) and is significantly involved in the soaring of the Iron. Union is currently in fifth place.


FC Bayern: Rotated out – duel at 1. FC Cologne without Robert Lewandowski

Bundesliga Duel against FC Bayern

“Biggest task in world football” – Lewandowski is spared Cologne

| Reading time: 5 minutes

Images without a mask are incomprehensible

Despite the increasing number of corona cases, the ball continues to roll in the Bundesliga. Bayern coach Hansi Flick is aware of this privilege and calls for solidarity with other professional groups.

FC Bayern surprisingly travels to 1. FC Köln without Robert Lewandowski. A small ray of hope for the stumbling opponent. He is in a deep crisis. Coach Gisdol is historically unsuccessful.

Dhe FC Bayern Munich will do without star striker Robert Lewandowski this Saturday in the Bundesliga game at 1. FC Cologne (3:30 p.m., in the sports ticker of WELT), according to BILD information. The 32-year-old Pole is said not to have traveled to the cathedral city with the team. So far there has been no official reason.

There are no signs that Lewandowski could be ailing. In the 2: 1 in the Champions League at Lok Moscow, he played the full 90 minutes. Lewandowski also trained with the team on Friday. It is likely that coach Hansi Flick will spare the Bundesliga top scorer in view of the high burden of the league and Champions League. Lewandowski currently leads the Bundesliga scorers list with ten goals from the first five games.

Flick is probably convinced that he can win in Cologne without the Pole. Not unlikely, because 1. FC Köln is deeply in crisis. The 1-1 draw at VfB Stuttgart was the 15th game in a row without a win under coach Markus Gisdol – a negative record for a Cologne coach.

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Most recently, Gisdol won a Bundesliga game in March before the Corona interruption, the club won 2-1 at the time at today’s second division club SC Paderborn. The start of the new season didn’t go any better either. Cologne is on the relegation place, got two points from the first five games. Only the crisis clubs Schalke 04 and Mainz 05 are also still without a threesome.

“Biggest task in world football”

It is unlikely that the seven-month winning streak of the FC against the record champions will be interrupted. “There is currently no team at the level of Bayern Munich,” said the Cologne coach. The game against the record champions is currently the “greatest task in world football”.

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Even if the decision to let Bundesliga games take place without spectators in the near future hits the club financially hard, it could help the coach. After all, the Cologne audience is known for its emotional outbursts, so that if a high defeat is to be expected and because of the current lean period, a thundering whistle concert would resound through Müngersdorf on Saturday afternoon and give the coaching discussion a new dynamic.

Because so far there are no doubts about Gisdol – at least if you ask the sports director. Horst Heldt demonstratively supported his trainer this week. Several times even. “I don’t have a coaching discussion,” Heldt clarified in an interview with the “Geissblog” and also added: “And not because it might look stupid to me if I refrained from doing so after the contract extension. I always only do what I am absolutely convinced of. “

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Gisdol’s contract was only extended to 2023 in the summer. Although the 51-year-old had been without a win for a long time, and although the working paper had already been extended by one year by itself due to relegation. Heldt hit the same note in the BILD “Phrasenmöpf” podcast. There, too, he said unequivocally: “We are convinced of his work.” The results are “not the overriding criterion”, but rather the belief that the season’s goal will be achieved. And that is relegation. Heldt also explained why Gisdol can bring about a change.

The trainer is “stress-resistant” and “committed and on the road as a team player”. He went on to say: “If everyone worked like him, we would have more than two points.” Heldt accepts that the discussion is conducted from outside, and he cannot dissuade people from it. “And of course we are constantly checking ourselves. But there are many arguments on the factual side why we look at the 15 games without a win differently. “

Cologne conceded too many simple goals

The fact is: The preparation for the season was complicated, Markus Gisdol only had the key players available at the very end of the transfer phase. With the departed Mark Uth (Schalke) and Jhon Cordoba (Hertha) and Ismael Jakobs and Florian Kainz injured in the first four games, the coach lacked the full regular offensive of the second half of the season. Against Stuttgart, apart from the completely sleepy initial phase, Cologne now showed a decent performance for the first time this season over almost the entire game.

But it’s also a fact: the team makes too many simple mistakes at the back that lead to goals conceded, and ideas are often lacking in the game ahead. Too often Cologne runs after a deficit after conceding early goals. And in no game this season did the team take the lead. Only against Bielefeld did the team not concede a goal in the first half, against Stuttgart the goal came after just 24 seconds. Cologne was also quickly behind against Hoffenheim (after 3 minutes) and Mönchengladbach (14). In addition, the defense already owed three penalties in just five games.

