Citizens from Brazil or the UK must have a negative test and comply with isolation

As of this Sunday, all citizens who come to Portugal from the United Kingdom or Brazil, even if arriving after stopover in other countries, are required to submit a negative test to Covid-19 done in the last 72 hours and to complete a period of isolation of 14 days.

In a statement released this Saturday by the office of the Minister for Internal Administration, specific rules are established for “passengers on flights whose initial origin is the United Kingdom or Brazil and who have made a stopover or transit through airports in countries whose air traffic is destined for Continental Portugal is authorized “.

The objective, underlines the Executive, is to reinforce “the guarantee of compliance with the measures already foreseen for flights” and to ensure the “equal treatment of passengers whose journey begins in the United Kingdom or in Brazil vis-à-vis those arriving in mainland Portugal on flights from the same sources “.

Remember that, until March 16, all flights, commercial or private, with origin or destination in Brazil and the United Kingdom, are suspended, only humanitarian and repatriation flights are allowed.

So, from 00:00 from the 7th of March and until at 11:59 pm the 16th of March 2021, you passengers on flights with initial origin in the United Kingdom or Brazil and who have only made a stopover or transit through airports in countries whose air traffic to Portugal is authorized, they are forced to present proof of test performance with negative result, performed within 72 hours prior to the moment of embarkation “and to fulfill” a prophylactic isolation period of 14 days, at home or at a location indicated by the health authorities, or wait for the connecting flight to the respective countries of final destination in a proper location inside the airport “.

As airlines are obliged to forward the list of passengers to the health authorities from the United Kingdom or Brazil. The Foreigners and Borders Service will also check the country where the passengers took the Covid-19 test and, confirming that it is in the United Kingdom or in Brazil, the information is forwarded to the health authorities.


Another repatriation flight from Brazil to Portugal is scheduled

A new flight is scheduled for March 11, by TAP Air Portugal, from São Paulo and bound for Lisbon, after authorization from the Portuguese Government.

In the context of the current epidemiological situation, flights to or from Brazil and the United Kingdom are prohibited, except for trips that take place for humanitarian reasons or are considered exceptional by the Government.

Information on a new flight, similar to that of February 27, has been advanced in the website of the Consulate General of Portugal in São Paulo. On February 28, a TAP plane carrying 300 passengers from Brazil landed early in the morning at Humberto Delgado airport, in Lisbon.

According to the Government, close to 100 passengers were considered priority, because they needed to return for reasons of health, family or financial problems.

The humanitarian flight was organized by the Executive, at a time when flights between Portugal and Brazil remain suspended until March 16.

The Government had admitted, at that time, to carry out another humanitarian flight between Portugal and Brazil, in case there were more passengers in priority situation who were unable to seat on this TAP flight.


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The approval of the European Medicines Agency for the AstraZeneca vaccine, awarded in late January, did little or nothing to increase confidence in this medicine. Proof of this is the fact that four out of five doses distributed by European countries have not yet been used, according to an investigation by the newspaper The Guardian this week. But why has the AstraZeneca vaccine raised so many doubts?


Harry v. Press Gb, threatened my mental health – Europe

(ANSA) – LONDON, FEBRUARY 26 – The blame for the choice of the Dukes of Sussex to leave the United Kingdom and the official commitments of senior members of the Royal Family, falls in the first place on the British press, starting with the most sensational-populist tabloids. This was stated by Prince Harry, interviewed in Los Angeles by an American TV, evoking a media pressure and hostility that across the Channel literally risked driving him mad.

“The air was getting really hard, as many could see, the British press was destroying my mental health, everyone knows what it can be,” denounced Charles and Diana’s second son in a conversational exchange with James Corden. , star (English) in the USA of The Late Late Show, aired last night in a segment of the broadcast and resumed today on the island. Interview recorded prior to the recent decision of Harry and his wife Meghan to confirm the renunciation of the status of senior members of the dynasty and the consequent revocation by the queen of a series of their official posts and patronages.

“I thought that (media) environment was now toxic,” insisted Harry, who in the past has accused the tabloids among other things of having social or racial prejudices about his wife – a former actress of African American maternal origin – and of treat her in a way not very different from how they hunted down her mother to the tragic end of Lady D. “I did what any husband and any father would have done”, he later claimed with respect to the move to America: not without adding that “it was not an abandonment, but a step back “. “I – concluded the Duke of Sussex, which on March 7 will be aired again on CBS, a guest paired with Meghan of the anchor-woman superstar Oprah Winfrey for a broader” intimate “interview much awaited by the ‘audience and apparently feared at Buckingham Palace – I will never run away and I will always give my contribution as my life is public service. It always has been and Meghan has shared it. ” (HANDLE).