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In spite of everything, the historically unsuccessful Gisdol cannot be disturbed. “It will be very important for us to play this season in peace. You can keep the league with a lot of calm, energy and hard work. We have a team on the pitch that can do that, ”he said after the game against Stuttgart. For the 51-year-old, the next three games will be games of fate.

Nobody expects a victory against Bayern. But then FC play in Bremen, then at home against Union Berlin. If the Cologne team win both games, they would have eight points after eight match days. Gisdol’s predecessor Achim Beierlorzer had only seven points after the same number of games last season and was dismissed before the winter break, although he did not carry any negative previous season with him. So there will hardly be any celebrations at Geißbockheim in the foreseeable future.

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FC Schalke 04: Ultras threaten the professionals before the derby against BVB

Sport “Then it won’t be so peaceful”

Schalke Ultras threaten the professionals before the derby

| Reading time: 2 minutes

“We still have to playfully improve”

Schalke 04 get the first point of the season against Union Berlin. Goncalo Paciencia saved Schalke from 300 approved spectators, but coach Manuel Baum still sees a lot of room for improvement.

Schalke have been without a win for 20 games across all seasons. At least the team won a point against Union. Obviously, that’s not enough for some of the club’s ultras. You order the team to report in front of the stadium.

Et are times when they are satisfied with the little things at FC Schalke. Although the team has been without a win for 20 Bundesliga games, after the catastrophic start of the season with three defeats and 1:15 goals, coach Manuel Baum was not unhappy with the 1-1 draw against Union Berlin.

“In terms of passion, fighting spirit, mileage and sprints, we put on a good performance,” said Baum. A lot still hangs in their clothes: “But the reaction of my team after conceding a goal was good. But we also know that we still have to improve in terms of play. “

The point against the Berliners was hard fought, playfully it was once again an oath of disclosure that Schalke took on Sunday evening. It was probably even better for the team that the game was played as a ghost game (only 300 spectators were allowed) and that the players were not further unsettled by the displeasure of the fans after the deficit.

One point and 16 goals against after four games – Schalke got off to a very poor start to the season

Source: dpa / Guido Kirchner

Despite the ghost game, some Schalke ultras did not leave the team in peace. After the game they demonstrated their self-evident importance by calling the team to report. An hour after the final whistle, the entire team appeared in front of the stadium, where 80 ultras were waiting for them.

“But then it won’t be so peaceful”

A spokesman turned to the team with a view to the Revierderby next Saturday at BVB and made clear statements: “That was okay today. But you have to add a few percent more for the derby. ”The derby is the most important game of the year:“ You go out there and give it your all. You can lose that. But it depends on the way. If you don’t present yourself at least as you do today, we’ll see you again. But then it won’t be so peaceful. Did that arrive? 200 percent! Of each! For Schalke. Here we go!”

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A blunt threat to the team. If she loses in Dortmund and doesn’t fight till you drop, peace is over. Sascha Riether, Schalke’s head of the licensed player department, put the threat of support into perspective at “Bild”: “That was rather motivating. There was a debate. The fans made us hot for the derby. It is normal for it to get loud after so many games without a win. This is pressure that has to be released. That is understandable. Normally the fans can let it out in the stadium. “


Steffen Baumgart: “I can totally understand Toni Leistner’s reaction”

Question: Mr Baumgart, after the 1-0 defeat in Kiel, SC Paderborn will now face HSV. Are Hamburg’s top favorites for promotion?

Steffen Baumgart: HSV has a top team with really good individual players like Klaus Gjasula, Toni Leistner and Simon Terodde, who form an axis. You have to find a team like that in the second division first. But the dangerous thing is the environment. If Hamburg wins the first games, it means: HSV is promoted. If the start backfires, it means: a new trainer has to be found. Daniel Thioune is a great trainer.

Question: Toni Leistner is still banned because he attacked a fan in the stands in the DFB Cup in Dresden who had previously insulted him and his wife. The DFB punished him with a suspension of five competitive games, two of which were on probation. How do you see the case?


Football: Dream of fans in the stadium in the middle of the approaching Corona wave

Dhe number of corona infections in Germany is increasing again. Fear of a second wave of the pandemic and its consequences is growing. After more than a month, Germany’s top virologist, President Lothar Wieler from the Robert Koch Institute, had appeared in front of the cameras for a press briefing on Tuesday morning. “We are in the middle of a rapidly expanding pandemic,” warned Wieler.

In Germany there were 3611 newly recorded diseases in the past seven days. Wieler: “The latest developments in the number of cases make me and everyone at the Robert Koch Institute very concerned.” His fear: this could be the beginning of the dreaded second wave. Nevertheless, the football fans, clubs and the German Football Association (DFB) hope that spectators can again be allowed to play international matches, cup matches and the Bundesliga at the beginning of the new season in September.

DFB President Fritz Keller

Source: dpa / Uli Deck

In mid-July, the German Football League (DFL) and the DFB set up guidelines for the re-admission of visitors to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd leagues and asked the clubs to draw up their own hygiene concepts based on local conditions in consultation with the health authorities. In addition, mass preventive tests for viewers are discussed. But are they a suitable tool?

Claim: Mass tests allow fans to return to the stadiums.

Rating: According to experts, mass tests are not a suitable means of preventing the coronavirus from spreading in football stadiums and ensuring the safety of spectators.

Facts: Bundesliga club 1. FC Union Berlin made the first foray. DFB President Fritz Keller later mentioned mass tests for visitors before a game as a measure to allow games to be held again at least in front of a limited number of viewers from September onwards. In the ARD “sports show”, the 63-year-old also admitted on Sunday: “I don’t think we can say anything today in the pandemic situation.” Science must specify what is possible.

SPD health expert and epidemiologist Karl Lauterbach is against mass tests of spectators the day before a game. “From a medical and also an economic point of view, it is absurd to take a completely unnecessary risk,” he told the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”. He suggested that not around 500,000 fans, but more nurses and educators should be tested in autumn.

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Mandatory corona tests

He also warned that tests as they are being discussed are not meaningful. “It can happen that an infected person cannot detect the virus at the time of the test, but is already contagious later when playing the game.” Up to 30 percent of the tests could also give false negative results.

The Nuremberg pharmacologist Fritz Sörgel sees it similarly. He said in the “Badische Zeitung” about Union Berlin’s initiative to open the An der alten Försterei stadium with its 22,000 seats completely at the start of the Bundesliga: “Apart from whether 22,000 tests can be carried out within 24 hours, it gives you not absolute security. “

The more followers were let in, the more likely it was “that viewers would be positive in exactly those 24 hours before the game, that is, they would have a lot of virus in their bodies that would make the test positive in the first place – and then I could be contagious.” . In addition, there is the error rate when obtaining a smear, especially when everything has to go very quickly.

“I breathed badly, felt bad”

Tennis star Grigor Dimitrov tested positive for the corona virus in June. Now the athlete has said that he suffered considerably, physically and mentally. He was not yet able to play tennis at the highest level.

Virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit pointed out in the “Bild am Sonntag” that a corona test is only a snapshot. It is not excluded “that spectators will still be positive after 24 hours and thus infect other spectators in the stadium”.

Spectators generate 520 million in revenue at professional clubs

The return of the spectators is not only an emotional, but also an economic factor for the clubs. According to the DFL Economic Report 2020 for the 2018/19 season, the income of the 18 Bundesliga clubs from matchday operations amounted to 520.1 million euros. This resulted in a 12.9 percent share of total sales of 4.02 billion euros.

It is understandable that the clubs want their fans back after the Corona ghost games. RB Leipzig hopes that 20,000 spectators can be admitted to home games, Eintracht Frankfurt also mentioned the number of 20,000 visitors, Borussia Dortmund would like 15,000 fans.

In the NDR, scientist Schmidt-Chanasit from the Bernhard Nocht Institute in Hamburg reminded that before the lockdown games were possible corona drivers. “I can only warn one more time: The big outbreaks in Italy or Spain have also been exacerbated by football games and especially by the fans,” he said.

DFL advance will cause controversy among fan organizations

The DFL has already created a guide under which conditions fans are allowed back to the stadiums. Now a uniform approach to important questions is to be decided. Among other things, this sees a ban on standing room and alcohol until October 31 and no guest fans in the stadiums until the end of the year. The league association wants to enforce this in the 1st and 2nd league if a limited number of spectators are admitted to the new season. This is intended to reduce the risk of infection in the corona pandemic. Appropriate proposals from the DFL Presidium will be put to the vote at the virtual Extraordinary General Meeting of the 36 professional clubs next Tuesday. Criticism can be expected from the fan scene.

In its Tuesday statement, the DFL expressly points out that the measures are a temporary adjustment “to make it easier to maintain and monitor compliance with distance and hygiene measures in the stadiums, given the ongoing pandemic situation”.

When selling tickets, the clubs should ensure that infection chains can be traced if necessary. This is intended to support the health authorities. Details of the implementation should be left to the clubs, and a corresponding amendment to the rules of the game should apply until the end of the year.

“Our curve” issues a warning

“It would be conceivable, for example, that a ticket purchaser stores the relevant data when purchasing it and, if a ticket is passed on, that it also records the data of the ticket user with a view to possible subsequent tracking of infection chains,” said the DFL.

The DFL had drawn up guidelines for the return of fans to the stadiums and asked the clubs to develop local concepts. However, she sees a need for coordination “whether there should be a uniform approach for all clubs with regard to certain aspects”. A simple majority is sufficient for the decisions.

The DFL and the clubs must expect resentment from the fan scene in their actions. The alliance “Our Curve” spoke out on Monday, among other things, for the admission of guest fans. The organization also warned against introducing new surveillance technologies “through the back door of health protection”.

When it came to serving alcohol, the DFL pointed out that this is only possible with the express consent of the local authorities. “The DFL’s commitment to maintaining standing room in the stadiums of the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga remains unchanged,” emphasized the DFL. There is also no question that “away trips from fans are an important part of German football culture”. Standing room is considered a particularly sensitive issue, as it has been abolished in some foreign leagues, such as the English Premier League.

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Here you will find our live ticker with all relevant updates on the Corona crisis.

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1. FC Union fans: Police fear imitators with bad manners

Bundesliga Union fans at the stadium

Police fear imitators with bad manners

| Reading time: 4 minutes

Fans at the fence? “All correct”

During Union Berlin’s home game against Schalke 04, individual fans gather at the Alte Försterei. According to Union spokesman, no one violates the distance regulation.

During the Bundesliga match of 1. FC Union, fans met at the stadium and cheered on their team. The police were on site, but all corona rules were followed. Still, a queasy feeling remains.

Dhe police have no objection, the German Football League (DFL) does not intervene. The delicate cheers of the professionals from Union Berlin with around 30 cheerfully singing fans at the stadium fence have no consequences. And yet the football-nostalgic celebrations in the Alte Försterei have given new impetus to the debate about the strict hygiene rules of the Bundesliga in the Corona period.

The behavior after the 1: 1 of the Iron against FC Schalke 04 also raises questions for the season’s final sprint, should the cheerful pictures from Berlin-Köpenick find imitators in large numbers there or at other venues.

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What is allowed in football if regulations and restrictions are relaxed in other areas of society? The Dortmund professionals Jadon Sancho and Manuel Akanji were fined by the DFL for their hairdressing visits. The Union pros, who sometimes had to sit on the stands with masks and spacing during the game, were able to march to more than two dozen fans shortly afterwards and passed their sweaty jerseys over the fence.

Rudi Völler asks Corona questions

In the previous week, Bayer Leverkusen’s sports director Rudi Völler had raised the question of whether the regulations formulated under other societal conditions are still up to date. “It is now difficult to understand that people can drink their cappuccino in cafés without a mouthguard, while our assistant coaches, the substitutes and we officials have to wear a mask in the stands at a great distance and in the fresh air.”

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Closing time with the entrepreneur and president of 1. FC Union Dirk Zingler

In the concept of the “Task Force Sports Medicine / Special Game Operation” of the DFL it says under the specifications regarding hygienic aspects: “31. IMPORTANT: In the stadium, the public’s view of professional football, the teams and players in the current situation will be even greater than before. We urgently ask for exemplary behavior with regard to hygiene and insulation measures outside the field. ”The professionals are prohibited from“ contacts with the neighborhood and the public ”in the rules for“ domestic private hygiene ”.

In fact, the Union professionals led by goalkeeper Rafal Gikiewicz and the fans had come quite close despite the fence as a barrier. In individual cases, it was not possible to measure whether a meter or two meters or even more. The Berlin police, who described the behavior of the Union fans as “peaceful and cooperative”, are already preparing for the campaign to find imitators with poor manners.

“There is an ongoing assessment of the situation”

A spokesman did not rule out the possibility of an increase in the forces during the next home game of the promoted team against SC Paderborn on June 16. “We are considering that. There is an ongoing assessment of the situation, ”said Monday on request. Should there be violations of Corona regulations in the future, it could be “quickly enough forces” ready, it said.

The large fan gatherings feared by many, such as after the Rheinderby between Borussia Mönchengladbach and 1. FC Köln in March before the lockdown, could possibly still become a reality. Especially when fan parties are about to win the title or stay in the class. Such scenarios had been described by politicians as a real risk for emergency Bundesliga operations. And there are still four complete game days to complete.

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The longing for normality is not limited to the fans. Union scorer Robert Andrich was also delighted with the fence party: “That is of course outstanding and really nice at the time.” Union immediately rejected any possible misconduct: “Everyone complied with the distance rules. Everything that was necessary to prevent infections was guaranteed. In this respect, no complaints from either side, ”said media director Christian Arbeit.

The Union fans sang the whole game behind the bleachers on the forest side of the stadium at the Alte Försterei. The special architecture of the arena makes it possible for them to get very close to the stadium without having to go to the area and for their songs to be clearly audible during the game. That would hardly work anywhere else in the Bundesliga. They had cleverly divided themselves into small groups so that they complied with the current “Ordinance on Measures Required to Curb the Spread of the Corona Virus in Berlin”.


“Black Lives Matter”: Bundesliga sends the right signals

MMay was the worst bad word for football. The reputation of the Bundesliga was ruined, it was through through, but in any case no longer socially acceptable. In wildly devilish letters to the editor, such as that from Godelind P. (“Twenty-two unattractive types run like stupid balls”), the kickers were insulted like brain-dead idiots, and when the ghost games began, the biathlon queen Laura Dahlmeier scolded the applause of many disgusted people : “It is difficult to judge whether this is perverse or just typical football.”

The Bundesliga was put up against the wall as an irresponsible and hygienic pack that takes away the corona tests from others and infects the rest of society until the beds and ventilators run out in the hospitals and the body bags are stacked in the crematoriums.

Now it is June and everything has changed since this weekend: The Bundesliga is no longer insulted with a stiff middle finger – but is praised worldwide for the exemplary way in which it sends the right signals and does everything possible to tackle the virus of humanity spread.

“Red Against Racism”

On Saturday evening, the US news channel CNN dedicated the first news on its sports page to FC Bayern. There was a large photo of the jersey with the 22, that of Serge Gnabry, and a close-up of the text on his armlet: “Black Lives Matter”.

Not only the three points for the table counted for Bayern in the 4-2 win in Leverkusen, but also the points “tolerance, humanity and cosmopolitanism”, to say it with goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. Even before the kick-off, the Goretzkas and Kimmichs had put on the exclamation mark with the “Red against Racism” warm-up shirt, and in the evenings the signals from Dortmund went around the world: the T-shirt on which the BVB professionals used the colored words black , White, yellow and red had been crossed out and replaced by “human” – and their collective knee with their Berlin opponents before the kickoff at the Mittelkreis.

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In emotional agreement with many grateful Americans, CNN then knelt before these emotional gestures of the Bundesliga in order to better get over the shameful message that the Los Angeles Galaxy club had just published from the US league about its Serbian international Aleksandar Katai.

Or rather, about his wife: Lea Katai had made racist posts on Instagram for acts of violence against protesters and ridiculed black America by taking pictures of a shoe box with the malicious inscription: “Black Nikes Matter”.

Julian Brandt, like the other BVB players, wore a T-shirt with the inscription “black, white, yellow, red, HUMAN” while warming up before the game against Hertha


The Bundesliga is making more bearable signals: Many professionals are not delivering their messages these days with the sole of their shoes, but with heart and brain, and that courageously and mature – as was previously unknown in this way.

Michael Zorc praises Fritz Keller and DFB

The DFB around President Fritz Keller announces that messages against racism – as recently from Jadon Sancho – will not be sanctioned. Michael Zorc welcomes this decision.

The footballers always had their own opinion, but mostly kept it to themselves so that they were usually mistaken for silent kickers, duck-mice and political duds. The Swiss made an exception in the mid-1990s.

Before an international match, the then Bayern professional Alain Sutter and his confederates held up a protest poster against the French head of state’s nuclear test: “Stop it, Chirac!” Uefa reacted indignantly, but spokesman Sutter insisted: “We footballers have to stick our heads out the window when the wind is blowing outside. ”To be on the safe side, they pulled their heads back in again.

Basketballers were the first to speak

Footballers feared political issues for as long as the devil had holy water. They are surrounded by consultants who daily instruct them to record only harmless and useful items on record and otherwise to exercise their right to refuse to testify. Politics? Racism? Most of them preferred Niki Lauda’s Nürburgring motto: “I don’t burn my fingers, I’ve already burned my ears.”

Other athletes were often braver, especially the basketball players. They have also been the first to speak out against racism, from NBA basket king LeBron James to coach legend Greg Popovic of San Antonio Spurs, who even insulted the US president last week as a “mental idiot”. Dirk Nowitzki, our old Olympic flag bearer, also shows the flag clearly, and after a brief, disturbing hesitation, the manager of the basketball Bundesliga at the weekend opened the managing director Stefan Holz’s brilliant sentence: “We are open to the world and diversity. Every voice is important. ”Especially that of football.

Last week, Sancho, Hakimi, McKennie and Thuram opened solidarity with their shirt and knee messages, and others have now picked up the thread and continued. “A single post from Thomas Müller is a strong statement,” says Anthony Ujah, the dark-skinned striker from Union Berlin. “All children who want to be like Müller or like Manuel Neuer or Joshua Kimmich can now see where their stars are.”

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Ujah himself thinks it is the damned duty of every football player to get involved with the power and the bonus of the celebrity: “If I can make only five or ten people change their mindset because of me,” he says, “I have fulfilled my role . “

Aleksandar Katai also tries, preferably with his wife. He threw his concentrated power of speech as the Serbian World Cup star of 2018 into the balance and swore afterwards: “This view of things is unacceptable. I take full responsibility. And I assure that my family and I will do everything in the future to understand, understand, listen to and support the black population. ”

As a precaution, Hansi Flick, the coach of FC Bayern, also said this valuable finding in Leverkusen on the Sky microphone in German: “It should be a matter of course – but there are still a lot of idiots who have not understood it.” The Bundesliga works to help them get started.

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Cori Gauff with emotional speech

Many sports stars around the world support the protest movement against racism and police violence. The American tennis player Cori Gauff also raises her voice.


“Union has deducted Polter’s salary without a contract” – B.Z. Berlin

Dispute-subject salary waiver. Union Berlin accuses Sebastian Polter (29) of being the only player to be non-solidarity – and has therefore thrown him out of the matchday squad until the end of the contract. But is the allegation correct? Now Polter lawyer Dr. Gregor Reiter (47).

B.Z: Mr. Reiter, describe the process from your point of view.

Dr. Gregor Reiter: Sebastian Polter agreed to pay a deferral. However, we recommended that his individual situation be taken into account in the agreement because his contract ends on June 30, 2020. Furthermore, the manner of the proposed repayment modalities was so ambiguously regulated that a possible future dispute, in particular against the background of the expiring contract, was not excluded. For legal reasons, we were therefore unable to recommend Mr. Polter to sign the team regulations and submitted a written counter-proposal.

And then?

Union, however, was unwilling to address our concerns. As a lawyer, I negotiated a lot of these regulations in the Bundesliga. In any case, mutually agreed regulations were found and special individual cases were taken into account. Union Berlin is the only club I have had contact with that categorically refused.

Dr. Gregor Reiter is a specialist lawyer for bankruptcy law, negotiated many agreements on waiver of wages in the Bundesliga (Photo: picture alliance / Arne Dedert / d)
Dr. Gregor Reiter is a specialist lawyer for bankruptcy law, negotiated many agreements on waiver of wages in the Bundesliga (Photo: picture alliance / Arne Dedert / d)

So did Sebastian Polter behave in a non-solidarity manner with the so-called salary waiver, which is obviously a deferral?

No he did `nt. If Union claims that Mr Polter was unwilling to provide financial support, it is not correct. He didn’t refuse to pay part of his salary. The opposite is the case.

The accusation of being non-solidarity weighs heavily, especially with a club like Union.

Who defines what solidarity is? Mr. Zingler may see this as unsolidarity. Nevertheless, he must not point his finger. But he does so by cleverly shortening the truth. It is not the yardstick for what is in solidarity. The legislator has regulated the question of the financial concession of the corona pandemic: in the legislator’s view, solidarity applies to those who defer until 30 September. Polter even wanted to go further in his financial concessions.

Where is the problem then?

We want a balanced, clear rule on the repayment agreement. That’s the problem. In a democracy, everyone can make decisions for themselves. Anyone who argues otherwise has not understood the rule of law. Just because we are now living in a pandemic, you cannot throw law and law out the window.

Union President Dirk Zingler wants the professional football department to support the club with a salary waiver (Photo: picture alliance / Pressefoto Ru)
Union President Dirk Zingler wants the professional football department to support the club with a salary waiver (Photo: picture alliance / Pressefoto Ru)

How is the current situation?

Union Berlin also withheld part of his monthly salary from Mr. Polter without an agreement. Union just created facts.

As it represents the Union, Polter participated in the drafting of the regulations as a member of the team council.

The talks with the Presidium were only conducted with a secondment of players from the team council, to which Sebastian Polter did not belong. Mr. Zingler piquantly conceals this detail. Sebastian Polter has repeatedly expressed his concerns on the team council since mid-March, saying that he cannot support this agreement in this way. Before we turned to Union, he finally informed the team council in Barsinghausen that he would not support the agreement that had been drawn up. The picture that he happily negotiated and then jumped off the moving train is not true.

Union seems to convey this impression.

Many of the facts that Union gives are correct. However, they leave out essential information that is necessary to assess the facts. and provoke an image of untruth in public.

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What’s next now?

The door is not closed. Mr. Polter is still ready to make his financial contribution. It’s just Union.

We would have liked to have spoken to Polter personally. Why is he silent?

In his employment contract it says that he has to coordinate statements in connection with the game operation, the club and the employment relationship with his employer beforehand. So Mr. Polter would have to get Union clearance. The association has currently informed my client of this employment law regulation, which is again very remarkable. Polter has been attacked, but at the same time his attacker points out that he must not defend himself? That is perfidious. The rule of law is different.

Is Polter’s reputation damaged?

I do not believe that. It would be unfortunate if a future employer believed Union communication. Anyone who researches the matter will find that Sebastian Polter was and is willing to make his contribution in solidarity, but does not allow himself to be squeezed out on one-sided terms.

This led to the Union vs. Polter dispute

Union Berlin announced on Thursday that Sebastian Polter will no longer play for the club until the end of the season. President Dirk Zingler’s reasoning was: “It is one of the fundamental values ​​of 1. FC Union Berlin that we Unioners form a community based on solidarity in which we stand up for each other and for our club. Sebastian is the only player (…) who doesn’t. “

In a further explanation a day later it says, among other things: “The agreement on a uniform solidary contribution of the license player department was signed in the course of the following days and weeks by the manager of professional football, all coaches, the coaches and players. The team council member Sebastian Polter did not sign the agreement presented by the team council. “

Everything was still good: President Dirk Zingler celebrates promotion with striker Sebastian Polter (Photo: Matthias Koch)
Everything was still good: President Dirk Zingler celebrates promotion with striker Sebastian Polter (Photo: Matthias Koch)

Polter made sure that the club made a statement by his lawyer Dr. Gregor Reiter must publish (however, the Union shortened by numerous passages), which among other things reads as follows:

“It is not correct that my client was not prepared to provide Union Berlin with financial support. We have disclosed our legal concerns to Mr. Zingler and made a proposal that would have taken Union Berlin’s wishes into account. The agreement presented to him by Mr. Zingler was not legally recommendable in several places, so it was (…) rejected. Mr. Zingler completely ignored our suggestions. (…) Mr Zingler is not entitled to publicly denigrate our clients as “unsolidarial” and to literally pillorize them publicly (…). Mr. Zingler is solely responsible for what will happen in the next few weeks. ”


Karl-Heinz Rummenigge wonders about Timo Werner

Dhe preparation for the unusual task continues between the fast food branch and the recycling point. For its quarantine training camp, FC Bayern has moved into the Hotel Infinity in the tranquil Unterschleissheim north of Munich, the largest conference hotel in southern Germany.

There is a lot of commercial area and motorway around it, the team and the staff of the German record champions are the only guests. The players around captain Manuel Neuer are only allowed to go out for training, as the hygiene concept of the German Football League (DFL) provides. The Bundesliga teams currently have to encapsulate themselves for at least seven days.

At the weekend, the first “ghost games” have been taking place since the Corona break. The club is experiencing one of the most unusual weeks in its history.

“Everyone was very hungry”

The Bayern pros were in their stadium for the first time in around two months a few days ago, and they were undergoing team training in the arena. They had previously trained in small groups on the club premises on Säbener Strasse and previously at home. Now duels and tactical exercises are part of the units again.

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“Madness. It was really, really nice to be back on the pitch as a whole with the whole team, ”said David Alaba. “You just noticed how everyone was really looking forward to this moment. You felt that in training right away, everyone was very hungry. ”

Most of the time, trainer Hans-Dieter “Hansi” Flick lets his players train on campus in this special week. The club had the facility, which is generally intended primarily for the youth teams and the women’s team, built three years ago for around one hundred million euros.

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From the hotel, the team is driven to the units in two buses. Players and coaches wear face masks in many ways, Flick last one with the FCB logo. The special training in the stadium was intended to help get you in the mood for the first ghost game. On Saturday, the Bavarians travel to the capital by charter plane.

National player Leon Goretzka said to WELT AM SONNTAG: “We do everything we can to ensure that nobody on the pitch is infected. But it will not be avoidable that we approach a few centimeters. “

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Gelsenkirchen, Germany, September 22nd, 2018: 1st BL - 18/19 - FC Schalke 04 vs. Bayern Muenchen Leon Goretzka (FC Bayern München / Muenchen) Portrait / Face DFL regulations prohibit any use of photographs as image sequences and / or quasi-video. | Use worldwide

The German record champions played their last game so far on 8 March against FC Augsburg (2-0). As with all other Bundesliga clubs, it is also open to the first in the table how the team coped with the long break.

Do the Bavarians benefit most from their quality in the squad from games without spectators? Or will the lack of scenery make a noticeable difference in their performance? Former Bayern players emphasize these days that the whistles of the opposing fans have always pushed them.

The Munich team lead the table for the first time this season by four points. They have never given up such an advantage so late in a season.

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They can also use Robert Lewandowski again. The striker is first with 25 goals in front of national team player Timo Werner von RB Leipzig (21 goals) and has cured his fracture of the tibia at the knee. “Lewy is in top shape,” says Flick.

Robert Lewandowski chasing records

Right on time before the Bundesliga starts again, we are looking at the tops and flops of the previous season. Robert Lewandowski and his colleague Sturm Erling Haaland stand out.

Kingsley Coman is also ready to play again after he has recovered from a muscle injury, Ivan Perisic has started team training after breaking his ankle. Flick has important offensive options for the end of the season again, Philippe Coutinho and Corentin Tolisso are out after operations. The coach hopes that Coutinho can intervene “in the last season games”.

There are many indications that Coutinho, borrowed from FC Barcelona until June 30, will leave the club. And the Bavarians will not make use of their purchase option. They push ahead with their squad planning before the start of the ghost game days. Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic has announced the purchase of a star, it will probably be Leroy Sané from Manchester City.

This is how Thomas Müller and Co. prepare for the restart

FC Bayern Munich has moved into its quarantine quarters and has already completed the first training session on campus. The German record champions meet Union Berlin at the start.

In addition, according to a report by the French “L’Equipe”, the Munich residents are said to be very interested in Pierre Kalulu from Olympique Lyon. The 19-year-old right-back has not yet been able to agree on a professional contract with the French and wants clarity by the end of May. The major European clubs have drawn attention to him through his achievements in the Youth League, including AC Milan and FC Sevilla. But Kalulu only played one game in Ligue 1 this season. He probably wants to change because of that, although sports director Juninho had promised that he would play more next season.

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Neuer and David Alaba, whose contracts will end in summer 2021, have offers for new contracts with FC Bayern. “We hope that everyone will extend in the end. But that is not exclusively in our hands, ”said club boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge“ Sport Bild ”. “We put very serious and fair contract offers on the table for the players without a Corona discount. It is now up to the players to accept them. “

Rummenigge’s settlement with Leipzig’s Werner

Most recently, it was said that FC Barcelona, ​​among others, is interested in Alaba. “All players at FC Bayern are extremely privileged. In these times, I think it’s important to think about how to show solidarity with Bayern, ”said Rummenigge.

Werner recently said that he is more attracted to foreign countries than Bavaria. Rummenigge: “I’m actually not surprised at anything anymore, but I’ve never seen a player make such a statement in response to rumors in public.”

Werner’s contract with RB is valid until 2023, because of an exit clause he could leave the club sooner. Liverpool are said to be interested, Werner was also considered a candidate for the Munich.

Rummenigge and a part of his colleagues from the club management will travel to the away games in the charter plane on the game day on the next few weeks, a delegation of four is admitted. There they will have no contact with the team, Rummenigge will not go into the cabin as usual after the final whistle.

Sports medic feels “not comfortable” with league restart

Sports physician Wilhelm Bloch from the German Sport University Cologne believes that the starting point for resuming play in the Bundesliga is too early. He also raises the question of the risk for professional athletes.

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